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2019 Orange Amplification $10,000+ #wishgranted

December 3, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

The Voice of the World

December 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark
High Reeper

Interview: High Reeper

November 25, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Ramble On: Beer Can Blues

November 23, 2019/by Ella Stormark

El Amir and the Orange Acoustic PRE on tour …

November 20, 2019/by Danny Gomez

Hard Rock Cafe: Memory Series

November 19, 2019/by Danny Gomez

The Orange Amps Forum (is coming to an end)

November 18, 2019/by alex


November 18, 2019/by alex


Michael Ciro, Tone Meister On Tour

November 12, 2019/by Danny Gomez

Orange Guitar Course now Accredited

November 11, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

A Casual Discussion with Guitarist Marvin King, Father of Marcus King

November 6, 2019/by alex

Interview: Wishbone Ash’s Andy Powell

November 4, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Orange: A walk down Memory Lane

November 4, 2019/by Ella Stormark

An Interview with Spanish Love Songs

November 1, 2019/by alex

Voice of Heritage

November 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Interview: The Wytches Bassist Dan Rumsey

October 31, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Ambassador Steve Bello: How A Metalhead Became an Orange Fanatic

October 28, 2019/by alex

Our interview with Dale Tonks from Wolf Jaw.

October 25, 2019/by Orange Amps

Interview: The Wytches Guitarist Kristian Bell

October 25, 2019/by Ella Stormark

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Which Orange amp is good for metal?

October 24, 2019/by Orange Amps

Ramble On: The Matt Pike Effect

October 23, 2019/by Ella Stormark

OMEC/Neural Competition

Protected: Terror Stamp Manual

October 22, 2019

Our interview with Brant Bjork at Black Deer Festival

October 21, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amps and How They Were Used on Specific Metal Albums

October 18, 2019/by alex

Our interview with Bryce Paul from In Flames.

October 14, 2019/by Orange Amps

Orange Launch Crush Acoustic 30

October 10, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Our interview with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

October 7, 2019/by Orange Amps

Paul McCartney Makes Orange Amplification’s Cliff Cooper LIPA Honoured Friend

October 4, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Our interview with Monolord at Desertfest.

October 3, 2019/by Orange Amps

Orange Amplification Support Firestone Road To The Main Stage Competition

October 2, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Teleport giveaway !!

October 1, 2019/by Danny Gomez

Voice of Metal

October 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

The Terror bass is perfect for any situation !!

September 30, 2019/by Danny Gomez

Innovation: Orange?

September 25, 2019/by jamiesmith

The OMEC Teleport – Everything you always wanted to know

September 23, 2019/by Danny Gomez

Ramble On: Dipping my Toes in the Pool of my Youth

September 23, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Top Guitar Tech Drew Foppe on the VT1000 Valve Tester

September 20, 2019/by alex

Orange Innovations: The Good And The Bad

September 18, 2019/by alex

Orange Ambassadors Foals And Black Midi Nominated For Mercury Prize

September 10, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Crush Acoustic 30 Manual

Firestone Road To The Main Stage 2019

September 3, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Protected: Can you guess which Orange amp these artists used?

September 2, 2019

Voice of Innovation

September 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Our interview with Jose Rios from Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals

August 26, 2019/by Orange Amps

Ramble On: Woodstock 50th Anniversary

August 23, 2019/by Ella Stormark

The Orange Amplifiers History Now Online

August 20, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Jamie runs us through Murph from ‘The Wombats’ guitar rig.

August 19, 2019/by Orange Amps

What Orange Means by ‘Voice of Quality’

August 15, 2019/by jamiesmith

Micro Dark US Promo Q4 2019

PPC Promo USA Q4 2019

Great things at Cambridge Folk Festival

August 9, 2019/by Orange Amps

Voice of Quality – Ambassador Opinions

August 7, 2019/by alex

Our interview with Rob Graham from Drenge

August 5, 2019/by Orange Amps

Voice of Quality

August 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Orange Ambassadors and the Terror Bass

July 30, 2019/by alex

Ramble On: Introduction

July 23, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Our interview with Jimmy from the Sheepdogs.

July 22, 2019/by Orange Amps

Quiz time!

July 18, 2019/by Charlie

Is the next golden age of country Orange?

July 17, 2019/by jamiesmith

Cambridge Folk Festival 19

July 15, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Tim Montana

July 15, 2019/by Charlie

Voice of Country – Our Nashville Showroom

July 8, 2019/by alex

Employment Opportunity USA Office

July 1, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

The Voice of Country

July 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

The Evolution of the Amplifier

June 29, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Protected: Bass Butler Manual

June 27, 2019

Tyler Bryant – Voice of Blues

June 27, 2019/by alex

Black Deer 2019: Recap

June 26, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Blues: Down to the roots

June 19, 2019/by jamiesmith

Download 2019: Recap

June 19, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Bad Day Blues

June 10, 2019/by Orange Amps

Coming up: Download 2019

June 7, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Our interview with El Amir

June 6, 2019/by Danny Gomez

Black Deer Festival 2019

June 5, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Simone & the TremLord 30

June 3, 2019/by Charlie

Crush Acoustic 30

The Voice of Blues

June 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Monte Pittman Demos The Orange Acoustic Pre

May 30, 2019/by alex

Orange Acoustic Pre – Your Tone, Your Way

May 29, 2019/by jamiesmith

Ben Parker – Acoustic Pre

May 27, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Cables – Crush Series

Martin Taylor & The Acoustic Pre

May 15, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Session Guitarist Buddy Woodward and the Orange Acoustic Pre

May 15, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Skraeckoedlan at Desertfest 2019

May 10, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Black Tusk at Desertfest 2019

May 10, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Ambassador Ken Rose of Hero Jr.: Orange Is A “Put Up Or Shut Up” Amp

May 9, 2019/by alex

Desertfest London 2019

May 9, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Our interview with Javier Sánchez

May 8, 2019/by Charlie

The Voice of Acoustic

May 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Desertfest London: Festival Checklist

April 26, 2019/by Ella Stormark

That’s a great bass record!

April 24, 2019/by Orange Amps

Voice of Bass – Simone Vignola

April 22, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Gorilla’s Sarah Jane

April 20, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Our Interview with Johnny from The Twilight Sad

April 15, 2019/by Orange Amps

Record Store Day 2019: A&R Rep Ella Stormark’s Current Top 10

April 13, 2019/by Ella Stormark

USA Rockerverb Promo Q2 2019

Orange Bass Ambassadors (and how we snagged their endorsements)

April 10, 2019/by alex

Interview With Michael Karsh of Lawrence

April 9, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

TremLord 30 & Pedal Baby 100 Update

April 4, 2019/by Charlie

The Voice of Bass

April 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Artist Diary – Grutle from Enslaved

April 1, 2019/by Orange Amps

Now that’s what I call an interview – Rock

March 27, 2019/by Orange Amps

Voice of Rock – Phil Shouse Interview

March 21, 2019/by alex

Tubes of Rock – The EL34 and the British Sound

March 21, 2019/by jamiesmith

The Brent Hinds Interview Process

March 13, 2019/by alex

International Women’s Day: Women in Rock

March 8, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Girls Rock Dublin

March 8, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Black Deer Festival 2019

March 7, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity.

March 4, 2019/by Orange Amps

The Voice of Rock

March 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Get World-Class Digital Guitar Tone, with Orange and Celestion

February 28, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amps Impulse Responses Are Here!

February 22, 2019/by alex

Recreation Of Iconic Beatles Rooftop Gig Uses Orange Amplification

February 22, 2019/by Orange Amps

How (What’s the story) Morning Glory was recorded.

February 20, 2019/by Orange Amps

Orange Clean Tones: The Crisp, the Clean and the Creamy

February 19, 2019/by alex

Desertfest London 2019 – While We Wait…

February 17, 2019/by Ella Stormark

Clean in a World of Filth

February 12, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Our interview with Shame.

February 11, 2019/by Orange Amps

Orange helps raise money for non-profit Home Safe

February 5, 2019/by alex

Wish Granted 2018 Winners

February 5, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

The Voice of Clean

February 1, 2019/by Ella Stormark

That time you considered buying a digital modelling amp over an analogue amplifier

January 24, 2019/by alex

Analogue or Digital – Does it Even Matter?

January 22, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Mike Vennart from Vennart.

January 21, 2019/by Orange Amps

Tremolo and Vibrato Demystified

January 17, 2019/by alex

How would you use the Pedal Baby 100?

January 16, 2019/by Orange Amps

Meet Orianthi, Glenn Hughes and Andreas Kisser At NAMM 2019

January 16, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Analog Ambassadors

January 13, 2019/by alex

The Pedal Baby 100 Amp

January 10, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Introducing the TremLord 30

January 10, 2019/by Neil Mitchell

Tremolo, where have you heard it before?

January 10, 2019/by Orange Amps

Interview: Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick.

January 7, 2019/by Orange Amps

Interview: Palisades

January 6, 2019/by alex

Content Creation & Artist Relations Ella Stormark’s 2018 Top Picks

December 29, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Wish Granted 2018

December 1, 2018/by Charlie

Interview: Danko Jones

November 28, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Tremlord 30 Manual

Our interview with Giannis and Giorgos from 1000 Mods.

November 16, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Our interview with Everything Everything

November 9, 2018/by Orange Amps

Interview: Marcus King

November 6, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Dan from Boston Manor discusses the Terror Bass.

November 2, 2018/by Orange Amps

Interview: Glenn Hughes

October 23, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amplification And Rough Trade Announce Collaboration

October 17, 2018/by Orange Amps

Blackberry Smoke Bassist Goes Fishing

October 8, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

50th Anniversary Orange Amplification Limited Edition White Crush 20

October 5, 2018/by Charlie

Desertfest London Announce first bands for 8th Edition – Tickets on sale

October 4, 2018/by Charlie

Artist Roundup – Monthly Faves From Our Artist Relations Team

October 3, 2018/by alex

Orange release the NEW Terror Bass

September 28, 2018/by Charlie

Steve from Every Time I Die discusses the Terror Bass.

September 28, 2018/by Orange Amps

Sergio from Deftones and Quicksand discusses the Terror Bass.

September 28, 2018/by Orange Amps

Orange Amplification Introduce The OBC112

September 28, 2018/by Charlie

Quiz: Can You Spot The Fake VT1000 Quotes?

September 19, 2018/by alex

Pedal Baby


Road to the Main Stage VIP Launch

September 14, 2018/by Ella Stormark

We welcome Grateful Dead, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown and Marcus King as Ambassadors

September 5, 2018/by Charlie

Road to the Main Stage

September 5, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Tyler Bryant from Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown.

September 4, 2018/by Orange Amps

Interview: Graham Whitford of Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

September 4, 2018/by Orange Amps

Interview: Noah Denney from Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown.

September 4, 2018/by Orange Amps

Artist Roundup – Monthly Faves From Our Artist Relations Team

August 30, 2018/by alex

USA Promo Q4 2018

Interview: Becky from Milk Teeth

August 17, 2018/by Orange Amps

The Future of Music

August 17, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Save Music, Save the World

August 17, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Marcus King – Interview at Red Rocks

August 9, 2018/by alex

How To Void Your Warranty: Series 1 Recap + Series 2 Coming Soon!

August 7, 2018/by alex

Interview: The XCERTS’ Murray Macleod

August 7, 2018/by Ella Stormark

TH100 Product Manual

TH30 Product Manual

A message from Cliff Cooper

August 2, 2018/by Charlie

Rocker 32 Manual

Artist Roundup – Monthly Faves From Our Artist Relations Team

July 30, 2018/by alex

Rocker 15 Manual

OR100 Manual

OR50 Manual

OR15 Manual

Interview: Will from Puppy

July 27, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Dual Terror Manual

Dark Terror Manual

Custom Shop 50 Manual

Crush Mini Manual

Crush Pro Series Manual

Orange Amplification Helps Raise Funds For We Love Manchester Charity

July 26, 2018/by Charlie

Brent Hinds Terror Manual

AD200B MKIII Manual

4-Stroke Manual

1970 – The Orange Beach Buggy

July 25, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Pallbearer’s Devin Holt

July 24, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Orange Summer NAMM Events 2018

July 20, 2018/by alex

Interview: Joe from Code Orange

July 5, 2018/by Orange Amps

Reflecting on 50 Years

July 4, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Queen’s Award Winners

July 4, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: The Bronx’s Brad Magers

July 3, 2018/by Ella Stormark

2011 – The Orange OPC

July 3, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2010 – Orange Global

July 2, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1978 – Closing the Orange Shop

July 1, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1972 – Orange & The BBC

June 30, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1973 – Orange at MIDEM France

June 29, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1971 – Getting Noticed

June 27, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1970 – Product Placement on German National TV

June 26, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

In the studio with Fire Fences

June 24, 2018/by Ella Stormark

1969 – The Orange Comic Strips

June 24, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1970 – Orange Product Branding

June 23, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Interview with Mary Spender

June 22, 2018/by Charlie

Introducing Francesca Simone As Our Latest Ambassador

June 22, 2018/by Charlie

1970 – Creating the Orange Identity

June 21, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1972 – Orange launches AMITY SCHROEDER Professional Audio Equipment

June 20, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1969 – Orange Agency

June 19, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

OMEC Teleport – Painting with Tone

June 18, 2018/by Danny Gomez

1969 – Orange Publishing

June 18, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1969 – Launch of Orange Records

June 17, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1969 – Orange Management

June 16, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Matt Pike and Orange Amps at Desertfest 2018

June 15, 2018/by Ella Stormark

1970 – Launching Orange Hire

June 15, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1968 – Orange Studios

June 14, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1972 – If You Can’t Join ’em… Beat ’em

June 13, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1970 – The Orange Log Book

June 12, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1974 – Rivals’ Dirty Tricks

June 11, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1970 – Everything was a Struggle!

June 10, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1970 – Orange Shop is a Runaway Success

June 9, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1970 – Eric Clapton and Orange Shop Lefty Strat

June 8, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2010 – TH30

June 7, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Orange is here to help!

June 6, 2018/by Orange Amps

2010 – Rockerverb MKII

June 6, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2009 – Smart Power

June 5, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2009 – Expanding the Terror Series

June 4, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2009 – Limited Edition White

June 3, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2008-2009 Crush Pix

June 2, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Our first viral quiz

June 1, 2018/by Charlie

Interview – Truls Mörck from Graveyard

June 1, 2018/by Orange Amps

2008-2009 New Arrivals

June 1, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Artist Roundup – Monthly Faves From Our Artist Relations Team

May 30, 2018/by alex

2008 – 40th Anniversary Series

May 28, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2006 – Thunderverb

May 27, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2006 – The Tiny Terror

May 26, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2006 – Advanced Transformer Designs

May 25, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2004 – The Rocker

May 24, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Welcome New Ambassador Orianthi

May 24, 2018/by Orange Amps

2003 – The Rockerverb

May 23, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

The history of the OMEC Teleport

May 22, 2018/by Danny Gomez

2002 – Custom Shop

May 22, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2000 – The Crush Guitar Package

May 21, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

2000 – Introducing Orange Crush

May 20, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1998 – The AD Series is Launched

May 18, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1999 – Custom Shop: Early Days

May 18, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1997 – The Second Coming

May 17, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1993 – 1997 The Orange Gibson Years

May 16, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1979 – The New Look Series Two

May 15, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1977 – OMEC Amplifiers and Cabinets

May 14, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

Interview – Grutle from Enslaved

May 14, 2018/by Orange Amps

1975 – Intoducing OMEC Digital

May 11, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

OMEC Teleport Manual

AD200B Bass Amp and the Artists Who Love It

May 10, 2018/by alex

1975 – Jimmy Bean

May 8, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1975 – Orange Launches OMEC

May 8, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1974-1976 Extending the Range

May 4, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

1971 – The Orange Graphics Explained

May 4, 2018/by Neil Mitchell

What I’m looking forward to at Desertfest!

May 3, 2018/by Orange Amps

Interview – Scott from Cancer Bats

May 2, 2018/by Charlie

Here we go again: Desertfest London 2018

April 29, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amplification Introduce The OMEC Teleport

April 26, 2018/by Orange Amps

Summer Music Festival Preview

April 25, 2018/by alex

Record Store Day: My (current) Top 10 Records

April 21, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Earthless’ Isaiah Mitchell

April 19, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Artist Roundup – Bands We Don’t Endorse But That We Love

April 17, 2018/by alex

Record Store Day Special: Fire Fences

April 17, 2018/by Ella Stormark

1972 – The Pics Only Graphic: Root of the Orange Sound

April 12, 2018/by Charlie

Bexleyheath assembly-line production

April 12, 2018/by Charlie

1970/1972 – Deliveries to the Orange Shop from Huddersfield, and the Short’s Garden era

April 12, 2018/by Charlie

1969 – Manufacturing Orange before Bexleyheath and Cooper Mathias, LTD

April 12, 2018/by Charlie

Catching up with Fire Fences at Hard Rock Café London

April 12, 2018/by Ella Stormark

5 Things Great Amps Have In Common

April 11, 2018/by alex

Ken Rose of Hero JR: Crush Mini, Fur Coat Fuzz, and Getaway Driver

March 29, 2018/by alex

The Case For The Rocker 32 Combo

March 28, 2018/by alex

1968 – Projecting the Orange Sound

March 28, 2018/by Charlie


Terror Bass

Dual Dark: A Very Unique Orange Amp

March 21, 2018/by alex

Bass overdrive: A one way ticket to Asgard (Land of the Gods)

March 20, 2018/by jamiesmith

The Crush Mini – A small but mighty amp!

March 16, 2018/by Orange Amps

1969 – Shaping the Orange Sound

March 15, 2018/by Charlie

Interview: Fizzy Blood’s Ciaran Scanlon

March 14, 2018/by Ella Stormark

1968 – Orange’s Psychedelic Logo

March 13, 2018/by Charlie

Why Guitarists Fail When Buying Amps

March 12, 2018/by Chris Corfield


March 12, 2018/by Orange Amps

1968 – Painting the Orange Shop

March 9, 2018/by Charlie

1966 – Working with Joe Meek

March 9, 2018/by Charlie

1964 – The Rocking Chairs with VOX Amplifiers

March 8, 2018/by Charlie

1968-1971 Evolution of Orange Sound

March 7, 2018/by Charlie

The Man Behind the Brand

March 1, 2018/by Charlie

Orange Radar – February

February 28, 2018/by Orange Amps

Interview: Ducking Punches

February 27, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Rocker 32 Promo Q2 2018

Rocker 15 Promo Q2 2018

1966: In The Beginning

February 26, 2018/by Charlie

Crush 50 & 100 Promo Q2 2018

Interview – Ryan Jarman of The Cribs and Orange Amps

February 16, 2018/by Orange Amps

AD30 – A Modern Classic

February 15, 2018/by Alex Auxier

Photos from NAMM 2018

February 11, 2018/by Charlie

NEW AMPS: The Rocker 15 vs The Brent Hinds Terror

February 11, 2018/by Charlie

Why Buying Amps From The Bargain Bin Is Pointless

February 8, 2018/by Chris Corfield

How To Get An Endorsement At NAMM

February 7, 2018/by Alex Auxier

Orange does pedals too!

February 6, 2018/by Darren Carless

The History of Orange – The OMEC Digital

February 2, 2018/by Orange Amps

Bands We Don’t Endorse But That We Like (we may endorse the band as well) – January

January 19, 2018/by Orange Amps

The History of Orange – The Terror Series

January 12, 2018/by Orange Amps

Interview: Danava & Sons of Huns’ Peter Hughes

January 9, 2018/by Ella Stormark

Our Picks: Orange Employees’ Favorite Gigs of 2017

January 5, 2018/by Alex Auxier

Voice of the World for 50 Years

January 5, 2018/by Charlie


December 25, 2017/by Charlie

Battle of the Bands: And the winner is…

December 20, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Firestone Battle of the Bands: The Finalists

December 11, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Wish Granted – $10k giveaway

December 1, 2017/by Charlie

A Choice Not A Compromise: The Case for the Rocker 15

November 30, 2017/by Alex Auxier

Firestone Battle of the Bands Finalists Announced

November 16, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

Firestone Battle of the Bands

November 14, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

Battle of the Bands: Women in music.

November 3, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview – Jose Rios of Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals and Orange Amps.

November 3, 2017/by Orange Amps

Thou Shalt Not…

November 1, 2017/by Darren Carless

Interview – Kirk Windstein of Crowbar and Orange Amps.

October 27, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview – Hank and Nate from Lionize and Orange Amps.

October 20, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview – Tim Sult of Clutch

October 13, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview: Jaws’ Connor Schofield

October 10, 2017/by Ella Stormark

So You Want to Be Heard?

October 10, 2017/by Martin Celmins

Getaway Driver Manual

Fur Coat Manual

Orange Amplification Partner With Firestone’s Battle of the Bands!

October 3, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

Work at Orange HQ: Product and Project Coordinator

September 29, 2017/by Charlie

Interview – David Sullivan of Red Fang.

September 29, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview: Japandroids’ Brian King

September 26, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview – Tim Commerford of Prophets of Rage.

September 15, 2017/by Orange Amps

Prog Awards 2017

September 15, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

Crush Mini

Interview: Unlocking The Truth’s Malcolm Brickhouse

September 12, 2017/by Ella Stormark

The Dark Horses of the Leyton Blues Jam

September 5, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview – Kelby Ray of The Cadillac Three

September 1, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

How to get the most from your 4 Stroke

August 31, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview: No Trigger’s Jon & Brad

August 29, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amplification Launch Fur Coat and Getaway Driver Pedals

August 25, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview: Gnarwolves’ Charlie

August 23, 2017/by Ella Stormark

OMEC Teleport

Orange Amps Appoints New Managing Director

August 21, 2017/by Orange Amps


Tour Diary: Radio Moscow – Day 5

August 19, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Tour Diary: Radio Moscow – Day 4

August 18, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Rocker 15 Terror

Tour Diary: Radio Moscow – Day 3

August 17, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Tour Diary: Radio Moscow – Day 2

August 16, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Brent Hinds Terror

Tour diary: Radio Moscow – Day 1

August 15, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Competition: WIN the Ultimate Pedal Board

August 15, 2017/by Harry Plant

Interview – Matt Pike (Sleep) and Ade Emsley

August 11, 2017/by Orange Amps

Miami Girl’s Rock Camp: Sam Hafferty

August 9, 2017/by Charlie

Deap Vally Fluffer Pit Party

August 8, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview – Jack Garratt

August 2, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview – Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick

August 1, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview: Brian ‘Head’ Welch from Korn

July 31, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview – Troy McLawhorn of Evanescence

July 28, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview: Aaran McKenzie from While She Sleeps

July 27, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview – Ken Rose of Hero Jr

July 26, 2017/by Orange Amps

Interview: Prong’s Tommy Victor

July 25, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview – Rune Rebellion of Turbonegro – Desertfest 2017

July 24, 2017/by Orange Amps

Miami Girls Rock Camp

July 21, 2017/by Charlie

The Future of Rock ‘n’ Roll

July 15, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview – Richard Hepp & Devin ‘Darty’ Purdy of Chron Goblin – Desertfest

July 14, 2017/by Harry Plant

Orange Amplification Sponsor Prog Awards 2017

July 10, 2017/by Charlie

Interview: Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson

July 4, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Fur Coat

Interview: Ghost Bath’s Dennis

June 21, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Stone Free Festival

June 20, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Getaway Driver

Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2017

June 14, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Napalm Death’s John Cooke

June 1, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Linz Eel from Vodun

May 26, 2017/by Orange Amps

Orange Amplification Ambassadors: Mastodon, Clutch & Orange Goblin Line Up For Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2017

May 24, 2017/by Orange Amps

The Jonesing Jams ‘Worlds Collide’

May 9, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Acoustic Pre Twin Channel Manual

Rockin For The Children Festival 2017

May 8, 2017/by davet

Desertfest London – Day 3

May 2, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Desertfest London – Day 2

April 30, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Desertfest London – Day 1

April 29, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Desertfest London – A Preparation and Appreciation Post

April 25, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Blood Youth’s Chris Pritchard

April 24, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amplification Launch Their First Dual, Discrete Op-Amp

April 20, 2017/by Charlie

The Jonesing Jams

April 17, 2017/by Ella Stormark

White Mystery: A Day In The Life Of…

April 13, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Confirmed As Main Sponsor For The Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2017

April 5, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

Make The Most Out Of Your Endorsement

March 29, 2017/by Alex Auxier

Interview: Psyence’s Stephen & Jamie

March 22, 2017/by Ella Stormark

“There’s only one true king of rock ‘n’ roll. His name is Chuck Berry.”

March 19, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser

March 16, 2017/by Ella Stormark

International Women’s Day

March 8, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amplification on tour & in the Studio with Korn

March 1, 2017/by Charlie

How Orange Will Look In 10 Years

February 27, 2017/by Chris Corfield

I Finally Bought An Orange Amp (and this is what happened)

February 27, 2017/by Chris Corfield

Five Things About An Orange You Have To Experience For Yourself

February 27, 2017/by Chris Corfield

What’s My Motivation?

February 27, 2017/by Chris Corfield

Interview: Taking Back Sunday’s Shaun Cooper

February 19, 2017/by Ella Stormark

You Can’t Mess With Orange – Here Are The Reasons Why

February 6, 2017/by Chris Corfield

Five Signs You’re Obsessed With Orange

February 3, 2017/by Chris Corfield

Seven Lessons You Can Learn From Orange

February 3, 2017/by Chris Corfield

Interview: Shaman Elephant’s Eirik Sejersted Vognstølen

January 31, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amplification Launch Kongpressor Class A Compression Pedal

January 19, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification First Ever Acoustic Pre-Amp

January 19, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Launch Rocker 15 & 32 Combo Amps

January 19, 2017/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification To Giveaway Micro Dark Amps & Bax Bangeetar Pedals At NAMM 2017

January 17, 2017/by Charlie

The size of your cabinet – It matters

January 13, 2017/by jasond

Will solid state and simulation inevitably replace tube amps someday?

January 13, 2017/by jasond

Fitzpatrick To Be New Orange Amps Distributor For Sweden & Norway

January 12, 2017/by Charlie

Meet Jesse Hughes, Stef Carpenter, Brian Welch And Brent Hinds

January 11, 2017/by Charlie

Kongpressor Manual

Acoustic Pre

Interview: Steve Bello

January 5, 2017/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Every Time I Die’s Steve Micciche

December 22, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Giving Away Gear Worth $10,000/£8,300 This Holiday Season

December 14, 2016/by Charlie

Interview: Bölzer’s Okoi Jones

December 13, 2016/by Ella Stormark

COMPETITION: Make a wish!

November 30, 2016/by Charlie

Interview: Radio Moscow’s Anthony Meier

November 28, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Are Orange Amps Only Good for Metal?

November 23, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Eight bands, Great bands!

November 22, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Wall of Sound

November 3, 2016/by Neil Mitchell


November 2, 2016/by Darren Carless

Interview: HECK’s Jonny Hall

October 27, 2016/by Ella Stormark

The Shredder Epidemic – Does it matter if you can shred?

October 27, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Crush Pro – A Tube Amp Without the Tubes

October 27, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Unearthed Documentary Reveals The True Motive Behind Orange Amps

October 20, 2016/by Charlie

Interview: Horisont’s Charles, Magnus & David

October 14, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Solid vs Semi Hollow – Which Rocks For You?

October 13, 2016/by jasond

Sef of Your Favourite Enemies Reviews the CS50

October 10, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Vodun’s Linz Eel

September 29, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Billy Gibbons Becomes New Ambassador

September 26, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

The Rockerverb Series: A Retrospective

September 21, 2016/by Darren Carless

Interview: Black Peaks’ Andrew Gosden & HECK’s Matt Reynolds

September 20, 2016/by Ella Stormark

New UK Sales And Asian Business Development Managers

September 14, 2016/by Charlie

Rocker 15

Rocker 32

The Definitive Guide to UK made Orange Amps

September 1, 2016/by Darren Carless

Mastodon’s Troy Sanders Battles Hellyeah’s Kyle Sanders

August 30, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Milk Teeth’s Becky

August 30, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Orange United

August 1, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Wild Throne’s Joshua Holland

July 25, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Interview: The Wytches’ Dan Rumsey

July 10, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Monolord’s Mika & Thomas

July 4, 2016/by Harry Plant


June 28, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Introduces The Crush Bass Combo Series

June 28, 2016/by Charlie

1050 musicians = The Worlds biggest band and a Guinness World Record!!

June 22, 2016/by Charlie

Crush Bass 100 Manual

Crush Bass 50 Manual

Crush Bass 25 Manual

Interview: Blackberry Smoke’s Richard Turner

June 6, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Sign-up to win 1 of 5 pairs of Orange O Edition headphones.

June 3, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Fluffer Pit Party: The Black Lips All Dayer

May 31, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amplification appoints new Distributor for Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg

May 27, 2016/by Orange Amps

Orange Amplification Welcomes New Bass Ambassadors

May 26, 2016/by Orange Amps


May 20, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

UK: For Peter’s Sake Event Saturday 21st May 2016

May 16, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Authority Zero’s Dan Aid

May 12, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Fluffer Pit Party – The Wytches Weekender: The Music, the Mayhem & the Madness

May 5, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Crush Bass 100

Crush Bass 50

Interview: Plague Vendor’s Michael & Jay

April 27, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Crush Bass 25

5 Essential Traits Every Guitarist Needs

April 11, 2016/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amplification Launches New Web-Series: ‘How To Void Your Warranty’

April 5, 2016/by Charlie

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Using An Orange

March 29, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amps teams up with Fluffer Records for Pit Parties

March 29, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Tom Petersson Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

March 17, 2016/by Charlie

Are You Cut Out For Using An Orange?

March 9, 2016/by Chris Corfield

Interview: Blackberry Smoke’s Paul Jackson

March 3, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson

February 25, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Darby’s Number 1 A+ Songs of the Week

February 15, 2016/by Dan Darby

Dear Eagles of Death Metal, We Love You All The Time

February 10, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Interview: Kvelertak’s Maciek & Vidar

February 1, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amplification Unveil Pedal Duo

January 21, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Launch 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Tiny Terror Half Stack

January 21, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Presents the Tangle-Free Twister Cable™

January 21, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Unleashes The O Bass

January 21, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification’s New 4 Stroke 300 & 500 Bass Amp Heads

January 21, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Launches The OB1-300 Bass Combo

January 21, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Introduce the ‘O’ Edition Headphones

January 21, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Interview: Graveyard’s Truls Mörck

January 13, 2016/by Ella Stormark

Discontinued Gear

Rockerverb 100 MKIII Head

Happy New Year to the Winners of Orange’s Christmas Wishes

January 6, 2016/by Neil Mitchell

Two Stroke

Tiny Terror – 10th Anniversary Edition

O Bass


The Amp Detonator ABY

4 Stroke Bass Amplifier Series

Founder & CEO Cliff Cooper Awarded Electronic Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015

December 21, 2015/by Neil Mitchell

Wish Granted: Orange Amplification to give away $7,000/£4,600 worth of gear this Holiday Season

December 21, 2015/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Crush 35RT Wins Amplifier of the Year At MIA Awards 2015

December 21, 2015/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Sponsor Best New Act Award at 2015 Q Awards

December 21, 2015/by Neil Mitchell

Orange Amplification Presents The Orange Micro Dark Well, You Did Ask For It…

December 21, 2015/by Neil Mitchell


December 13, 2015/by Charlie

Supporting Cast

December 7, 2015/by Darren Carless

Pedalboards: The Other Stuff

November 19, 2015/by Darren Carless

An Appreciation of Orange (by Orange ambassadors)

November 13, 2015/by Ella Stormark

Review: Blackberry Smoke, The Forum, London

November 12, 2015/by Ella Stormark

Tools of the Trade

November 4, 2015/by Darren Carless

The True Cost Of Bad Amplification

October 20, 2015/by Chris Corfield

5 mistakes guitarists make when choosing their next amp

October 20, 2015/by Chris Corfield

Tim Sult of Clutch Interview

October 15, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Louder Than Life Festival

October 13, 2015/by Alex Auxier


September 16, 2015/by Ella Stormark

Blinded by Science

September 9, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amplification At The Progressive Music Awards 2015

September 7, 2015/by stevenchisham

More Channels Please

August 27, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Its Never Enough

August 26, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Deftones @ Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood (Atlanta, GA)

August 19, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amplification Sponsor AFROPUNK Festival 2015

August 10, 2015/by stevenchisham

Interview: Zach Dawes from Mini Mansions

August 5, 2015/by Ella Stormark

Top 5 Myths About Orange Amps

July 31, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amplification Opens Nashville Showroom with Artist Solutions Network

July 31, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Exciting Opportunity at Orange Amps

July 30, 2015/by stevenchisham

A Quickguide To Effects Pedals – Part 2

July 28, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Orange launch OBC210 Mini Bass Cabinet

July 27, 2015/by stevenchisham

Editorial: The Quest For Tone

July 17, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Micro Dark Manual

Micro Dark

Orange Amplification Present The Fourth Annual Progressive Music Awards 2015

July 13, 2015/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Open Nashville Showroom

July 6, 2015/by stevenchisham

OB1-300 Combo

Eagles of Death Metal @ KOKO (Camden, London)

July 1, 2015/by Ella Stormark

Orange Amplification Sign Fleetwood Mac’s John McVie

July 1, 2015/by Ibe

OBC210 Mini Bass Speaker Cabinet

Ambassador Interview: Starbenders

June 19, 2015/by Joseph McMichen


June 11, 2015/by stevenchisham

Golden Gods Announcement

June 10, 2015/by stevenchisham

Orange Are People Too: Derek Carvotta (Regional Sales Manager)

June 5, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Ambassador Interview: Lacey (UK)

June 5, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amplification presents The Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015

May 26, 2015/by stevenchisham

It’s Not Working (How To Problem-Solve Your Rig)

May 12, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amplification Power Camden Rocks 2015 And Announce Competition

May 12, 2015/by stevenchisham

An Obsession with Orange

April 27, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Orange Are People Too: Steven

April 27, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amplification Launch Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pedal

April 15, 2015/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Introduce New Rockerverb MKIII Series

April 15, 2015/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Headline Sponsors Of Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015

March 30, 2015/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Sponsor Rock The House Final

March 23, 2015/by stevenchisham

Preparing for the Road: A Quickguide for Your First Tour

March 13, 2015/by Zac Hobbs

Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pre-EQ User Manual

Orange Amplification Promote James Deacon And Appoint Marcus Mills

March 10, 2015/by stevenchisham

Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pre-EQ

Orange Are People Too: Rohan

March 4, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Rockerverb 50 MKIII Combo

Rockerverb 50 MKIII Head

The Order of Things

February 18, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Free Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus on National Learn To Play Day

February 5, 2015/by stevenchisham

Editorial: Finding Your Own “Geartopia”

February 4, 2015/by Alex Auxier

Cliff Cooper and Stevie Wonder Reminisce at NAMM 2015

February 3, 2015/by stevenchisham

Orange at NAMM 2015

January 27, 2015/by stevenchisham

NAMM 2015 Media Preview Day

January 22, 2015/by stevenchisham

NAMM 2015 Photo Gallery

January 21, 2015/by Ibe

Orange Amplification Launch Tangle-Free Twister Cable®

January 19, 2015/by Ibe

Orange Amplification Launch the Orange Rock Guitar Syllabus

January 19, 2015/by Ibe

Orange launch OB1 Series Bass Amplifiers

January 19, 2015/by Ibe

Orange Amplification Launch New Crush Amplifiers Series

January 19, 2015/by Ibe

OBC212 Isobaric 2×12″ Bass Speaker Cabinet


Crush 35RT

Crush 20RT


Crush 20

Crush 12

Meet Glenn Hughes Exclusively On The Orange Amplification Booth at Winter NAMM 2015

January 6, 2015/by stevenchisham

A Guide to Pedalboards: Where to Start?

December 30, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amps to Grant More Wishes This Holiday Season

December 22, 2014/by Ibe

A Quickguide to Effects Pedals

November 25, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Orange Dual Dark 50 Wins Amplifier of the Year

November 19, 2014/by Ibe

Starting The Band! (A Quick Guide)

November 17, 2014/by Alex Auxier

To Loop or Not to Loop

November 10, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Classic Rock

November 5, 2014/by Ibe

Orange Amplification At The Los Angeles Classic Rock Roll of Honour

November 5, 2014/by Ibe

Blackberry Smoke Perform Special Acoustic Concert For PMT Manchester

October 28, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Interview: Rival Sons’ Scott Holiday talks Classic Rock Awards nomination

October 17, 2014/by Alex Auxier

CRPRO412 Speaker Cabinet

15 Questions: Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy

October 7, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amplification Sponsor The Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2014 In Los Angeles

October 7, 2014/by stevenchisham

James Kim Clinic Tour 2014

September 26, 2014/by stevenchisham

Orange at Music China 2014

September 26, 2014/by stevenchisham

Orange Tech Director, Ade Emsley: “the Tiny Terror is my favorite amp” (video)

September 15, 2014/by Charlie

Ambassador Interview: Sally Gates of Orbweaver (with video demo)

September 15, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Progressive Music Awards 2014 Blog

September 12, 2014/by Ibe


September 10, 2014/by Ibe


September 8, 2014

The (indefinite) Guide to Orange Endorsements

August 28, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Orange Amplification Launch Guitar Pack

August 28, 2014/by Ibe

Orange Amplification Presents Third Annual Progressive Music Awards 2014

August 21, 2014/by stevenchisham

Primus and Little Kids Rock Sweepstakes Winner

August 18, 2014/by stevenchisham

The Terror Series of Amps Explained

August 14, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Crush 12 Manual

Crush 20RT Manual

Crush 35RT Manual

Crush 20 Manual

Y Not Festival 2014

August 1, 2014/by stevenchisham

Top Guitar Techs Choose Orange Amplification DIVO VT1000 Valve Tester

July 31, 2014/by stevenchisham

Ambassador Interview: Jason Narducy (Bob Mould, Superchunk)

July 29, 2014/by Charlie

Choosing an Overdrive/Distortion Pedal for Your Orange Amp

July 18, 2014/by Jon Bailey

AD30 Manual

Interview with Ade Emsley – Orange’s Amp Designer

July 7, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Why You Should Be Testing Your Tubes

July 2, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Micro Terror Manual

OR15h Manual web version

Golden Gods Aftermath

June 18, 2014/by stevenchisham

Ambassador Report: Gabor Sidlovics of Tankcsapda

June 13, 2014/by Alex Auxier

AMPLIFIED! with Mattias Noojd of Galvano

June 2, 2014/by Charlie

Dual Terror Manual

Jim Root Terror Manual

Dark Terror Manual

Tiny Terror Manual


May 20, 2014/by Ibe

AMPLIFIED! with Arcite

May 13, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Rockerverb MKIII Series Manual

AMPLIFIED! with The Guitar Techs of Fall Out Boy

May 5, 2014/by Charlie

Tiny Terror – Most Important Guitar Product in the Last 30 Years.

May 2, 2014/by stevenchisham

Dual Dark 50 / 100 Manual

Win a chance to perform at Camden Rocks

May 1, 2014/by stevenchisham

OB1-300/500 Manual


April 11, 2014/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Announces Headline Sponsorship of Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2014

April 8, 2014/by stevenchisham

AMPLIFIED! with Stephen O’Malley of SUNN O)))

April 7, 2014/by Charlie

IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube Orange for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

April 7, 2014/by stevenchisham

Ambassador Interview: Count To Four (Video)

March 25, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Fest 12: Interview with Frameworks

March 19, 2014/by Joseph McMichen

Fest 12: Interview with The World Is A Beautiful Place

March 4, 2014/by Joseph McMichen

Fest 12: Interview with Rescuer

February 25, 2014/by Joseph McMichen

Orange to Release Limited Edition White Amps

February 25, 2014/by stevenchisham

Get Loud with Orange at SXSW 2014 to Support Music Education in U.S. Public Schools

February 20, 2014/by stevenchisham

AmpliTube Olympics Group Buy

February 19, 2014/by stevenchisham

Real World Orange – Crush Pro CR60 Combo

February 10, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Video: Rob Zombie Custom Stack For Charity

February 3, 2014/by Alex Auxier

Dual Dark 50

Dual Dark 100

Orange Amplification Announce Latest OPC Line Up With Launch Of Three New Models

January 23, 2014/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Launch New Dual Dark Amplifier Series

January 23, 2014/by stevenchisham

Major Artists to Appear at The Orange Amps Booth at NAMM 2014

January 16, 2014/by stevenchisham

The Tone King Reviews…Crush Pro CR120 Guitar Head

January 13, 2014/by Alex Auxier


Orange in Russia: An exploding market

December 19, 2013/by Neil Mitchell

Valve Tester

Backline Without The Backache: The Terror Bass Amp and SP212 Cab…

December 11, 2013/by Alex Auxier

Orange Redesign Website

December 9, 2013/by Ibe

OR100 Wins Two Awards In A Day

December 5, 2013/by stevenchisham

Getting Technical: Preamp Valves

November 25, 2013/by Charlie

The Orange Embassy

November 25, 2013/by Neil Mitchell

AMPLIFIED! with Joseph Marro of The Early November

November 25, 2013/by Joseph McMichen

Classic Rock Awards 2013 – Recap and List of Winners

November 18, 2013/by Dave Phillips

Classic Rock Awards 2013

November 18, 2013/by Ibe

Jim Root – The Sound and The Story

November 13, 2013/by stevenchisham

Crush Pro Series – Video Demo

November 11, 2013/by Alex Auxier

Get To Know Unlocking The Truth – Video

November 8, 2013/by Alex Auxier

Blue Origin’s Mike Hawkings On Why He Plays Orange – Video

November 8, 2013/by Alex Auxier

AMPLIFIED! with Dan Andriano & Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio

November 7, 2013/by Charlie

Orange Amplification Turns Pink for Breast Cancer Campaign

October 24, 2013/by stevenchisham

From The Road: Sparrows

October 22, 2013/by Alex Auxier

Monte Pittman Performs Video Demos of All Orange Amplifiers

October 14, 2013/by stevenchisham

AMPLIFIED! with guitarist Casey Yarbrough (Order of the Owl, Sourvein)

October 8, 2013/by Charlie

VT1000 Reviewed in Vintage Guitar

September 30, 2013/by stevenchisham

AMPLIFIED! with Amp Tech “Suge”

September 24, 2013/by Joseph McMichen

Orange Amps Feature In Rocksmith 2014

September 24, 2013/by Ibe

AMPLIFIED! with guitarist and producer Kurt Ballou

September 19, 2013/by Charlie

New Blog: Gig Reports, Guitar Amp and Gear Demos, Artist News And Much More

September 13, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Sponsors The Classic Rock Roll of Honour 2013

September 13, 2013/by stevenchisham

Ambassador Interview: Quinn Allman of The Used

September 9, 2013/by Joseph McMichen

Getting Technical: Output Valves

September 9, 2013/by Charlie

Legendary Orange: The Story Behind The First Orange Matamp

September 9, 2013/by Martin Celmins

AMPLIFIED! with Amp Tech John Chidley

September 6, 2013/by Charlie

The Orange Embassy

September 6, 2013/by Neil Mitchell

Real World Orange – TH30 Combo

September 6, 2013/by Derek Carvotta

AMPLIFIED! with Amp Tech Drew Foppe

September 6, 2013/by Charlie

Progressive Music Awards 2013

September 5, 2013/by stevenchisham

Prog Rock Awards 2013

September 2, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Presents Second Annual Progressive Music Awards 2013

August 8, 2013/by stevenchisham

Lee Malia – Bring Me The Horizon

July 26, 2013/by stevenchisham

Protected: Show us Your Kit

July 24, 2013

Orange Company Profile in MI Pro

July 12, 2013/by stevenchisham

Vote for the Best Valve Combo Guitar Amp 2013

June 25, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange Logo Redesign Contest – Finalist Voting Underway Now

May 29, 2013/by stevenchisham

Worldwide Contest For Orange Fans

April 29, 2013/by Ibe

Orange Searches for Missing Golden Tickets

April 16, 2013/by stevenchisham

Crush CR60C Demo at Musikmesse 2013

April 12, 2013/by stevenchisham

Authorized Dealers in Italy

April 10, 2013/by stevenchisham

Musikmesse 2013

April 5, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange’s New NO COMPROMISE Crush Guitar Amps Go BIG

March 28, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange gives away a Dark Terror guitar amp every day at Musikmesse

March 26, 2013/by stevenchisham

Crush Pro 120

Crush Pro 120 Combo

Crush Pro 60 Combo

Micro Terror Wins Amp of the Year Award

March 19, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2013

March 12, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange at the Great British Guitar Show 2013

February 25, 2013/by Ibe

Orange Amps Appoints Parsons Music as Exclusive Distributor for China and Hong Kong

January 31, 2013/by stevenchisham

Wanting Guitarist Sean Z signs for Orange Amps

January 28, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange Amps at Winter NAMM 2013

January 28, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Launches Revolutionary Valve Tester VT1000

January 24, 2013/by stevenchisham

New 3rd Generation Orange OPC Upgraded And on Demonstration at Winter NAMM 2013

January 21, 2013/by stevenchisham

Countdown To Live Streaming Of A New World First Top Secret Product From Orange Amplification

January 21, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange Amps – Another World First

January 17, 2013/by stevenchisham

Win Amazing Prizes: Golden Tickets In Orange Amplification Giveaway Bags

January 15, 2013/by stevenchisham

Orange Amplification Launches NEW Custom Shop 50

January 10, 2013/by stevenchisham

Custom Shop 50

Orange Amplification’s Micro Terror Saves The Day For Mastodon’s Troy Sanders

January 8, 2013/by stevenchisham

OR100 Head

Orange Amplification Launches New Twin channel OR100H

January 7, 2013/by stevenchisham

Another World First For Orange Amps To Be Launched At Winter NAMM 2013

November 27, 2012/by Ibe

Legendary Bassist Glenn Hughes Appearing on Orange Amps’ Booth, Winter NAMM 2013, Saturday 26th January

November 27, 2012/by Ibe

Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head Wins ‘Total Guitar: Amplifier Of The Year’ Award

November 27, 2012/by Ibe


November 15, 2012/by Ibe

Terms & Conditions


October 18, 2012/by Ibe

New Artists Join Orange Amplification’s Roster

October 9, 2012/by Ibe

The Orange Professional Cables Range Is Now In The Shops – Read ‘The Music Trades’ magazine review

October 8, 2012/by Ibe

The Orange Amplification Progressive Music Awards 2012 Hailed As Huge A Success

September 18, 2012/by Ibe

Glitter Rose

September 4, 2012/by Ibe

Glenn Hughes Joins Orange Amplification

September 4, 2012/by Ibe

Orange Amplification Sponsor Progressive Music Awards 2012

August 2, 2012/by Ibe

Orange Amplification Sponsor Progressive Music Awards 2012

August 2, 2012/by Ibe

Professional Cables

Orange Professional Cables – Read ‘The Music Trades’ magazine review

June 15, 2012/by Ibe

Orange Music Electronic Company Ltd Awarded Third Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2012

May 29, 2012/by Ibe

Orange Amplification Sponsor Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2012

May 29, 2012/by Ibe

DIVO OV4 Self Fit Kit

Orange Amplification announces support for ‘Rock The House’

May 16, 2012/by Ibe


May 15, 2012/by Ibe

iG Magazine awards the Signature #4 Jim Root Terror “our joint highest score ever” – read the review

May 13, 2012/by Ibe


Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head

Signature #4 Jim Root PPC212 Speaker Cabinet

PPC108 1 x 8″ Closed Back Speaker Cabinet

Rockerverb 100 MKII Head DIVO Embedded

Rockerverb 100 MKII Head

Orange OPC – Personal Computer Hybrid MK3

Micro Terror Head

NAMM 2012: Orange Amps Launch Micro Terror and PPC108 cab

January 16, 2012/by Ibe

NAMM 2012: Orange Amps Reissues the OR50H and launches the OR15H Pics Only

January 15, 2012/by Ibe

Orange Amps Launches Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head and Cab

January 15, 2012/by Ibe

Dual Terror Head

Downloads & Manuals

Crush Pix Series

All That Remains

December 8, 2011/by Ibe

Cookies and Privacy Policy

November 25, 2011/by Ibe

Terms and Conditions

November 25, 2011/by Ibe

Rick Jeschke Deliz

November 25, 2011/by Ibe

Alex Campos's Band – guitarist Javier Serrano