Troy & Kyle Saunders Ask The Question: Is the Orange 4 Stroke Better Than The OB1?

Launched today is a new comedy short featuring Mastodon’s Troy Saunders and Hellyeah’s Kyle Sanders set in an alternate future. See the video HERE.

Years after losing to his brother, Kyle Saunders of Hellyeah, in the final of the 2016 Orange Amplifier Classic competition, Troy is now a broken man. Sitting on a squalid sofa, he binges on junk food watching himself play at the height of his career. As he gorges himself, he flicks to a replay of the battle that began his terrifying slide into obscurity. The video documents a nail-biting fight to determine who is the best bassist, a true clash of bass titans.

Troy and Kyle are aided and abetted by an array of Orange bass gear. Kyle opens the battle using two 4 Stroke 500’s through an OBC810 Cab. Troy fights back with his double OB1-500 amps through a OBC115 and OBC410H full stack.

See the tragic story that led to his downfall HERE.

The 4 Stroke is a class AB solid state amp with all analogue circuitry. It features a full tone stack which allows for an unparalleled level of control over EQ.

The key to the OB1’s unique sound is Orange’s footswitchable blend circuit which adds a veneer of controllable gain and increases harmonic content at the upper register of the input signal.