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Orange en español

Hello !!

I’m Danny Gómez, I work at Orange Amplifiers as a Sales, Marketing and Artist Relations consultant, and I want to invite you to discover Orange in Spanish!!

We want to be in communication with our Spanish-speaking audience, so we have created new exclusive social networks in Spanish on FB, IG, YT and, of course, we have also translated our website!

(Click on the flag at the top of the page you are visiting to see the translated content)

Forget self-translated websites, with neutral and unattractive Spanish. We have manually translated and revised each page, respecting the magic of the original posts and keeping all the information so that you can, for the first time in your language and with a fidelity that you will not find in any other brand.

I have also personally translated the Orange Book and you have at your disposal all its legendary information in Spanish.

Also, join me every Sunday at 03:30 pm Madrid time to learn all the news and answer your questions live on Instagram!!


Never a legendary brand accompanied its audience at a native level of Spanish, from person to person and with all the magic of more than 50 years of history.