2020 Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas coming up we’ve put together list of ideas for what to get the zest lovin’ citrus slinger in your life. Alternatively, enter our #WishGranted competition and you might just get your hands on one of them for free..

Crush Mini

The Orange Crush Mini is designed to give you classic Orange tone in a small, lightweight package. Whether you’re jamming in your bedroom or warning up backstage, the Crush Mini is the perfect companion.

Wireless Crest Edition Headphones

Our wireless Crest Edition Headphones last for up to 27 hours on a single charge, and has a built in microphone for video/phone calls, along with support for Google Assistant & Apple Siri.

Terror Stamp & Cable

For years, our Terror series amps have proven that the biggest sounds can come in the tiniest packages. Taking our pocket-sized powerhouse concept one step further, we’ve brought you the Terror Stamp. Packing all of the punch of the minuscule Micro Terror and Micro Dark amps into an even smaller pedal format, this Valve/Solid State hybrid amp brings 20 Watts of killer Orange tone right onto your pedalboard.

The Terror Stamp Cable is a 20ft speaker cable. Perfect for giving you extra range from your speaker cabinet when used on a pedal board.

Coffee Mug

Want some Orange heritage in your caffeinated beverage? Add some decibels to your drinks receptacle with the Orange Coffee Mug!

FS 1 Mini

Our heavy duty footswitches are perfect for all of your Orange switching needs! The FS1 mini comes with a sticker sheet and has a a smooth action footswitch.

Crush Cables

Orange Crush Cables are manufactured using the finest components available, including the highest grade oxygen-free copper for optimum signal clarity and articulation.

Crest T-Shirt

The Re-Stoned, by Rodinaat Photo.

This logo is found on all our ‘Pics Only’ amps from the 1970s to the present day and features artwork used in our first Orange Records leaflet. Celebrate the Orange heritage in style!

OMEC Teleport

The OMEC Teleport interface is a universal connection device (IOS, Android, Mac, PC) without any specific drivers or software requirements. The Teleport allows you to convert analog audio signals to digital, to be processed with the many apps and software available, and digital audio signals to analog to be reproduced through mixers, D.I. boxes, amplifiers, etc. 

Chocolate Fountain Mini Stack

If your certain someone’s got a sweet tooth.

Rockerverb 100 MKIII

Nick Johnston by Grant Cooper

If you REALLY love someone, get them a Rockerverb.

  1. Paul Morrison
    Paul Morrison says:

    Have a Merry Christmas. That chocolate mini-stack looks very enticing! Personally though, I’m hoping my citrus comes via the Bass Butler this Christmas. #wishgranted

  2. Stan
    Stan says:

    Santa, if you’re working with Orange Amplifiers this year, could i please have a Rockerverb 50? You can cover it with coal and make it black too #wishgranted

  3. David Vey
    David Vey says:

    Nice chocolate fantasy, but i try to watch my figure. So i wish for a terror bass head instead ?

  4. Paul Bishop
    Paul Bishop says:

    So the chocolate mini stack is screaming to my belly but yes COVID has caused some larger waist so I’d love to hook up my les Paul to the Orange Rocker 15 1×10″ 15-watt Tube Combo Amp. I dream of the tone a tube amp that can go from 15 watts to .5 watts. #WISHGRANTED …. but if from things above I’d really love the Terror Stamp& cable

  5. Huw Powell
    Huw Powell says:

    You’d be crazy not to go for Rockerverb 100 MK III to melt ya face off! I know it’s my #WishGranted

  6. Louis Geuens
    Louis Geuens says:

    The Rockerverb 100 MKIII or the chocolate fountain mini stack…
    Wouldn’t know which one is worth more working for :p
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  7. Scott Rayman
    Scott Rayman says:

    #WishGranted The CS50 speaks my language: perfection. Also, English. My kindest thanks for this wonderful Christmas tradition. I look forward to joining in the fun each year. You make a lot of big kids happy, and greedy! How can I choose just one Orange? Well, I have done my homework. After all, you don’t ask Santa for a stocking stuffer. Ho ho! I desire the very best amp money can buy, Santa, or Sir Clifford. Please!

  8. Elisabeth Rosa Brusin
    Elisabeth Rosa Brusin says:

    I would love to win a Terror Stamp. I moved from my original country to a different one and I could only bring my guitar with me, so now I don’t have any amps to play with. In case, I’m wishing for the Wireless Crest Edition Headphones #WishGranted

  9. Zuri Fadul
    Zuri Fadul says:

    Hello!! My drummer is a TBI survivor and her birthday is tomorrow 12/17. She introduced me to orange and helped me get my first half stack – all orange! We started writing music again since her accident and are upgrading and nothing would make both us of happier than a new cab for our dark micro. Thanks for doing this and we will continue to be ORANGE either way!! #wishgranted #lastminet

  10. Anthony Blancas
    Anthony Blancas says:

    Orange amps represent everything about music, represent passion, creativity, beautiful, quality…Orange amps aren’t just an amp, it’s what we are looking for :a pice of Art…
    this year I’m very excited to win something , I’m going for something awesome : ? i wish a Rockerverb 50 combo ,i really hope that this could be possible , and I hope that someone could win something too, because we all deserve something amazing…
    #wishgranted #rockerverb50combo #orangeamps #Art #THEVOICEOFTHEWORLD

  11. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    4 years ago Santa brought me a micro dark. My pedal and guitar collection have grown but the amp still rocks my basement. I think a pedal baby would be cool to have in case a drummer friend ever wants to jam. A person could probably tape one of those to the side of a sleigh if it were full.