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1970 – Product Placement on German National TV

Beat Club Logo

Cliff Cooper – Founder & CEO

After we set up Orange Hire in 1969 we supplied Orange equipment to a lot of English and American bands when they worked in Germany and the rest of Europe on tours organised by the major German promoters, Lippmann and Rau.

People working in the German music business soon began to notice these orange-coloured amplifiers on stage. Out of the blue, I got a phone-call from Mike Leckebusch who was the producer of the Beat-Club television show which was broadcast nationwide from Bremen. Mike asked me whether we would provide Orange backline equipment for his show, and I was only too pleased to oblige.

This was an important development for Orange because although bands who appeared on Beat-Club had the option in the studio of using their own equipment, fortunately for us most of them chose to use Orange and many of them then placed orders for equipment with us soon after.

Beat-Club gave Orange television exposure throughout Germany and orders began to flow in. As a result of this we decided to form a German subsidiary – Orange GMBH



  1. Gregory R Miles
    Gregory R Miles says:

    I was checking out a video from 1970. Chris Squire of Yes is playing through your amps, the sound he gets is amazing the amps look incredible on stage. The video- The Lost Broadcasts- “Time and a word” is the song. Classic vintage stuff.

  2. Chad Davis
    Chad Davis says:

    I once owned an Orange Matamp from this set. The serial was #85. I sold it 9unfortunately) to a guy in a band called Devil To Pay that subsequently destroyed the ohm selector….

  3. Frank Dietrich
    Frank Dietrich says:

    I remember “Radio Bremen TV” Beat Club (Bremen is close to my hometown)
    Great times and relaxed people in the end of the 1970th
    Today I play an Orange Crush 20 amp at home
    Good sound but unfortunately built in China not in England
    England is the origin and the soul of Orange
    Keep safe
    Frank from Germany