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Artist Roundup – Monthly Faves From Our Artist Relations Team

Alex’s Picks (AR Manager)

Courtney Barnett – Tell Me How You Really Feel

I’m so mad we don’t have Orange gear on Courtney’s stage. Someone help us fix this immediately. She is the current lord goddess of women rockers.


The Sloppy Boys – Lifelong Vacation

It’s punk. It’s rock. True to the name it’s also sloppy. But it’s controlled sloppy and it’s super endearing. It sounds like a b-side on an Outlook Records comp from 1993. This band is my go-to for parties starting…NOW!


Dungen and Woods – Myths 003

Released in March of this year, Myths 003 is a sleepy collab between Swedish bands Dungen and Woods. It’s a super relaxing psychedelic-influenced 7 song album that’s damn near perfect.


Dan’s Picks (Euro AR and Marketing)

Boston Manor – Halo

I can’t wait to hear the new album from Boston Manor, luckily I get a sneak peek next week! The lead single “Halo” is anthemic and a banger. Watch out for them on tour in September, I will be there!


Idles – Danny Nedelko

Idles are a band that I have been listening to the past year and the new singles “Samaritan” and this one “Danny Nedelko” keep the snarling, scuzzy sound that made their debut album “Brutalism” such a critical hit.


Trash Boat – Shade

As soon as I heard this song, I knew it would be my favourite song of the summer, can’t wait to hear it blasting out of the main stage at Reading festival. This band seem to be going from strength to strength and the new album is a must listen.