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Brian “Head” Welch of KoRn

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top

Jimmy Page

Jim Root of Slipknot

Geddy Lee of RUSH

John McVie of Fleetwood Mac

Glenn Hughes


Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick

Ler of Primus

Andreas Kisser of Sepultura

Scott Holiday of Rival Sons

Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy


Chino Moreno & Sergio Vega of Deftones


Mikey Demus of Skindred

Joe Principe of Rise Against

Theo Ellis of Wolf Alice

Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance

Tommy Gibbons & Scott Wilson of Tantric

Kelley Juett of Mothership

Sam Osborn of Napoleon


Moose Blood

Bush of Lonely The Brave

Stone of Mayday

John Greenhill & Ben Webb of Illustr8ors


Ryan Harris of Warner Drive

Eagles of Death Metal

7 Minutes in Heaven

Kelsey Gonzales and Jose Rios of Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals


Nate Garrett of Gatecreeper and Spirit Adrift

Hayden Darnall of Forevermore

Ricky Singh of Backtrack

Jonathan Markson of Such Gold

Landa Hekt & Dean McMullen of Muncie Girls

Nate Blasdell of I set my Friends on Fire

Edu Filgueira of Far from Alaska

Broken Witt Rebels


Dan Aid of Authority Zero

Becky Blomfield of Milk Teeth


Steven Dobb of The Hyena Kill

Devon Allman of The Devon Allman Band

Kevin Jardine of Slaves on Dope

Nick Dika of Arkells

Niall Kennedy of And So I Watch You From Afar

Scream Blue Murder

Ricci Perez of Division Minuscula

Thomas Jager of Monolord

Mika Hakki of Monolord

Nathan Weaver of Wolves In The Throne Room

Chris, Scott & Jon of The Flatliners

Rich Meyer of Highly Suspect

Sean Weir of Zoax

Doug Wotherspoon of Zoax

Louis Menguy of Slydigs

Gavin Van Vlack of Burn

Nathan Bergman of Lionize

MISA of Band-Maid

Sam Bowden of Neck Deep

Ronny Minuche of The Things They Carried

John Victor of Gengahr

Steve Schwartz of The Things They Carried

Terrence McAuley of Obey The Brave & We Were Sharks

Lucius “LouBoy” Hoskins

Nick Bockrath of Cage the Elephant

Grove Street Families

Sean Mears of Gatecreeper

Jose Rios of Free Nationals/Anderson.Paak

Marco D’Andrea of Planethard

Johnny Adger of And So I Watch You From Afar

John Jarvis of Pig Destroyer

Laura Cox

Mike Stanton of Oceans Ate Alaska

Gustav and Max of Atlas Losing Grip

Pit of Hunter

Red Fang

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

Blood Youth

The Marassa of Vodun

Bernardini of Sober

Seiler und Speer

Aidan 2Doggs of Massive

Rory Friers of And So I Watch You From Afar

Mike Ross of The Mike Ross Band

Connor & Spencer of High Tyde

Chuck Platt of Good Riddance

Brian Van Buskirk of Light Up The Sky

Nikita Muraviev of The Slot

Tim Montana & The Shrednecks

Colin Clive of Mustard Plug / The War Between

Sylvain Sylvain of New York Dolls


Lonny Eagleton of Shawn Hook

Matty Taylor of Tennis System

Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond

Rhodri Daniel of Estrons

Joey B of Hell or Highwater

Jon Terrey of Listener

The Tuts

Davey Grahs of Pop Evil

Nick Fuelling of Pop Evil

Matt DiRito of Pop Evil

Steve Stout of Lifehouse

Jimmy Smith of Foals

Stuart Richardson of No Devotion


Kelby Ray of The Cadillac Three

Mike Vennart of Biffy Clyro & British Theatre

Matt Gandenberger of Brent James & The Vintage Youth, The Van-Dells

Brad Logan of Leftover Crack

Chris Mann of Leftover Crack

Larry Lalli of Fatso Jetson

Daniel Damico

Carl Raether of Warner Drive

Paul & Gary of Making Monsters

Rich Unsworth of Desolated

David, Brett & Mark of We Never Learned To Live

Shock Magnum of The Protomen

Adam 808 of Nonpoint

Malcolm Brickhouse of Unlocking The TRUTH

Andrew Budwey of Cruel Hand

Kevin Bond of Superjoint Ritual

Ben McGuire & Nathan Rosenzweig of Black Cowgirl

Andrew Gosden of Black Peaks

Colton Bartholet of Mouth Of The South

Daniele, Marco & Luigi of Hopes Die Last

Matt Reynolds & Jonny Hall of HECK

Mike McCleary of Surfer Blood

Tim King of SOiL, Into The Fire

Nico Santora of Suicidal Tendencies

Kyle Sanders of HELLYEAH

Scott Kelly of Neurosis, & Corrections House

Paul Jackson of Blackberry Smoke

Richard Turner of Blackberry Smoke

James Bowman of Against Me!

Evanescence / Dark New Day

Monte Pittman

Kat Lucas of PINK


Lou Cotton of We Came As Romans

Laurie Vincent of Slaves

John Paul Pitts of Surfer Blood

Kevin Williams of Surfer Blood

The Ramonas

Famous Last Words

Jay Miller of Count To Four

Jordan Modro of Avion Roe

Aaron John Gregory of GIANT SQUID

Heather McKay of The Amorettes

Shane Kelley of Head Creeps, & Vices

High Hopes

Mary Timony & Betsy Wright of Ex Hex

Candice Levinson of Warner Drive


Aaron Turner of Old Man Gloom, SUMAC, & Mamiffer

John Hoyles & Olle Griphammar of Spiders

David Hurrell of ONOFF

Chris Bishop & Jake Figueroa of Crobot

Steve The Mess of Silence The Messenger

Mike Hawkings of Sertraline

Tom May of The Menzingers

Dan Quigley, Cody Sizemore & Chris Salazar of Hour 24

Jakob Smari Magnusson of John Grant

Baptiste, Valentin & Lucas of Betraying The Martyrs

Daniel Mucs of Collibus

Ritchie Kershaw of Collibus

Brandon Bagby of Audio Adrenaline

Anthony Panduri & Greg Scarpino of Roulette

Davide Pozzoli of Planethard, HYPERPRYSM, Sem & le Visioni Distorte

Freddy Scherer of Gotthard

Orestis Sitis of MAPLERUN

James Munn of Fathoms

Jon Bakker of KAMPFAR

Alan “Adriel” Gant of Burn the Ballroom

Ruth Goller of Melt Yourself Down

Peter Hughes of Sons of Huns, & Danava

Al Gare of Imelda May

Jimbob Isaac of Hark

Jon Davis of Conan

Andi Morris of Desecration, & Extreme Noise Terror

Michel Garcia, Bastien Lamarque & Arnaud Thoral of FORUS

Devin ‘Darty’ Purdy & Richard Hepp of Chron Goblin


James Kim of N.EX.T & Novasonic

Adam Roffey of Press to MECO

Brian Tarquin

Robert Bearsby

Marcelo “Coca” Monte of Vetamadre

Tim Karns of The Toasters

Ben Walsh of Tigers Jaw

Isaac Wriston of Jana Kramer, & Cassio Monroe

Nat Rufus, Brad Blanco & Dirk Mathews of Blacklist Royals

Brandon Dion Landelius

Dan Rumsey of The Wytches

John Pizz of Goldilocks, Axis, & Independent

Roine Stolt of Transatlantic, & The Flower Kings

Matt Fuller of Puddle Of Mudd

Irene Ketikidi

Sirens In The Delta

Tundra of Finntroll

Skrymer of Finntroll

Routa of Finntroll

Your Favorite Enemies

Miguel Esparza of Arkaik

Billy Tegethoff of The Oxford Coma

Sam Taylor of HEX

Chad Yaro of face to face

Matt Garzilli of Sworn Enemy

Tom Boisse of Red Sky Mary

Stevie Nimmo of The Stevie Nimmo Trio, & The Nimmo Brothers

John & Ben of BlackWolf

Ali Hetherington of Longfellow


Steve Costello

Louise Post of Veruca Salt

Zack Ferrell of SycAmour

Blake Howard of SycAmour

Bryan Baker of Vesser, Black Baptista, Independent

Chris Capewell & Phillip J. Randall of Solemn Sun

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Nikki Smash of The Rocket Dolls

Phil Shouse

Stuart Sclater of Astra

Jay Wud

Jesse Matthewson of KEN mode

James Ready of Walkway

Jimmy O of The Graveltones

Dom Hollands of The Dom Hollands Band

Leigh Chambers of Onslaught

Max Goff of Tom Odell

Ollie Loring of Empress

Simone Vignola

Djordje Stijepovic of Atomic Sunset, & Fishtank Ensemble

Jon Kunz of Outer Heaven

Spencer Hazard of Full Of Hell

Morris Rentie Jr. of The Jacksons

Keaton Smith of Everyone Dies In Utah

Nicole Bettencourt Coelho of Vuvuvultures

Brian of Counterpunch

Tim Robbins of American Pinup

Trevor Brown of Good Walkers

Tim Crane & Adam Marsters of The First

Ron Griffo of The Boy And His Machine

Augusto Nogueira of Scarceus & Indireto

Dixie of Weedeater

Sally Gates of Orbweaver

Danny Beardsley of The Parallax Method, & Emperor Chung

Shaun Cooper of Taking Back Sunday

Brian, Matt & Kyle of Major League

Kamron Bradbury of Beartooth

Oshie Bichar of Beartooth

Kenneth Paul Cook of Anciients

Roman Miroshnichenko of Roman Miroshnichenko Project

Anthony Meier of Radio Moscow

Marc Ford

Mark Wood of Winterfylleth

Ben Summers of Wolves At The Gate

Ed Wood of Casual Sex

Sean Connors of Broadway

Caleb Thompson Hooper of Frank Foster & As One Fellowship

Dan Hendo Henderson of Sertraline

Like Moths To Flames

Joe Goldman of Code Orange Kids

Brian deNeeve

John Robertson & Mance Fine of Lone Star Demons

Pete Maksymiw & Josh Lewin of Lacey

Elizabeth Caney of Charli XCX

Chris Carvell & Sean Keane of Hildamay

Tiger Bell


Chasing Cadence

Callum Williams

Erik Kertes of Satellite

Christopher Deckard of Like Monroe

Shant Bismejian of Viza

Phil Biermann of Senseless Beauty

James, Martin & Brian of Arcite

Tracy & Sid of Malice In Wonderland

Scott Thompson of Stones of Madness

Adam Burton & Andrew Groves of Arcane Roots

Curtis Nystrom of MS MR

Ted Kirkpatrick of Tourniquet

Tim Venerosa of Morgan Frazier, & Caroline Kole

Jerry, John & Hampus of Hoffmaestro

Jayanth Sridhar of Neolithic Silence & Lucidreams

Ashley Harding of Likely Lads

Bjorn, Johan & Nik of Hong Faux

Dan Thomson & Justin Sears of Sparrows

The Prophets of Addiction

Matt Pearce of Voodoo Six

Tony Newton of Voodoo Six

Christophe & Marcus of Bovine

Tom Warmsley of Temples

Swallow The Sun

Johnny Royal of Black Lodge

Varun Murali of Swarathma

Ash Gray of Brutality Will Prevail

The Balconies

Alex, Rob & Byron of White Clouds & Gunfire

Lianna, Andy & Chris of Turbowolf

Dustin Barber of Al Green Band

Jennie, Lorena & PJ of Neiv

Meryl Hamilton of Voodoo Vegas

Adam Reiter of Say Say

Tony Catania of Jason Bonham Band & JBLZE

Eidan Thorr of Valient Thorr

Shricharan of Blind Image

Clark Vogeler of The Toadies

Zack Lopez of Middle Class Rut

Daniele Labbate of Kane

Kevin Simonelic

Eloi Youssef & Casper Starreveld of Kensington

Ken Rose of Hero Jr.

Rosalie + George + Justin of Purson

John Matos and Matt Mendez of Abiotic

Jack Seymour & Damon Brough of Paper Tigers

Liam Westnidge of Violet

Jeremy Hatcher of Andrew McMahon

Lada of The Bambi Molesters

Mike Sly Hanz Hawkings of Sertraline

Robin & Michi of Marathonmann

Jono Yates & Nic Montogomery of Blitz Kids

Scott Tarulli

Quinn Allman of The Used

Chris Childs of Thunder, The Union

Brad Simpson & James McVey of The Vamps

Johannes Persson of Cult of Luna

Miss Alex White of White Mystery

Sergio Serradilla of Everlyn

Fred St-Gelais of Marie-Mai

Lucas Ferraz & Regis Rolando of Porn Queen

Lucas Ferraz of Porn Queen

The Strypes

Mike Squires of Duff McKagan’s Loaded


Greg Rahm of Red Wanting Blue

The Elijah

Sidi of Tankcsapda

Kevin Roentgen of Goldsboro

Adam Hawley of Jennifer Lopez

Marcelo Barbosa of Almah

Brandon Davis & Isaac Vigil of Lions Lions


Tom of Malefice

Aaran McKenzie of While She Sleeps

Trash McSweeney of The Red Paintings

Stitch D of The Defiled

Blues Pills

Glitter Rose

Tiago Della Vega

Billy Cordell of Kyuss Lives!

Rob Milucky of Devil’s Brigade

Luke Ferris of ME

Lord Bishop

Gregg Cash of Dorothy

Jim Ward: At The Drive In/Sparta/Sleepercar

Andy Williams and Steve Micciche of Every Time I Die

Jimmy James of Tommy Tutone

Caesars Rome

Julien Peignart-Mancini

Lawrie Minson

Matthew Reich of Lights Resolve

Jeanne Sagan of All That Remains

Amir Derakh of Julien-K, Orgy

Capture The Flag

Dan Sultan

Daniel Pique

Patrick Christopher of Deception Theory

Eric Espiritu of Atomic Tom

Laura Pleasants of Kylesa

Max Bloom of YUCK

Kane Cooper of Reactions

Samuel Lockwood of The Jezabels

Archie Mann of Invaders

Nic Ron of The Computers


Bryan Nelson of The Ataris


Rune Rebellion of Turbonegro

Bassie of The Beat

Chris Georges & Jason Bartell of Fang Island

The Ghost Inside

Tom Harte of Trucker Diablo

Tom, Jim & Simon of Trucker Diablo

Hope Lies Within


A Legend Untold


Steve Vaynshtok: Fight Like Animals

Young Guns

JP Gressman of Hundredth


Zachary James of Porcelain Black

Javier Serrano of Alex Campos Band

Crash Coordinates

Josh MacIntosh of Manafest

Liu Bin & Zhang Ruixin of Die From Sorrow

Steve Bello