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“The first amplifier that I purchased was Orange OR-120. Its loud orange color and cute design lured me to try out the model. Contrary to its look, I was astonished by super loud yet warm sound, and the mid-to-low frequencies that shook my body! I still use it to this day. I am extremely grateful for your support when we tour many countries. Orange amps have become my trademark. Orange amps are so compatible with my favourite Les Paul and fuzz pedal that my musical career would not exist without Orange amps.”

初めて買ったアンプがOrange OR-120。オレンジ色の派手さ、デザインのかわいさに惹かれ試奏してみると、見た目とは裏腹にスーパーラウド、身体を揺らすような中低域、とてもあたたかなサウンド。購入以来ずっと愛用しています。現在は様々な国へツアーに出かけますが、各地でサポートして頂き感謝しきり。私のトレードマークにもなっています。ギターと同じようにアンプも楽器です。愛用のレスポールやFuzzとの相性もとても良くOrange抜きでは私の音楽生活は成り立ちません。


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