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“Over the years every time I would see an Orange amp I would think “ Wow! That thing looks really cool”. But for some reason, mainly my excellent ability to slack off, I just never got around to trying one out. Then last summer while starting up a European tour I was given a list of amps that were available and noticed the one I was currently using was not on the list. I decided to take every head on the list and after a day of driving everyone nuts with my signature amp testing style (A blend of terrible blues licks and A power chords) it was clear that the Orange Rockerverb was going in the truck for the tour. When we started rehearsals for our current tour we were in a small room so I just plugged in a Rockerverb combo to get started. By the end of that first day everyone had taken notice of how great this amp sounded. It was also so much fun to play through. This is now my favorite amp that I have ever owned. I’m getting every sound that I have ever wanted out of my guitar now. This may be the last amp I will ever need. “


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