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Has your Orange gear developed a fault? Contact your dealer for help except for users in USA who should fill in an RMA request.

Warranty Period

This Warranty shall be effective from the date of purchase and cover the following Products and components for a period of:

• Amplifiers, preamplifiers, effects pedals – 1 year, extendable* to 2 years
• Speaker enclosures (cabinets) – 1 year, extendable* to 2 years
• Valves (vacuum tubes) and Speakers in Orange Products or supplied by OMEC Ltd. – 90 days

*The extended warranty period is only applicable if warranty registration is submitted prior to the expiration of the initial 1st year warranty which begins at the date of purchase.  It is your responsibility to submit this information and we shall not be liable nor do we accept any responsibility whatsoever for non-receipt of this information.  If you have any difficulties registering your new Orange Product, please email info@orangeusa.com

For USA warranties, Orange USA provides its own service and parts at no charge providing: a) covered under warranty, b) customer provides “proof of purchase” and c) the unit is returned properly packed. Orange USA is not responsible for shipping damage.

When is an item under warranty?

If a warranty or RMA claim is made within 90 days of the purchase date of the Product, Orange USA pays ground shipping both ways.

If a warranty or RMA claim is made between 91 and 365 days (pending 2nd year warranty extension) after the purchase date, the customer pays shipping to Orange USA and Orange USA pays return ground shipping. However, to qualify for Orange USA to pay for shipping, it has to be a valid Product defect, as covered by the terms and conditions of the warranty, and not an oversight or user error.

For non-warranty repairs, the customer pays shipping both ways. Repair charges must be paid within 45 days of the repair completion or the Product becomes the property of Orange USA.

What is Covered?

Defects in the materials and workmanship of your Product which has been purchased through an authorized dealer of Orange USA.  (This Warranty shall be applicable when the original sales receipt or proof of purchase of the Product is presented together with the defective Product or with the online RMA submission.)

What is NOT Covered?

Damage caused by negligence, modification, improper use, incorrect voltage or incorrect polarity or the use of power supplies not recommended by OMEC Ltd.

Damage caused by another product.

General wear and tear.

Damage caused during transportation of the Product.

Damage caused by repair or service carried out by persons not authorized by Orange USA.

A Product with a serial number which has been defaced, removed etc.

A Product which was not purchased from an Authorized Dealer within the USA.

If no problem is found, the RMA will be subject to a minimum bench fee.

If you have any further technical questions, please email [email protected]

How the RMA process works:

Once we receive your completed RMA submission, we’ll qualify your warranty status and contact you with your RMA #.  We’ll then advise you on where your Product can be serviced; either at OrangeUSA or a local authorized service center.  If your Product is being serviced at OrangeUSA, we’ll send you a confirmation email after receiving your Product, and based on the information provided in accordance with the terms set out herein, we will determine the best course of action.  If the repair is non-warranty, you must arrange payment with us or local service center before your Product can be returned to you.   All repairs done at OrangeUSA are return-shipped as “signature required” unless you specify otherwise.  All packaging and shipping boxes are recycled upon delivery at the OrangeUSA warehouse, so don’t ship it in a box that you need to get back.

Ship to:

Orange USA – Service

1741 Wilwat Drive

Suite A1


GA 30093

What you need to do to obtain Warranty/Non-warranty Service

Complete this online request for RMA (Repair Manufacture Authorization) form.

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When should I replace my valves (tubes)?

Valves start to wear out from the moment they are installed. The frequency with which you replace them depends on a number of factors, with usage at the top of the list. Running the amp at top volumes will also shorten valve life.

Many artists who regularly use their amps replace the power valves once a year and have the amp biased at that time. Preamp valves need only to be replaced when they fail or become microphonic. Power valves should be replaced prior to failure.


My amp is no longer under warranty, where can I get it serviced?

To locate a repair technician near you, in the UK and Rest of the World try consulting your nearest Orange dealer or contact info@omec.com for details of authorised technicians in your area. The dealer search may help too.

What do I do if my grille cloth is dented? Do I need to send it back?

No need to send it back. If it is dented carefully sponge some hot, soapy water onto the dented area, avoiding contact with the speaker, and leave to dry.

How do I get spare parts for my Orange product?

Knobs and gig bags/covers are all available from our online shop. Valves can be sourced from many different suppliers. Always be sure to use the correct values

How do I obtain an Orange schematic?

For safety reasons, we can only supply schematics and technical information to Orange dealers and authorised repair centres.

Can I modify my Orange amplifier?

We do not recommend or support the modification of Orange products in any way. Please do not attempt to work on your Orange yourself as doing so will expose you to potentially lethal voltage and will invalidate the warranty.

I need to replace my valves/tubes, does my amplifier need to be biased?

When replacing valves always use quality branded replacements. If unsure which brand to buy, check the Orange forum. There are many Orange owners experimenting with different brands and this is a great place to seek advice! Visit the Forum to discuss amplifiers with other Orange users.
WARNING! Valves get HOT! Make sure that you leave your amplifier off for a sufficient period of time to allow the valves [tubes] to cool.
Preamp valves may be replaced at any time by the owner. Allow the amp to cool down and remove the metal valve shields by pushing them in and turning them counter-clockwise. Pull out the old valve and insert the new one taking care to correctly line up the pins with the valve socket. Replace the valve shields. Orange recommends that you replace your preamp valves once every 18 months, however you will not cause your amplifier any harm by using them longer. Replacing them regularly helps reduce the risk of a valve failing at an inopportune time!
When buying power valves ask for matched pairs or quartets. This means that each valve has been tested and chosen to work well together. Allow the amp to cool down and take care to correctly line up the pins of the valve with the valve socket. Orange recommends that you replace your power valves once every 12 months, however you will not cause your amplifier any harm by using them longer.
Power valves in the Tiny Terror, Dual Terror, Dark Terror, Jim Root Terror, TH30, Rocker 30, AD5, AD15, AD30 and OR15 series of amplifiers do not need to be biased. Power valves in all other Orange amplifiers should be biased by a qualified amp technician when they are replaced. Failure to bias power valves can result in shortened valve life and damage to your amplifier. Improperly biased valves can also affect your amplifier’s tone.

What is daisy chaining?

All Orange cabinets with the exception of the PPC412 HP8 have two quarter inch mono jack inputs wired in parallel. Connecting two cabinets together using a speaker lead is called “Daisy Chaining” and if two 16 Ohm cabinets are used, the global load is 8 Ohm, if two 8 Ohm cabinets are used, the global load is 4 Ohm.

What‘s the ’Output Valve Selection on my Rockerverb MK1/2 do?

Both the MKI and MKII Rockerverb 100H are fitted with EL34 output valves as standard but the “Output Valve Selection” switch sets the amp up to take either EL34/6CA7 on one setting or 6L6/6550 on the other. It is worth noting however that the switch sets the amp in the “ball park” for each output valve type and it is advisable to have the bias tweaked by an authorised technician.

How do I use the Effects Loop on vintage Orange gear?

Orange amplifiers featured the first effects loop offered in an amplifier. They were designed for the effects of the day: stand-alone reverb units and tape echo delays. They do not work as well with modern effects. An effects loop is a means for inserting guitar effects into the signal path of the amplifier internally. Plug the Send of your amplifier into the input of your effects using a guitar cable. Plug the Output of your effects into to the Return of the amplifier.

What’s the FAC knob on my amp do?

Some amps feature the F.A.C. control which stands for Frequency Analysing Control. It is a mid-range sweep that offers many variations on the Orange sound. Experiment with different settings for a variety of sounds.

Can my Rockerverb 50 MK1 run on two EL34 power valves like the Mk2?

Yes, just have an Orange approved tech reset the bias for you


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