A message from Cliff Cooper

As well as looking after Orange for 50 years I have also been lucky to have had, a long and special friendship, with John Miles, a most talented musician, singer and songwriter whose record “Music was my first love and it will be my last” topped the charts in many countries worldwide.

When John’s daughter Tanya was very young he wrote a beautiful song for her called “Angel” and she has always carried it in her heart.

Tanya’s son has learning difficulties and the name given to this rare syndrome is “Cri Du Chat” (cat’s cry) syndrome, The disorder is characterized by intellectual disability and delayed development.

Tanya asked her dad for permission to pass on this song to her son and to share it with everyone, giving all income, royalties and charitable donations to the “Cri Du Chat Syndrome Support Group” John explained the song was only made as a demo but he would be only too pleased to agree to Tanya’s request.

If this special song, written with so much love can touch you, please click below and make a donation.

Like so many genetic illness we have so much to learn.

  1. Deborah Davidson
    Deborah Davidson says:

    This song as you say was written with so much love…. I believe it should be as big as Music ….it needs to go viral !!