The Orange Amplification festive tradition of granting Christmas Wishes launches today. For the 2023 giveaway, expect the biggest and best prize range ever and it’s free to enter!

For many years it has been the custom to place an orange in Christmas stockings because they were considered a rare treat and the juicy segments could easily be shared. So in keeping with tradition, Orange Amps would like to share its products with their many followers and put an Orange in the bottom of Christmas stockings across the globe.

Anyone can make a wish, however big or small, by commenting with their preferred Orange product on any Wish Granted themed post on any Orange Amps social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube – using the hashtag #orangewishgranted. You can also enter the competition via the form on the Orange Amps website.

Entrants can state their wishes on any #orangewishgranted post starting on the 15th November 2023. Entries close at 8.00am GMT on the 23rd December 2023. Winners will be announced daily from the 12th to 23rd December on

Orange Amps will grant more than hundred Christmas Wishes with a prize value in excess of $25000. Up for grabs are amplifiers, guitars, speaker cabinets, pedals, merchandise, headphones and new for 2023 the Orange BOX’s. All shipping and customs charges will be covered by the company.

To me Christmas is a time of giving and sharing,’ said Cliff Cooper, CEO and founder of Orange Amplification, ‘I have fond memories of finding an orange at the bottom of my Christmas stocking.’

Good luck to everyone who makes a wish!

Orange ‘Where Magic Happens®’.

“Does the Orange OR30 feel good?” Spoiler alert: The answer is yes. We asked our friends over at Jam in the Van to demo and give us their thoughts on the OR30 and this is the result. It feels good, sounds good, and looks good.

As you’ve made your way to our website and blog, chances are your interest in Orange is above average and that you might already be familiar with some of the company’s history, but you may have missed that we did a series of drum kits in the 70s.

Orange drums were made in France by Jacques Capelle from around 1971 – 1976. He was a lovely guy, and became a good friend of Cliff Cooper. The earliest kits had the Capelle badging, but it didn’t take long before they were replaced with “Orange London” badges, although every drum kit was made in France.

Jacques made beautiful drum kits in his small facility in France, but his manufacturing techniques were labour intensive and very costly to produce. so Orange stopped importing them around 1976 as they were no longer competitive with the mass production of Premier, Ludwig and the introduction of Pearl, Tama and Yamaha etc in the mid 70s. These kits are very rare, and achieve very high sale prices when people are lucky enough to come across them.

While touring their long awaited 2022 album “Chimes at Midnight”, Sivert Høyem, Frode Jacobsen and Cato Salsa of Madrugada sat down with us to talk about the legacy of the band, the experience of recording at LA’s iconic Sunset Sound studio, and their history with Orange.

Cato plays x Custom Shop 50 heads paired with 1 x PPC212 & 1 x PPC212OB.
Sivert plays a TH30 paired with an OBC115.
Frode plays the AD200 paired with an OBC115.

The Salvation Army’s iconic Strawberry Field attraction in Liverpool has dedicated its new bandstand to its benefactor, music icon and founder of Orange amps, Cliff Cooper, in a ceremony to officially mark its opening attended by commissioner Anthony Cotterill, Territorial Commander of The Salvation Army.

Cliff Cooper in front of the Strawberry Field Bandstand.
(Photo Credit: David Phillips)

Strawberry Field’s eye-catching bandstand is a striking new addition to the south Liverpool visitor attraction, shaped as a giant bass drum inspired by The Beatles’ iconic album cover, ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’, and referencing The Salvation Army and its marching bands. The bandstand’s floor is covered by a circular mosaic inspired by the ‘Imagine’ mosaic in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields in New York, with its interior walls decorated by a large mural by renowned pop artist, James Wilkinson, depicting the legacy and importance of The Salvation Army’s work, John Lennon and the legendary song, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever.’

Mural and imagine mosaic inside the Strawberry Field Bandstand.

The Strawberry Field Bandstand was built thanks to the generosity of Cliff Cooper, CEO and founder of Orange Amps, who is an honorary patron of Strawberry Field. Cliff founded Orange Amps in 1968, and its range of bright orange guitar amps marked a revolution in guitar amplifier design and sound technology, endorsed by music legends such as Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden.

Strawberry Field Bandstand.
(Photo Credit: Dextra Group)

At the dedication on September 2, Cliff was joined by The Salvation Army’s Territorial Commander, Commissioner Anthony Cotterill, and the Liverpool Walton Salvation Army Band for a special celebration. The Liverpool Walton band have a long history of playing at Strawberry Field and used to perform at The Salvation Army children’s home garden parties in the days when John Lennon visited the grounds.

Cliff Cooper with Recognition of exceptional service certificate.
(Photo Credit: David Phillips)

Major Kathleen Versfeld, Mission Director at Strawberry Field, said:

Thanks to Cliff and his generous donation, live music in the Strawberry Field gardens – the place where John Lennon once sought sanctuary and experienced one of his earliest musical moments hearing The Salvation Army band play – has been taken to a whole new level, on a bandstand that is like no other in the world.  This is a new platform for emerging talent to shine and established artists to support our good work, building on both the legacy of John Lennon and The Salvation Army at this special place.”

Cliff Cooper, CEO of Orange Amps and honorary patron of the Strawberry Field, said:
As a patron, I thought of ideas of how I could help, and how building a bandstand would bring music back to Strawberry Field – the place where John had some of his first musical experiences. It took three years to build and already the bandstand is bringing much joy to visitors of all ages.”
I look forward to seeing the continuance of John Lennon’s legacy, promoting peace and love in the world, an ethos which also reflects the selfless dedication of The Salvation Army, whose people devote their lives to helping others who are in need and less fortunate than ourselves.

Commissioner Anthony Cotterill, Territorial Commander of The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland, said:

Many people will think of a Salvation Army dedication service as a way to give thanks to God for the birth of a new baby. This dedication is about giving thanks to God for the generosity of our Strawberry Field patron, Cliff Cooper, who gave birth to the idea of the bandstand, and has managed the project to create what is now a unique visitor attraction.”

We ask that God blesses all who have contributed to the Bandstand, the visitors old and new who will enjoy this new addition to Strawberry Field, and our staff who tirelessly work to help young people with significant barriers to employment to find and stay in work.”  

Strawberry Field plaque
(Photo Credit: David Phillips)

Strawberry Field is a visitor attraction in Liverpool, located at the iconic site immortalised by John Lennon in The Beatles’ hit, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. Telling the story of The Salvation Army’s  children home which opened here in 1936 and the connection to John Lennon’s childhood, as well as the writing and recording of the iconic song, the attraction is home to an interactive visitor exhibition which includes the actual ‘Imagine piano’, the original red gates, and the peaceful gardens where John played, climbed trees and dreamed as a child.

Strawberry Field Bandstand at night.
(Photo Credit: Dextra Group)

Last month we hosted our first ever Orange Jams event at London’s Black Heart with US band Monarch. Hailing from the San Diego / Encinitas / Ocenaide area, Monarch are one of many bands who have followed in the footsteps of the mighty Earthless and Astra and turned the area into a psychedelic haven for both bands and listeners, contributing to a scene that’s been making waves way blowing minds for nearly two decades. Mixing elements of classic rock, psychedelia, prog, jazz and improv jams, Monarch seemed like the perfect fit for our psychedelic summer extravaganza and we could not be happier with how it turned out.

Support came from HECK / Haggard Cat guitarist Matt Reynolds, Swedish Death Candy drummer Marco Ninni and GNOB bassist Ben Kenobi-Marflar in the form of an improv psych jam. Despite frequenting different circles and having only met and played together once in early 2017, they all accepted the challenge in a heartbeat and blew all our minds when they came together to let their worlds collide.

We’d like to thank: The Black Heart and Matt for working alongside us to make this a night to remember, Mathmos and their lava lamps for adding to the visual experience, The Great Frog for their social support and gifting to the band, Liquid Death and Signature Brew for offering drinks to the band, Yorkshire Burrito for feeding the band and photographer Emily Power for capturing it all on camera.