We are heartbroken to hear about the passing of Wolf Jaw guitarist Tom Leighton, a brilliant musician and a true pleasure to work with. Our thoughts are with his wife Heather who lost her husband, little Milo & Bodhi who lost their father, and bandmates Dale & Karl who lost a friend. A crowdfunder has been set up to raise finacial support for his family, so please consider donating a few pennies or pounds if you can here, every little helps.

Rest easy, Tom 🌹

Orange Jams is a series of live sessions hosted by Orange & Jam in the Van which features artists from across the globe. This session sees Hero Jr. live in their livingroom.

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In September 2014 Orange added the LEARN button to its website. It provided guided lessons to anyone who wanted to play guitar AND get an official government qualification. We wanted to increase the chances of customers keeping up their love of playing guitar by helping them get measured results and get paid in a job environment from their new quals.

The course was split into 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. After a year we had a few thousand guitarists logging into the website Learn area a month. Since Cliff founded Orange in the 60s, he’s always wanted to try different things but he was mainly spurred by the love of music and knowing he’s making a positive impact and so was very happy with what we had created.

In the following years, the amount of students subscribing to the course kept increasing. The course was updated and split into smaller and more manageable segments of lessons and we made it easy to run on any mobile device and not just desktop computers. All this was done with resources, we had it linked to our main website here at orangeamps.com.

Recently, the UK has changed how tax works with European online learning services such as Orange Learn. This means we no longer can maintain Orange Learn on orangeamps.com while running a merchandise store at the same time. So to resolve this, we have cloned our website over to orangelearn.com. Students can continue their studies while giving Orange Learn the ability to expand beyond what our website infrastructure at orangeamps.com was limited to.

On paper, orangelearn.com is a different company but the same team who managed orangeamps.com/learn are behind it and they’re excited to continue Orange Learn. We cloned our website over to orangelearn.com where you’ll find your progress, user, purchased lessons and courses as you left it – although if you progressed in the past week, you might find our copy a bit behind so you will have to cheat and skip a few lessons to get back to where you were.

We are also launching a more bite sized course with the same qualifications as the last one was pretty massive!

When you’re ready to resume your lessons, head over to orangelearn.com. Email us at education@orangeamps.com for any issues you find.

Here’s how the website looked back in 2014 when we first launched Orange Learn.

Orange Jams is a series of live sessions hosted by Orange & Jam in the Van which features artists from across the globe. This session sees Slipping into Darkness live at Jam in the Van’s HQ in L.A.

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Our thoughts are with Bruce’s friends, family and everyone at Blackstar Amplification. Another great mind has been taken from the music industry and at a far too young age. We will always have the greatest respect for the innovative and creative work Bruce brought to the UK amplification industry. He will be greatly missed.

– from Cliff Cooper and the rest of the Orange Family.

Below was copied from Blackstar’s Statement posted on their Facebook page on Tuesday 21st September 2021:


On Tuesday the 14th September, Blackstar received the sad news that our co-Founder, technical mentor and friend Bruce Keir passed away. He died peacefully with his family at his side.

Bruce had been ill for some time, suffering from a form of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Bruce was born in Singapore on 12 January 1961 to parents Jill and Jock. He is survived by his brother and sister Bill and Jane and his twin children Elly and Archie.

Bruce’s father was a leading BBC radio engineer and growing up on the BBC World News relay station in Malaya afforded Bruce the opportunity (and discarded components) to pursue his passion for electronics from an early age.

Bruce’s early interest in audio and guitar electronics was inspired by his love of rock music and his older brother Bill’s successful rock band, Wolf. He gained his early valve experience working on Bill’s old Marshalls.
Bruce’s formal electronics education took place at Salford University where he would supplement his grant income back home in Cumbria, fixing local bands equipment and designing electronics for handmade bass legends Overwater. He also set up his own company, Excel Electronics Ltd from the loft of his parents’ home in Cumbria.
After graduation, Bruce moved to Milton Keynes commencing work with Marshall Amplification. He started his career as a Design Engineer before progressing to Chief Engineer and then Design Director, working directly with Jim Marshall for several years. During the 80s and 90s he was responsible for many of Marshall’s technological breakthroughs and leading products.

It was at Marshall during the late 90s, that Bruce met Ian Robinson, Paul Hayhoe and Richard Frost (the Four Bald Men) with whom he would eventually form Blackstar Amplification in 2007.

Bruce had an encyclopaedic knowledge of all aspects of electronics that cut across the traditional boundaries of solid state, valve and digital technology. He advocated a “proper engineering approach” that contrasted with the “guruism” that is often prevalent in guitar amp design – Blackstar adhere to these values today.

Bruce was extremely generous with sharing his knowledge and has mentored many up-and-coming electronics engineers including Blackstar M.D, Ian Robinson and Technical Director, Laurent Veignal.

Bruce designed all the original Blackstar products including Artisan, Series One and HT Pedals with me in Ian’s garden shed in Northampton. Bruce was the technical driving force behind all these designs which led to three patents. He also designed the original digital algorithms that became ID:Series and is the foundation of our digital strength today.

Under Bruce’s guidance Blackstar has established a world leading guitar technology R&D facility which invests constantly in researching guitar technology and driving forward innovation.

As well as business partner and mentor, Bruce was also a very close friend and played bass in a band with the founding Blackstar team (including Marketing Director Joel Richardson) for years.

Over the years, Bruce has been an inspiration to many, many people and those who met him will remember the warmth, humour and gravitas of a truly unique individual. Blackstar will make sure his legacy is remembered, protected and strengthened.

Bruce’s family and Blackstar have requested no flowers, but have set up a Just Giving page for donations to the Alzheimer’s society.

Please donate through this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/brucekeir

You can leave your tributes, stories and experiences of your time spent with Bruce here: https://www.mykeeper.com/profile/BruceKeir/

Orange Amplification extends its Crush amps series with the launch of the Super Crush 100 head and combo, taking the now classic Crush Pro and moving it a big step further toward a more valve-like tone. The completely new design is more than just an upgrade. It delivers all the immediacy, definition and character expected from any of Orange’s top-of-the-range valve amps. See Ty Tabor (Kings X) talking about the Super Crush 100 here

The Super Crush 100 effectively mimics the huge, rich and responsive tone of the Orange flagship Rockerverb amps. It uses the same 100 Watt Class A/B power amp as the Pedal Baby and combined with the 2-channel JFET preamp design, it provides masses of authority and musicality which will have guitarists swearing there are valves inside! An on-board digital 24 bit reverb module provides a lush, spring reverb ambience and the fully-buffered, ultra-transparent, series FX Loop takes care of all effects needs.

Two completely independent, all-analogue preamp channels give instant access to a whole spectrum of warm, valve-like tones. From high-headroom clean to high-gain metal, every sound ever needed is dialled in with ease, thanks to a versatile circuit and intuitive simple control layout. The Dirty Channel boasts four cascading stages of proper Orange gain and the Clean Channel is a bright, vintage-flavoured, two-stage design with plenty of headroom, keeping clean tones shimmering and clear at any level.

The Super Crush 100 features a balanced XLR output with Orange’s CabSim speaker emulation technology

giving instant access to great D.I. guitar tone, straight into the P.A. or recording interface. The additional rear Cab Back switch offers the choice of an open or closed back sounding cab. The compact 1×12 combo boasts a Celestion G12H-150 speaker giving it a hard-hitting, classically British voice.Ty Tabor (Kings X) commented on the Super Crush 100 “This Is the very best transistor amp made… period. It’s my No 1. Amp for live and in the studio”.

We are excited to announce the addition of Finn Wolfhard & The Aubreys to the Orange roster! The duo recently recorded their first full length album which is due out later this year, with Finn recording his guitar parts on our Rocker 32.

“My first amp as a kid was an Orange Crush and I loved it. When we recorded our LP, I used Cadien Lake James’ Orange Rocker 32 and fell in love with it.” – Finn

We’ve been given a sneaky listen of the album, and you’re in for a wonderful treat of modern meets nostalgia. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Orange Jams is a series of live sessions hosted by Orange & Jam in the Van which features artists from across the globe. This session sees Kamggarn live at The Park Studios in London.

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Orange Jams is a series of live sessions hosted by Orange & Jam in the Van which features artists from across the globe. This session sees Doyle Dykes live from his home studio.

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Orange Jams is a series of live sessions hosted by Orange & Jam in the Van which features artists from across the globe. This session sees Jon Snodgrass & His Buddies live at Jam in the Van’s HQ in L.A.

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