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Orange Spotlight: The Lunar Effect

Orange Spotlight: The Lunar Effect

Who are The Lunar Effect?

The Lunar Effect was started by brothers Jon (guitar) and Daniel (drums) Jefford. They were then joined by bassist Brett Halsey and singer Josh Neuwford. After releasing an EP in 2016 the band went into the studio and recorded their first full length album ‘Calm Before The Calm’ in 2018 which was met with critical acclaim. An enforced Covid Hiatus and then later serious health issues with two members of the band derailed their touring plans, resulting in them needing to lay low until making an appearance at Desertfest London in 2021 before heading back into the studio to record their second album in late 2022. Just before the release of this album in 2024 they decided to thicken up their already huge sound by recruiting long term friend and collaborator Mark fuller on 2nd guitar.

What inspires The Lunar Effect?

Our favourite bands are mostly made up classics like David Bowie, T.Rex, Soundgarden, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Aside from that, it’s our overall love of writing and performing which inspires us and keeps us going. Can genuinely see us doing this when we’re all grey and old. We also like the current bands Graveyard, The Heavy Eyes and Turtle Skull.

What Orange gear is important to The Lunar Effect?

Currently we are using a TH30 guitar head and AD200 Bass head. We recently also used a Little Bass Thing and a Rocker 15 Head.

Future Orange amps?

We would love to try using a Thunderverb 200 and Rockerverb 50

What does Orange mean to you?

Orange is a brand that you instantly recognise. Whether you are in the front row at a gig or right at the back of the room propped up against the bar, they’re impossible not to notice. You just know an Orange amp when you hear one, let alone see one. Apart from the sound, the fact the gear is made from quality parts and is incredibly hardwearing and roadworthy. That’s a huge plus-point.

What’s the most memorable The Lunar Effect moment?

We’ve had a lot of memorable moments over the years but we’ll never forget our very first gig. It was on a Tuesday night in a pub in Leytonstone, playing to just the bar staff and one punter. He was absolutely spangled and, inexplicably, had a blow-up guitar with him. Throughout our whole set this bloke was dancing like it was going out of fashion whilst headbanging and strumming away on his blow-up fender. It was all for him.

What’s on the horizon for The Lunar Effect?

Well, we’ve released “Pulling Daisies” and “Flowers For Teeth”, our first new releases in five years and first singles from our new album “Sounds of Green & Blue” (out everywhere, available to order via Svart Records now!). We have a huge album launch show at The Black Heart in Camden on 26th April. After that, as well as the usual London shows we’ll be hitting the road going up and down the country, including a couple of overseas shows in the pipeline which we can’t wait for.

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