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The Orange Box: Road-tripping to Joshua Tree with Robin Finck of Nine Inch Nails

Can you name a band or artist that inspired you to get into music in the first place?
Robin: I started rolling around in tin foil and tennis rackets in 1976. Shin guards. Fangs. Whatever it took. That Kiss thing gripped me good from five. I was done for. Eventually at six or seven I opened up to ‘regular groups’ from my Dad’s collection, like Yes and Steely Dan. Blue Cheer. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. But it was the bald guy with the push broom mustache and cigarette breaks at a family wedding that made it all real. Jewel light. Dangerous electric buzz. The pushing and pulling of strings. So that’s what that is. Tuning. Never heard of it. The existence of the celluloid tortoise shell ‘pick’. Felt like I had put a little piece of the spaceship in my pocket when no one was looking. I sat cross legged in front of him all afternoon into evening. He probably thought I was adorbs. I was not. I was flipping the fuck out. 

Can you share a recent musical discovery with us?
Robin: Intergalactic dream journey escape genius. Lisa Bella Donna.

What can you tell us about your playlist?
Robin: I keep a playlist of Sabbath inspired desert dirge doom core close. With outliers. Global and of the ages. I love every track. Thanks be to them. This all hangs out the window to and from Joshua Tree, California. I can get there, and back, in about 50 songs. It’s also what I reach for when I want to stop thinking and just play and play loud. And yes it roars on the Orange Box. Best of its kind!

  1. Anthony Blancas
    Anthony Blancas says:

    It’s cool that musicians share theirs play list, you can try to figure out the essence of the music by their influences