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Doyle Dykes and the Crush Acoustic 30

If you’re not familiar with Doyle Dykes then you’re missing out on one of the top fingerpickers that’s ever lived. He’s a highly revered guitarist who has found praise from the likes of Chet Atkins and Steve Wariner. If you’re new to Doyle, start on the “Lessons” page of his website, and prepare to cry […]


#WishGranted – More Than A Contest

Six years ago, on Christmas Eve eve, I was sitting in traffic on the way home from work when an idea popped into my head. I wanted to make a contest. But not just any contest. I wanted to make the entry process simple and I wanted to make the reward huge. So I opened […]


The Orange Amps Forum (is coming to an end)

The Orange Forum is finally closing its doors. It had a great run, more than 15 years actually. We’re locking the forum and will leave it online indefinitely as a knowledge source/brain dump. Here’s a message from forum moderator, Billy Claire: “This is the last topic on the Orange forum. For the last few months […]



Throughout 2019 Music for All has continued to promote the positive effects of making music through national campaigns such as Learn to Play Day and Make Music Day as well as its grant giving programme, available to those individuals and communities for whom music making would not be possible without our support. Our aim is […]


An Interview with Spanish Love Songs

Back at Fest last year, we caught a Spanish Love Songs set that blew us away. The Los Angeles band’s style of heartfelt punk rock played to a crowd that seemed to feel every word was so convincing, in fact, that we spoke to them about an Orange endorsement that same night. Cut to six […]


Orange Amps and How They Were Used on Specific Metal Albums

It’s #VoiceOfMetal month and we’re focusing attention on our hard rocking, dope-smoking dooming, metal shredding artist Ambassadors. Here are a few of the metal albums we know for a fact were dripping in Orange tone, some with quotes from the artists themselves about how they used their amps. Monolord – “No Comfort” (2019) “For bass, […]

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Orange Innovations: The Good And The Bad

Everybody makes mistakes. For years that was the Orange motto (not really). We’ve been known for building some of the most innovative products in the whole of the music industry. But like everyone else, we’ve experienced a few missteps along the way. We nailed the Tiny Terror. We totally screwed up Orange Airlines (lots of […]