Every month we reward one lucky winner with a prize. This month’s winner receives a Terror Stamp. All you have to do is post your Orange rig to any qualifying social media using the hashtag #OrangeRigOfTheMonth. Please note we are not accepting entries via email.

What’s your name, age, occupation?
Douglas Irvin, 57, Singer/Songwriter/Guitars

How’d you first hear about Orange?
A couple years ago, I attended a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp performance and noticed the tone of the Orange amps. I preferred the Orange Amp sound compared the other amps being used.

What gear is in this rig?
Crush Pro CR60C 60W Guitar Combo Amp (for acoustic clean tone)
Pedal Baby 100 Power amp, PPC112 60W 1×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet (for my
assorted pedals)

What do you use your rig for?
Live performance and recording.

How often do you update the rig?
I often update my effect pedals based on the gig.

What guitar do you use? Why?
2017 Ernie Ball St. Vincent, because it is lightweight and sounds good clean or through an overdrive/fuzz pedal. I use a Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster for an acoustic and it is extremely versatile.

When was the first time you saw an Orange amp?
The Black Sabbath video for their song Paranoid.

If you could own any piece of gear, old or new, what would it be and why?
I would like to own a vintage 1960’s telecaster with a Bigsby vibrato. I think it is one of the most piercing and full sounds from a guitarist when used on a lead for a song.

Who is your guitar hero?
Jimmy Page

Can you share any links where people can go to hear how this sounds?