Job Summary:
We are looking for a Customer Service Representative that will be the liaison between
our company and its current and potential customers and end users. The successful
candidate will be able to effectively recommend products, troubleshoot products and
applications, solve complaints and inquiries while keeping customer satisfaction at the
core of every decision and behavior. The target is to ensure excellent customer service
standards, respond efficiently to customer inquiries and maintain high customer
The position is Monday – Friday 9:00 AM -5:00 PM. No weekends or major holidays. We
offer several benefits including vacation/sick time, employer paid health, dental, and
vision. All job references will be verified prior to employment offer. Company is located
in Norcross, GA by Jimmy Carter and 85. Local applicants only please.
• Manage inbound and outbound calls in a timely manner
• Identify customers’ needs, clarify information, research every issue and provide
solutions and/or alternatives
• Build sustainable relationships and engage customers by going the extra mile
• Order and data entry with 100% accuracy
• Respond to customer email inquiries in a thorough and professional manner
• Special projects as assigned by the department manager
• Coordinate with various departments within the company to ensure customer requests
are handled appropriately and in a timely fashion
• Take on any other responsibilities and tasks as assigned
• Excellent customer service skills
• Customer focus and adaptability to different personality types
• Strong phone and verbal communication skills along with active listening
• Basic computer skills including web browsing, typing and data entry, word processing,
Microsoft word, excel, google documents etc.
• Ability to work effectively on a team
• Willingness to learn on the job
• Ability to multi-task, set priorities and manage time effectively
• Previous experience in a customer support role
Technical knowledge of electric guitar amplifiers strongly preferred.
High school diploma or GED. Associate degree or higher is preferred.
Please contact and send resumes to [email protected]

Orange Amps in Norcross, GA is looking for a capable Warehouse Associate to support our
company’s warehouse operations. You will receive, input, sort, load and unload products
and will perform various warehouse activities.

·         Process, package and ship orders accurately
·         Organize stocks and maintain inventory
·         Inspect products for defects and damages
·         Examine ingoing and outgoing shipments
·         Organize warehouse space
·         Receive, unload and place incoming inventory items appropriately
·         Check, verify and fill customer invoices
·         Abide by all company safety and hygiene regulations
·         Contribute ideas on ways to improve or optimize warehousing procedures
·         Keep warehouse clean and organized daily

Nice To Have:
·         Proven warehouse experience
·         Ability to operate or learn forklift, hand truck, pallet jack and other equipment
·         Adequate knowledge of warehouse data system
·         Team player with organizational skills
·         Ability to lift or move heavy products
·         High school diploma

·         Full-time position, 9am-5pm Mon-Fri
·         Paid time-off and holidays
·         Health insurance, dental and vision
·         Retirement plan
·         Ability to lift or move heavy products

Please contact and send resumes to [email protected]

Orange Amplification is proud to announce the launch of the Limited Edition Marcus King MK Ultra signature amp. Created in conjunction with the guitar phenomenon and Grammy Award nominated singer, songwriter, this is the first Orange Amp to be collectively designed and built with Orange USA.

GRAMMY® Award-nominated artist, performer, and songwriter Marcus King was downright destined to play music. Logging thousands of miles on the road as “The Marcus King Band, he established himself with unparalleled performance prowess and a dynamic live show. During 2020, he cut his solo debut El Dorado, garnering a GRAMMY® Award nomination in the category of “Best Americana Album. King has used Orange amps for years and working together with Orange has created a signature amp with the sound to achieve his dream.

Representing the perfect marriage of classic vintage American and British tonal sensibilities, the Marcus King MK Ultra is a completely unique design which offers a new approach to the definitive Orange sound. The tonal subtlety of the new amp offers plenty of expressive rock crunch and powerful, sumptuous soul sounds.

The 30 watt all-valve MK Ultra is the first Orange Amp to be collectively designed and built with Orange USA. The carefully tuned circuitry of the new amp responds amazingly to different volume and tone settings on a guitar and works with pedals to shape rather than sit on top of the tone. It uses the highest quality components including custom Heyboer transformers and a pair of 12AX7 preamp valves which drive into a power amp section made of a duo of cathode based 6L6GC power valves. This first for Orange brings out all the harmonics and touch sensitivity King demands.

The range of this simple three knob design has to be heard to be believed. Increase the urgent, responsive VOLUME control for more saturation with the 6L6’s starting to break up giving an almost spongy attack. Dial in the SING (treble) control to form atmosphere with precise variations to tone brightness and add ‘thickness’ by increasing the DEEP (Bass) control.

For me to have a signature amp with Orange is just like a childhood dream that’s come true. It’s a uniquely crafted American amplifier by a British company for a uniquely crafted American Man,’ Marcus King. He is expected to announce new music soon and has a full worldwide tour schedule this year, see the latest show dates at

Available now, find out more about Orange Amplification Marcus King MK Ultra signature amp go to

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Over 10 years ago, my Dad (Orange’s Founder and CEO) introduced me to Martin Celmins. Martin, had written the biography of Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green and in doing so was very familiar with very early Orange Amplifiers. Peter was one of our very first endorers who helped launch the company into fame using very early Orange Amplifiers such as the OR200 (aka the Orange Matamp). Over the next few years, we shifted through boxes and boxes of old photos, negatives that had never seen the light of day for decades and started work on what is now known as The Book of Orange. Doing this we found images of my Cliff’s CTI Pixy MK V – a headphone amplifier he designed before he founded Orange in September 1968. Each image had a story behind it and working closely with Dad and Martin, brought me closer and closer to understanding the amount of work, love and dedication had been put into the company far before I was born.

Early iterations of the book was worked on by Richard Crediton-Hughes at Orange, who passed on his content and photos which helped with the creation. However, all said and done, it took around 3 years to complete the book. We launched the book in 2010 and it’s been out of print for a while now which promted us to upload the entire book to our website while adding a timeline feature to make it easy to browse and discover more. Recently having the entire website and the book translated into Spanish for a wider audience to read about our company history.

While working on the book, I did dream of being able to meet some of the original staff at the company in the 1970s that I had only learned about while working on the book. Mick Dines joined Orange in 1968 and is still close friend of my Dad and still works with him to this day. Mick was able to reach out to John James, the man who designed the early Orange Amplifiers including the ‘Pics Only’ amplifier – that amp defined our Orange tone. John agreed to visit us at our office in Borehamwood, England and Mick reached out to and Martin came back to host the interviews! Mick was still in contact with Colin Norfield who ran Orange Hire and he agreed to visit us for a talk about Orange in the 70s. We finally managed to finally convince Mick to appear on camera to talk about how he worked with Cliff on the Orange Cabinet and design – with the distinctive picture frame and tough speaker grill which we still use today.

We’ll continue filming new content about the history of the company and add them to our YouTube channel and this website when oppertunities arise but I wanted to take this moment to invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel (here) and our Newsletter so you can see these videos as and when we launch them. I look forward to reading your comments and I hope you find them interesting and a pleasure to watch!

Orange Interviews – Our Teaser Trailer

Hello !!

I’m Danny Gómez, I work at Orange Amplifiers as a Sales, Marketing and Artist Relations consultant, and I want to invite you to discover Orange in Spanish!!

We want to be in communication with our Spanish-speaking audience, so we have created new exclusive social networks in Spanish on FB, IG, YT and, of course, we have also translated our website!

(Click on the flag at the top of the page you are visiting to see the translated content)

Forget self-translated websites, with neutral and unattractive Spanish. We have manually translated and revised each page, respecting the magic of the original posts and keeping all the information so that you can, for the first time in your language and with a fidelity that you will not find in any other brand.

I have also personally translated the Orange Book and you have at your disposal all its legendary information in Spanish.

Also, join me every Sunday at 03:30 pm Madrid time to learn all the news and answer your questions live on Instagram!!

Never a legendary brand accompanied its audience at a native level of Spanish, from person to person and with all the magic of more than 50 years of history.

This is a full time position, we would consider either a Job Share or Part Time application. Working from 108 Ripon Way, Borehamwood, WD6 2JA.

Key duties:
– Fault finding and repair to component level on both Valve and transistor Amplifiers.
– Managing the returns process from start to finish.
– Ensuring stock levels in the workshop are managed efficiently.
– Ensuring loan stock is maintained and ready to go when required.
– Assist the product team with Q.C. and product testing.
– Assist the admin team with technical enquiries.
– Any other duties as requested by your line manager.

Essential requirements:
– Electronics fault finding and repair knowledge.
– Electrical safety knowledge – working with dangerous voltages.
– Experience in a similar role.
– Guitar or Bass player

Preferred but non-essential requirements:
– Educated to degree level.
– Brand awareness.
– Knowledge of MI.
– SMD Rework experience.

Personal Qualities:
– Exemplary interpersonal and communication skills
– Excellent team and relationship-building abilities, with both internal and external parties
– Ability to work well under pressure, multitask, and maintain keen attention to detail
– Natural tendency to be positive, creative, and curious 
– Team player who enjoys collaborating with others
– Genuine empathy toward customers and commitment to diving into the weeds on their

The UK has lost one of its most talented musicians. John, famous for his worldwide hit “Music (was my first love and it will be my last)” died peacefully in his sleep with his family at his bedside. John played alongside a plethora of artists from Tina Turner, Jimmy Page, Joe Cocker to Andrea Bocelli amongst many others. As Johns manager and friend for over 50 years, John was not only so kind and gentle but a brilliant musician and songwriter on the world stage.

John leaves behind his wife Eileen married 50 years, two children and two grandchildren. Grief is the price we pay for love. He will be greatly missed, but his music will live on forever.

Cliff Cooper
John Miles’ Manager, Orange Records

In September 2014 Orange added the LEARN button to its website. It provided guided lessons to anyone who wanted to play guitar AND get an official government qualification. We wanted to increase the chances of customers keeping up their love of playing guitar by helping them get measured results and get paid in a job environment from their new quals.

The course was split into 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. After a year we had a few thousand guitarists logging into the website Learn area a month. Since Cliff founded Orange in the 60s, he’s always wanted to try different things but he was mainly spurred by the love of music and knowing he’s making a positive impact and so was very happy with what we had created.

In the following years, the amount of students subscribing to the course kept increasing. The course was updated and split into smaller and more manageable segments of lessons and we made it easy to run on any mobile device and not just desktop computers. All this was done with resources, we had it linked to our main website here at

Recently, the UK has changed how tax works with European online learning services such as Orange Learn. This means we no longer can maintain Orange Learn on while running a merchandise store at the same time. So to resolve this, we have cloned our website over to Students can continue their studies while giving Orange Learn the ability to expand beyond what our website infrastructure at was limited to.

On paper, is a different company but the same team who managed are behind it and they’re excited to continue Orange Learn. We cloned our website over to where you’ll find your progress, user, purchased lessons and courses as you left it – although if you progressed in the past week, you might find our copy a bit behind so you will have to cheat and skip a few lessons to get back to where you were.

We are also launching a more bite sized course with the same qualifications as the last one was pretty massive!

When you’re ready to resume your lessons, head over to Email us at [email protected] for any issues you find.

Here’s how the website looked back in 2014 when we first launched Orange Learn.

Ever since he founded Orange back in 1968, Cliff Cooper has always believed that no other company could have cared more than us about innovation in guitar valve amplifier design and sound technology. However, it’s not just about design, it’s about how the sound is perceived – something that Cliff has always thought of as ‘the sound of the sound‘… it’s about the physical pleasure that the sound of an amp gives a guitarist as he plays. That is what really matters.

I’ll share some of my favourite ‘Orange Sound‘ devices that I use in my studio, live shows, demos, etc.

For example, let’s talk about the Kongpressor pedal, an analogue Class A compression pedal with an organic three dimensional quality.

Credit: Musicradar

Kongpressor’s effect is transparent at lower compression levels, but somehow fattening, adding mojo and a glossy sheen to your core tone that you’ll truly miss when it’s bypassed. Even at extreme settings, the tone always remains musical with great feel under the fingers. Outstanding for crystal clean country pickin’, but maintaining the bottom end that seems to get lost in many compression pedals, behaving impeccably with overdrive pedals or the lead channel of your amplifier, adding fullness and sustain.

Oooooooor, what about the PPC212, a closed-back 2×12″ featuring two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, the PPC212 is in essence our classic 4×12 slashed in half, ideal for players looking for the the fattest possible tone when a 4×12″ would be too large.

Finished in our legendary 1968 livery, basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth, signature ‘picture frame’ edging and 18mm Birch ply construction… what a cab !! As Devon Allman described it “This ain’t your Daddy’s blues. It’s the next generation. It gets airborne. It’s fueled by Orange.”

I’ll keep picking favourites and bringing them to you, to maybe give you a new idea for your rig, an obscure gadget you should discover or the next classic to be Orange product.

“… we can always learn new skills and improve, we will also continue with our search for perfection.” – Cliff Cooper