Every month we reward one lucky winner with a free pair of O-Edition Headphones. All you have to do is post your Orange rig to any qualifying social media using the hashtag #OrangeRigOfTheMonth. Please note we are not accepting entries via email.

What’s your name, age, occupation?
Robbie Bergeron, 33, Acoustic Engineer

How’d you first hear about Orange?
Through friends in high school

What do you use your rig for?
Recording, playing out, jamming and writing at home

How much did this rig set you back?
Over $10k

How often do you update the rig?
Always adding

What gear is in this rig?
1972 OR120, Rockerverb 100 MKIII, Matamp GT120MV, 3x 2018-2019 PPC412s, 1975 4×12, various pedals from EQD, Fuzzrocious, Death by Audio, Frost Giant, BAT, Boss, and Line6

What guitar do you use? Why?
Gibson Les Pauls and Dunable

Any purchases your regret in this rig setup and why?
All regrets have been sold haha

Every month we reward one lucky winner with a free pair of O-Edition Headphones. All you have to do is post your Orange rig to any qualifying social media OR email your submission to info@omec.com. Make sure you tag #OrangeRigOfTheMonth in your post!

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What’s your name, age, occupation?
Daniel Eades, 40, Gas Fitter

How’d you first hear about Orange?
Oasis, late 90s

What do you use your rig for?
Recording, gigging and practicing

How much did this rig set you back?

How often do you update the rig?
Guitars often but amps not so much.

What gear is in this rig?
Orange Thunderverb 200w blood orange and a Dark Terror

What guitar do you use? Why?
Gibson ES 335 for loudness, fender jazz bass for comfortable neck, Gibson Firebird because it looks cool.

Any purchases your regret in this rig setup and why?

Can you share any links where people can go to hear how this sounds?
iTunes, YouTube and YouTube

Hi there, Teleport lovers, Danny Gomez here.

Are you staying at home? Well done, let´s turn this home time into something creative that you can take with you on the road when all this ends. Do you want to record at home? This is the way to do it: You’ll need a Teleport (a perfect interface because it’s easy to use and lets you take it on the road and on your pedalboard), a power supply, your laptop or mobile device, and some software and Apps suggestions… Let’s start!

When I developed the OMEC Teleport my ultimate goal was to integrate classic amps and all new technologies easily on my rig, and be able to record, practice at home, use it at studio, for the road and take it to the stage if required, so that´s what I´ll show you

Being able to integrate my laptop and even my mobile devices was simply the next big thing to happen and to use studio grade plugins in conjunction with tube amps, live or recording, with my soon-to-be the OMEC Teleport was a reality for the first time. I connected the audio interface to the Effects Loop´s send and return and the USB cable to my laptop. Done. Now I had the most powerful effect pedal ever with all the possibilities that only a computer can deliver and my studio grade plugins sounding trough my guitar rig.

We are talking about real amps and studio grade level plugins, to me the perfect combination, not just for modulation, you can load IRs and record silently with your amp´s preamp, get polyphonic MIDI with no MIDI pickup, or even load virtual preamps and use them with your amp´s poweramp and speakers… the sky was the limit.

Something like the OMEC Teleport was the most convenient “gate” to the digital domain and back, opening the door for tone “teleportation” (thanks John Denzil Dines for the Teleport´s name), small footprint, super powerful, tone transparent, loaded with a buffer and the right impedance (to transfer all your interpretation playing nuances) and with a footswitch to activate (or not) the tone teleportation services.

To instal the OMEC Teleport is very simple and almost plug and play on every situation (for example in iOS devices is auto assignable), on your Mac it´s just to go system preferences an select it (and check your DAW preferences and settings too just in case), PC requires ASIO4ALL like 99,99% of audio interfaces to improve your machine response and on Android devices it´s just a matter of your operative system (on every upgrade some components tend to be required to adjust but basically it’s just to grant the Teleport USB access).

… let´s check some of my very favourite software/Apps to use:

As a long time Eventide user and artist, using both of their software and contemporary stompboxes (like the H9), I always dreamed to have the same power that I have in my studio machines on my iPhone and being capable of editing my presets at the studio and bring them all, same look, same parameters, on my pocket too. That way I could use my laptop and my phone to get the same super pro results every time and with a class compilant audio interface like the Teleport I could jump from one platform to another smoothly and with no extra software required.

If we are talking about virtual amps Amplitube was the original (and the first to go mobile), with top signature collections (Brian May, Joe Satriani, Dimebag Darrell, etc) and licensed content by some of the biggest names about amps, effects, synths and studio grade plugins (check our Amplitube Orange bundle here). No company has this catalog and sonical possibilities and, again, allowed me to bring the road to the studio and the studio to the road flawlessly, with my Teleport loaded mini pedalboard plus laptop or iOS device.

JamOrigin MIDI Guitar started the polyphonic MIDI with no MIDI pickup revolution time ago but the Teleport brought it to pedalboards and studios worldwide, where a tiny interface and powerful software/App could be required to bring amazingly tracked MIDI info from your regular instrument and cable (or wireless pack), plug and play, five minutes and your enjoying MIDI playing your instrument (if you, like me, are a terrible keyboard player you´ll appreciate this)

Two Notes Audio introduced their Wall Of Sound suite and became the standard in terms of impulse response technology, allowing players to place virtual cabinets in different spaces and move the microphone(s) all around in real time, no need to mess with different files with static mics. moving them quarter of an inch, being unable to distinguish the subtle differences from on to another. Check our virtual Orange cabinets here.

Apple´s Logic Pro is my personal favourite DAW to go, easy, Apple native, superbly integrated into my work flow, but if if you´re into something little less PRO I´d say, go for the equally Apple native Garage Band can do the job seamlessly and, even better, you can take it with you on your iPad or iPhone and import/export the sessions to work remotely and capture ideas on the fly for your final session.

If you´re looking for contemporary guitar tones, with amp and effects not based in classic models but just trying to bring some inspiration to the equation, Neural DSP has an immaculate collection of Archetypes (Plini, Nolly, Abasi) that can bring countless hours of joy to the most exigent musicians. Lush tones for state of the art good looking software that can deliver exactly what you expect from such a players, contemporary tone.

Again, some benefits about a super powerful audio interface on your pedalboard is that after all, this you can bring your whole “studio” with you on the road, you can capture the inspiration anywhere and finish it later in your studio, or add the little details to your superb studio productions on the road… and play live with it all, bringing new sounds and possibilities to your performances on tour.

… with the OMEC Teleport and this vast line of software and Apps you are ready to conquer the studio, the road, the stage and everything in between.

It’s an incredibly simple concept with revolutionary results: go where we’re needed most. Since 1968, Doctors Without Borders (aka MSF/Médecins Sans Frontières) has been tackling one medical crises after another, always remaining impartial and neutral in their treatment methods. The international charitable organization has a rich history of providing medical professions, training, and supplies to war-torn areas and peoples across the globe.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the work performed by Doctors Without Borders is saving countless lives. The organization has been caring for patients, offering health education and mental health support, and providing training for vital infection control measures in health facilities around the world. This pandemic threatens the lives of people around the world, and presents even greater risks in countries with weak or fragile health systems.

Orange Amplifiers is proud to support the mission of Doctors Without Borders. We encourage you, the customer, our extended family, to do the same for this Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization. Donate now to help them respond to the coronavirus pandemic and other emergencies around the world.

If you’re outside the USA, consider donating to the local version of their charity here: https://www.msf.org/donate

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Orange Amps Launch Instagram Programme #OrangeHangs 

Meet The Orange Team With A Series Of Instagram Live Sessions.
Orange Amplification hopes that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.
Orange is offering a ray of sunshine with the #OrangeHangs programme of live Instagram sessions. Simply visit the Orange Amps ‘Watch Live’ Instagram for regular bright spells of positivity, help, advice and general rambles from a wide range of the company’s dedicated experts and ambassadors.
Every Tuesday and Friday at 2:00pm EST (6:00pm GMT) join Orange’s Global Artist Relations Manager, Alex Auxier, in Artists Relations Corner. He will be providing insights into endorsements, general Orange information and remote interviewing artists and industry guests. The hangs will also include live Q & A sessions.
Artist Relations and Technical Genius collide as Alex host’s a live stream with Jon Bailey, Orange’s USA Senior Amp Technician on Wednesdays at 2:30pm EST (6:30pm GMT). Drinks at the Genius Pub sees Jon’s unmatched breadth of knowledge ideally placed to take questions about anything related to musical gear, old and new.
Ella Stormark, from Orange Artist Relations, will Ramble On every Sunday at 12:20pm EST (4:20pm GMT). She will be talking records, music, working for Orange, endorsements and loads of other interesting odds ’n’ ends.
Plug in Baby, hosted by Danny Gomez, Orange Marketing & Artist Relations Consultant and OMEC Designer, will be broadcast across the week, Monday to Friday at 12:00pm EST (4:00pm GMT). He will be discussing contemporary guitar rigs, Orange new products and the groundbreaking OMEC Teleport technology, as well chatting about his life on the road as a session musician.
Other sessions in the pipeline, days and times to be announced soon, are the Wizard of Denmark Street where viewers can meet Orange’s Technical Director, the legendary Adrian Emsley. He will be talking about gear, product design and the world of R & D.

Cliff Cooper, founder and CEO of Orange Amplification, will feature in The World of Music. Send in questions to our website and he will be delighted to answer them. Plus Ken Rose, Orange Ambassador and guitarist with the band Hero Jr., will be playing in Quarantine Hero (Jr) where he will jam in both solo and band settings, take questions and talk about his love of all things Orange.
Stay connected and have something different to look forward to each day with Orange. No matter how far apart you are, with Orange, no one is alone. Visit https://orangeamps.com/blog-article/ to check the full weekly timetable of sessions.

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We’re giving the opportunity for all Orange fans to put their questions to Orange Founder and CEO Cliff Cooper.

For more than 50 Years Cliff has been an important figure in the Music and Entertainment Industry. From recording to publishing – artist management to equipment hire, Cliff has always sought to bring an innovative approach to everything he’s done and in the process has become friends with some of the biggest names in the industry.

If you have a question for Cliff about Orange, his five decades in the music industry, or frankly anything about this business, this is your chance to ask someone who really has seen and done it all.

To submit a question, all we need you to do is complete the form below and Cliff will try to answer as many of your questions as he can. We’ll broadcast his answers on our Instagram page

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If you’re not familiar with Doyle Dykes then you’re missing out on one of the top fingerpickers that’s ever lived. He’s a highly revered guitarist who has found praise from the likes of Chet Atkins and Steve Wariner. If you’re new to Doyle, start on the “Lessons” page of his website, and prepare to cry yourself to sleep tonight when you realize how much of a disappointment you, and everyone you know, is on guitar.

We caught up with Doyle at NAMM 2020 when he came by to introduce himself and inform us he was using our Crush Acoustic 30 for all of his live gigs. We were stoked so we threw him straight into the demo room to play some licks. He gave us a nice little interview about the Acoustic 30 and then went on to perform a medley of tunes that we’re pretty sure he was improvising on the spot. The guy’s a monster. Check it out!

Doyle discusses why he plays the Crush Acoustic 30
Long play-through with the Crush Acoustic 30

The latest line up for Desertfest has just been announced and Orange is proud to once again be the backline supplier.

Grab your tickets for what is always an awesome event:

Facebook: @DesertfestLondon

Instagram: @desertfest_london

Twitter: @DesertFest

#df2020 #desertfestlondon

Website – http://www.desertfest.co.uk

Ticket link – https://link.dice.fm/desertfest20

The scale of the Australian bush fires is truly unprecedented.

Unless you’ve been on holiday on Mars for the last couple of months, the news that Australia is suffering from the largest scale bush fires on record will be something you’re only too aware of.

It’s very hard to grasp exactly how big a problem this actually is, particularly in countries like the UK where wildfires aren’t something that affects us, so a bit of research and the following details begin to emerge:

As of 7th January, 25.5 million acres or 10.5 million hectares of land has been affected by the fires. That’s 32,000 square miles. For those of us in the UK, that’s an area that runs from Portsmouth in the South, as far North as Coventry and from Bath in the West all the way across to London in the East. Another way of putting it, is the whole of Belgium – burned and still ablaze with little end in sight. To try to visualise the fire-front itself is to imagine a picture of Hell… Imagine an unbroken line of fire, stretching from The East Coast of the USA to the West Coast, then back again, then heading back yet again, to the West Coast and getting at least as far as Indiana. That’s the fire-front in a single state alone! More than 1,000 homes have been destroyed, 24 people have lost their lives and estimates are that somewhere between 500 million and 1 billion animals have been burned to death a figure that beggars belief.

We at Orange would like to ask a favour of you guys – Please share the following links with as many people as you can. You don’t have to share our posts, take any mention of us out if you prefer – this isn’t a PR exercise as this message is too important. If you’re able to donate a small amount to one of these charities that’s wonderful but that’s your business. This is just our way of helping ensure that any donations you do make actually go to where they will make a difference. There are many other organisations out there and all are just as worthy but here’s some selected by us:

The NSW Rural Fire Service
These guys are volunteers! Donations made to the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS), or your local Rural Fire Brigade, directly benefit volunteer firefighters and are always gratefully received. These proceeds directly assist brigades in conducting their community activities.

The Salvation Army Australia
Feeding and supporting the firefighters and evacuees is a major military exercise but fortunately, there is an army ready and willing to help. The Salvos are right there at the front line.

The Australian Red Cross
Supporting thousands of people in evacuation centres and recovery hubs across Australia.

WIRES Australia
WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation. WIRES has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for over 30 years and WIRES mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same.

Six years ago, on Christmas Eve eve, I was sitting in traffic on the way home from work when an idea popped into my head. I wanted to make a contest. But not just any contest. I wanted to make the entry process simple and I wanted to make the reward huge. So I opened the Facebook mobile app and I wrote a post on the Orange page. It read:

“Wish Granted: Just tell us which Orange product you want and on Christmas day we’ll announce the winners.”

By the time I got home the post had 2,000 like and nearly as many comments. I knew I was onto something.

We had thousands of entries in year one. We had tens of thousands by year two. Each year we kept giving away more and more products. Those first few years I would personally sit at the computer on Christmas Day scrolling through the entries and hand-picking winners. It was tedious and it was time-consuming. But the joy it created made it worth the trouble. (Luckily our very tech-savvy marketing director has made the selection process much easier)

Around year three it was clear that Wish Granted had become part of our annual marketing repertoire. That’s when we began involving Cliff Cooper to help push the promotion via his heartwarming Christmas videos. That’s also when Cliff decided it was time to really expand Wish Granted to even more countries and even bigger prize packages. Now we find ourselves in the sixth year of Wish Granted and we just finished giving away more than $40,000 in Orange products to more than 15 countries after receiving upwards of 95,000 unique entries! See the full recap here.

What really warms my heart about Wish Granted is the feedback we receive from our fans. Here’s a smattering of extremely positive reviews from some of this year’s winners:

“I am 42 years old, last time I won a lottery was when I was about 10 y.o. – it was a small prize, less than a dollar. I am new to the Orange fans army but I do appreciate what this company does for the music-addicted society, I have never seen this before from other brands. It is so impressive that even if I would not win, my respect to Orange would have increased significantly just because of this unbelievable initiative.”

“I’ve always been a fan of Orange Amplifiers but being on disability have unfortunately never had the funds to purchase one. I’ve entered the giveaway every year you’ve run it on the off chance of being one of the luckiest individuals to walk the face of this Earth, never dreaming in a million years I’d win. That said, I cant thank you enough for the opportunity or the ear buds. You’ve definitely made my holiday season that much more enjoyable and with a bit of citrus.”

“Unbelievable! I have several Orange products and now they have my loyalty for life! I have had a really bad few weeks this is definitely the light at the end of the tunnel, cannot wait to play it! From my old trusty Crush Bass 25 now to a Terror Bass Amp!!! Thank you for making my Christmas!!!”

“3 years ago, my band was robbed and a lot of our equipment got lost, including my trustworthy Terror Bass. So winning one this time makes me feel double as happy as anyone else! Feels like the universe is returning something that always belonged to you. Thank you, Orange! You are and always will be the best amps in the world!”

“I am passionate about music and guitars in particular, I play it for more than 40 years. My son shares this passion and has been taking guitar lessons for 2 years. For Christmas I will offer him an electro-acoustic guitar. Your gift could not be better for this Christmas and will perfectly complement its equipment. I sincerely want to thank you and I wish you a very happy holiday season and a merry Christmas!”

It’s knowing that we helped make the holidays better for thankful guitarists that makes all of this effort worth it. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting Orange and may 2020 be your best year yet!

Alex Auxier, Artist Relations Manager and USA Marketing Manager