O Edition Headphones

Our flagship headphones with our custom Voice of the World™ speaker drivers. Delivering a natural EQ presenting every detail the producer intended. Supports Google Assistant/Siri.


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Soft padding with adjustable height speakers. The light design means you’ll forget your wearing headphones for long sessions in the studio or even those long-haul flights home.

Spares included

Headphones from any brand break. Like literally for no reason and it’s always the cable that fails. So we’ve made the cable detachable and supplied 3 cables with standard mini jack connectors (includes in-line mic). Every company should do this… this needs to catch on.

As the producer intended

We were never fans of the exaggerated and muddy bass found on many consumer headphones so we used studio monitors as our reference point to give an even tone allowing you to hear music as the producer intended.

“Not only sound good, but comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.” Gold Award Winner

Gearslutz.comRead the full review

“In terms of comfort, style and quality of sound, these are serious contenders.”

Songwriting Magazine4/5Read the full review

Orange has completely dominated the headphones game with the O Edition headphones.

EverythingRecording.comRead Review

This is with distance the very best set of headphones I have ever come across for customer purpose.

Lords of Metal EzineRead Review

Represent a great value for money.

LJPUK.comRead Review

If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable closed back studio headphones with nice stereo separation that are black and orange and under $200 the new Orange O Headphones are worth checking out.

Ask AudioRead Review

They are perfect for rock music as they provide great balance for bass and treble while accentuating even the smallest details of analogue recordings, something that other headphones often lack.

Anna Dumpe - AD/DJView Instagram

The O Edition headphones amplify what you want to hear, with all the style Orange is known for.

Miss Alex White - MusicianHer bands website
Driver Size:40MM
Sensitivity:116DB (1KHZ 0.5VRMS)
Impedance: 32 OHMS
Frequency Response:20HZ – 20KHZ
Weight:218G (0.48LB)

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6 reviews for Orange O Edition Headphones

  1. Thomas Kissinger

    Smokin Bass Response

  2. Ross Dickson

    best bass on any headphones ive ever had sound quality utter class

  3. Aaron T. Miller

    Great product! Any idea where the serial number is, though?

    • Charlie

      There’s no serial on these products – if you have issues, do message the retail or us direct if you’re still having issues.

    • Charlie

      There’s no serial on these products – if you have issues, do message the retailer or us direct if you’re still having issues.

  4. Gueeg’s

    I just bought a reconditioned Orange headphone, the fact is that 2 jacks (3,5mm) are missing, so do you sale jack with microphone per unity ?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Charlie

      No, however we used standard/common connectors in the design. Search around for a 3.5mm Audio Cable with in-line Microphone and that should do the trick.

  5. Nielsen

    Probably the best Headphones I had the pleasure to work with. For studio production (from recording to mastering) as well as for simple music listening, it’s comfortable, neutral (doesn’t sounds coloured so you hear the sounds how it actually sounds) and with sufficient noise isolation. Best of all it’s really affordable. I recommend it for home studios, music producers and even DJs, it sounds great on pretty any kinds of music from Hard Rock to EDM! This product is really versatile and robust, I’m really happy with it, a must-have studio piece and rock-solid product. Thank you Orange for providing such quality tools to musician, best value for money and always with the rock’n’roll attitude ♫

  6. Penny

    Fantastic set of headphones. <3

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