Orange #WishGranted Giveaway 2020

  • Our giveaway is now closed. This year Orange gave away over $30,000 / £22,000 worth of gear and on top of that, we'll be paying all delivery costs (including customs). Thanks to everyone who entered! We really hope we helped make what was a terrible 2020 a bit better for everyone. Be awesome to each other and spread some joy to those that need it most in 2021. Merry Christmas! - Orange Amps


Micro Terror/Dark/Terror Stamp Power Supply

Replacement power supply for Micro Terror, Micro Dark and Terror Stamp amplifiers. 15 Volts DC, 2.1mm centre positive (+) connection.


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Just Sold Out. Expect to come in 4-6 days.

Genuine Orange Part

Don’t take risks with your equipment. Orange replacement parts prevent any compatibility issues.

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