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Crest Edition Mk II Headphones

We listened to your feedback and made our most comfortable and versatile headphones yet. Features include up to 40 hours running time, foldable design, on-headphone audio control, and a discrete, built-in microphone for video/phone calls, along with support for Google Assistant and Apple Siri.


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30 reviews for Crest Edition MKII

  1. Tom M (verified owner)

    Had my pair a few days now and am totally blown away at how great they are. Been recording in the studio, had a jog, answered a few calls and chill out in the evening.

    An amazing set of headphones which will undoubtedly rival those that cost double and triple the price.

    Five stars.

  2. Danny Rowe

    Love it all!

  3. Craig Jewkes (verified owner)

    A great set of headphones. Presentation is great and sound is on point, would definitely recommend

  4. Neil Turner (verified owner)

    Firstly the service, I ordered them on Thursday afternoon, they arrived on Saturday morning! Wow! On opening everything from the packaging to the case and the actual headphones felt reassuringly quality! After charging I started to test them with various bands from my collection. From melodic stuff like Smashing Pumpkins, busy bands like Deftones, bass heavy bands like Kyuss and Monolord and heavy bands like Slayer and Municipal Waste! Great performance on all levels! The symbols don’t turn into a mass of white noise, the bass is just right and the mid range doesn’t get lost on really heavy tracks! I’m going to enjoy these! Wouldn’t expect any less from Orange though

  5. Lewis Williams (verified owner)

    Amazing set of headphones. The clarity in the music is superb. I have heard such subtle parts of songs I have never even noticed before. Have been great for every genre I have listened to so far.

    Having owned various brands over the years. Sony, Marshall, Senheiser, Skullcandy. These are easily the best best pair I have ever owned. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better pair under the £100 mark for sure.

    I would 100% reccomend these!

  6. Keff (verified owner)

    I have/had a pair of Marshall Reference Headphones at the same price point. I just got these new Orange headphones today and after 1 song (Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here) I have given my Marshall’s to another member in my family. I almost felt my finger sliding against guitar strings, that how clear they are. The orange headphones are clearer, brighter, and deliver more detail. For around $120 these are amazing.

  7. Craig J (verified owner)

    These headphones are so good. Quality is second to none and battery life is great

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    Had mine for a week now and absolutely love them. Delivered super quick.
    The quality of the sound is brilliant, the build quality feels great, love the cable option for when battery is low. (but battery life is great too).
    For the price you pay, I cant recommend these enough!

  9. Alexander Weiß (verified owner)

    TL/DR: Amazing sound quality for listening and semi professional mixing; Sturdy and comfortable; Sweet design and easy to use; my new everyday headphones. Do yourself a favor and buy them.

    Got time?: Okay so first of I want to say that I never spent more than 200 bucks on headphones. Until recently I have been mostly using AKG and Sennheiser Headphones, both for amateur homerecording and listening to music on the go. When my last pair of headphones died, I saw that the Orange headphones had just been released, and I gotta say I was instantly appealed by the design of them, and given that I love the sound of orange tube amps I decided to jump into cold water and try them out.
    I ordered mine on the 25th of May and they arrived 9 days later, but I live in germany and with a global pandemic happening right now I was impressed they arrived so quickly. So here’s my impressions so far:
    Packaging: The headphones come in a sturdy box with a nice softshell case to protect them and fold them intoo when you’re travelling. So no matter how rough your postage service might be, these headphones wont’t have a dent when they arrive.

    Fabrication/quality: I honnestly love the materials on these. They are a little bit heavier then you might expect from the pictures, but for me that’s a good thing, though I probably wouldn’t use them for intense workouts or jogs, but hey, it might work for you.
    The earshells are softer then anything I have had in the past, and even with my ears a little bit to big fo snuggly fit under shells completely (and I wear earrings too, even after 2 hours of wearing them it never felt uncomfortable for me. Headband and folding mechanism also made a good impression, don’t expect there to be a problem in the future. Also i personally love the design.

    Sound: The first song I was listening to on these was a piece by TheDearHunter with multilayered instrument sections that I have been listening to for years now, but oh boy what did I miss. Even with songs I knew and loved for years, these headphones gave me such a crystal clear mix that I could hear little parts and nuances I never knew were there before. I have been experimenting with different genres and production styles on these and I honestly haven’t found their limit. Everything seems to sound exactly like the artist and the producer wanted it to listen. If you’re on the quest for muddy mids, screeching highs and migraine inducing bass, move along sir. Because for roughly 100 bucks i have yet to find a sound quality that comes close.

    Handling and Touchpad: The touchpad was a bit new for me, but it’s quite intuitive and easy to learn I’d say, right now I catch myself still fumbling awkwardly to adjust volume or skip songs, but I’m sure I’ll have it figured out soon, also, you can still of course just go through your music on your device. Pairing these with a phone is fast and easy. The built inn microphone also allows for wuick phonecalls or just talking with your google assistant or siri, haven’t tried that yet though.

    Battery: By now I can’t really say anything about the battery, I’ve used them for like 6 hours now and yet there’s no sign of them getting connection problems or anything similar, also the wrapped aux cable that comes with them is a nice feature that I definitely considered while buying these, I don’t wanna strand on a 8hour train ride with my headphones running empty and not having an emergency solution for it.

    Summary: So far I feel like i really treated myself with these babies. I honestly didnt expect that much quality for that price, my only hope is that if they eventually die in a few years I will have the chance to purchase them again.

  10. Neil Waters (verified owner)

    Arrived today, was a little unsure if these were a cheap licensed product, but they are far from it.

    Impeccably well presented when you open the box, tried them after charging and the sound quality is fantastic. The 27 hour battery life was a big selling point for me and they are comfortable enough to wear all day.

    Very happy with my pair

  11. Mat Harris (verified owner)

    Great headphones! Amazing sound and the high quality you expect from Orange.

  12. Rob Stringhaus (verified owner)

    I’ve had these for little under a month now. Bought them as a replacement to a broken pair of AKG headphones and figured the bonus of them being wireless would mean no cables getting in the way when recording guitar. For the first couple of weeks I only listened to music on my phone/laptop and was impressed with the clarity and comfort. They were a little bassier than wanted as with them being primarily used for studio work I wanted a flat EQ, but for listening to music they sounded great. Given that I already have several pairs of good headphones for listening to music it was overdue that I tried them out in the studio.

    I’m using a 2018 Macbook Pro with Logic and connected the headphones via Bluetooth. The latency was next level! Sounded like I was playing through a delay pedal with the mix on full. As a result these headphones are worthless in the studio, at least via Bluetooth. I’ve yet to try with them wired as I didn’t bring the cable with me, but again I bought them over another pair of AKGs for the fact they wireless and solely for studio use.

  13. Richard Dawson (verified owner)

    Amazingly versatile headphones with awesome sound and a great look that’s in keeping with the excellent orange style.

    Customer service was above and beyond anything I can remember receiving recently, huge thanks to Andy for hooking me up and sorting me out.

  14. Lawrence Doerer (verified owner)

    Way better than I expected and very comfortable over the ears, especially if you wear glasses. The sound is superb and on par with higher costing headphones (wired even). The speakers are great to rock out to without little to no distortion at hard volume. And to top it off, these are sexy as hell. I’ve recommended them to a few friends and those who bought them agree that these are the bee’s knees.

  15. Ryan Heckart (verified owner)

    Good headphones, sound wise. The touch controls are very finicky and frustrating to use. Additionally they constantly trigger the voice assistant Siri without me touching anything, and I cannot figure out why.
    Ultimately, good headphones but the control suite is very difficult and frustrating to use.

  16. Darren (verified owner)

    Wow. Amazing sound… Had bought them to use while at work in a quiet design studio. Quite a bit of sound leak which may annoy my colleagues.

  17. Louis

    Fast shipping despite the Covid-19 situation in the UK, the headphones look amazing and its use is intuitive. Incredible product from an incredible brand !

  18. Ethan Fedder (verified owner)

    Amazing sound quality! These are some of the best head phones I’ve ever had from the sound quality to the actual quality of the product. Very happy with my purchase!

  19. Chuck (verified owner)

    These are awesome, sound is sharp, clear and not distorted, Bass is crisp and there is no loss of middle. As the headphones they are nice and light and have a good build quality. I got these to replace my Marshall headphones, and glad I did.

    One thing I would like is a noise cancelling feature, but with these headphones there is not a lot of ingress of outside sound even with glasses on!

    Would happily recommend.

  20. richard parry (verified owner)

    Really great headphones. They’re incredibly comfortable, and so easy to pair with all the devices I’ve used so far. They’re great value for money compared to similar items on the market.

  21. christopher p schelle (verified owner)

    These sound incredible. Crystal clear! Such a big sound. Eq is just right. Great for picking out bass lines!

  22. Jason Voisine (verified owner)

    These sound SO rich. Definitely a wise investment. Noise-cancelling is not missed or needed with these cans – they deliver warm loud & full-spectrum sound for all styles of music. And they are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Orange always delivers, & this is the best investment I have made in a long time.

  23. Brendan Boivin (verified owner)

    Gave these 4 stars shortly after getting them because the bass wasn’t very strong and the sound was not very dynamic between the two headphones. After owning them for a month, I see that they take some time to break in but once they do they are an excellent pair of headphones. You would have to go at least $200 higher to find comparable sound quality in other brands. Consider me very impressed.

  24. Ethan Fedder (verified owner)

    Welp. After about 6 months I go to grab my trusty headphones and extend the arms out and the prong broke where hinge is holding it to the headband. Definitely a sad day since these where my favorite pair of headphones I’ve ever had.

  25. James Salter (verified owner)

    I ordered these to replace a pair of ATH-S220BT which I loved but broke due to headband construction. I figured that I’d go up a level and as an Orange Amp owner, I figured that these would be a nice accompaniment and I was really excited to receive them. I really like the overall look, construction and the controllability. However, it seems that higher register sounds seem to distort slightly, which I found somewhat disappointing. The lower and mid ranges are very clear and dynamic though. Not too sure if I received a defective pair or not due to other comments on overall clarity of sound in other reviews. Considering that I live in the US, I’m hesitant to send them back for inspection or replacement due to cost of shipping.

  26. John Alexander (verified owner)

    I’ve had mine a little over a year. The sound is great, and the battery life is amazing. After daily use, the hinge on the right ear cup snapped, rendering them pretty much unusable. They were good while they lasted.

  27. Joan Hammond (verified owner)

    I wanted an excellent pair of headphones to replace my 10-year old Bose and given Orange’s reputation in the field of sound gear I guessed there’d be no way Orange would put their name to an inferior product. I wasn’t disappointed. As someone who enjoys mainly classical music, any headphones had to be perfect across a range of sounds and frequencies. Again, impressed totally. Bottom line: Why lavish £100’s on headphones with a name when Orange produce a product which, in my opinion are every bit as perfect as the big names. Worth every bit of the £95.

  28. Edith Frausto

    Hi I’m looking to see the price on it and where can I order it?

  29. Amanda

    If you’re looking for some stylish, comfortable and great sounding headphones then these should be high on your list.

    First of all, the headphones are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. You have a soft band where the headphones make contact with the top of your head and thick, cushioned ear covers too. The headphones are very light and flexible, so after a few moments wearing them you quickly forget you have them on. I found that the materials were all cool and airy – so I didn’t get hot whilst wearing them even for multiple hours during a commute or work.

    The design is subtle, but stylish. The headphones are primarily black, but they have orange accents and a large ‘Orange’ logo on the side. They have seamless curves and an almost retro feel to them. I really like how they fold up to fit into the included carry box; that’s a nice touch. It makes storing and travelling with them very easy. The included carry box offers a good amount of protection and I feel comfortable putting it into a suitcase, etc.

    Battery life is great at up to 40 hours. I’ve been using these for a good few hours a day for a few weeks now and not had to charge them in that time. That said, when you do need to charge them, it is very simple: you just plug in a USB C cable and it’s done within a couple of hours.

    Moving on to the all important sound, and I have to say that I’m impressed with these. Sub-£100 headphones can be hit-or-miss and these are a hit in my book. Although you don’t get ANC, because they are over the ear headphones, you get a very immersive listening experience. All levels are nice and distinguishable and bass is powerful, but not overwhelming. They have a nice clarity to them and a versatile profile that means whether listening to music, movies, games, podcasts, etc – everything sounds good.

    Controls are simple. There’s a touchpad on the side of the headphones that mean you have taps and gestures to control skipping, pausing, answering calls and so on. You have built-in voice assistant control if you would like to set that up too.

    Overall, I’m really happy with these. They are a great pair of headphones that work for pretty much any situation I need them.

  30. Snorre Selmer (verified owner)

    Excelent headphones! I use these every day at work, for both Teams meetings and music. Great response, great sound, controls take a bit to get used to but work great as well. Orange has really delivered here!

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