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Dual Discrete Op-Amp

Audiophile dual discrete op-amp in a DIP8 package. Compatible with a huge number of high-end audio appliances.

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The Dual Discrete Op-Amp is specially designed for audio and is among the most musical sounding dual discrete op-amps out there. It is available in DIP8 format and can be used in any CD player, DAC or preamplifier that currently uses DIP8-based IC dual op-amp types.

The overall soundstage and transient detail will be greatly improved when used in pretty much all audio equipment that it can physically be fitted to. It has a very low-noise JFET front end so it can be used with input impedances above 1 Mega-ohm if needed. It can replace the following, provided the equipment it’s being used in has 22mm of height clearance and 5mm side clearance (per side).

  • OPA2604
  • OPA2134
  • TL072
  • NE5532
  • LM4562
  • OP275
  • OP285

Please check that the appliance’s power supply can supply the extra current needed, especially if replacing more than one existing IC op-amp with our op-amp. As with all discrete types, this op-amp draws more current than most IC types. Please refer to the spec sheet for details.

The Orange Dual Discrete Op-Amp is unity gain stable. When using it in new designs where gain (inverting or non inverting) is being added, a feedback loop bypass capacitor of 15pf is all that’s needed to completely stabilise it. The spec-sheet shows a max +/- rail voltage of 18 volts.

All tests up until now have been conducted with this voltage along with +/-15 volts. As soon as we have test results using it on rails of +/-24 volts, we will add it to the spec sheet.

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‘I wanted to design something purely for audio. Many Op-Amps perform well on paper but the trouble is, the human ear does not hear quite the same way as test equipment. To me, this Op-Amp sounds more musical, more natural, with the transient sound feeling more real and less synthetic.’

Maximum Ratings & Supply VoltageMinimum: +/- 4.5V | Typical: +/-15V | Maximum: +/-18V
Operating Ambient Temperature-25 to 50 Degrees C
Storage Temperate Range-60 Degrees to 80 Degrees C
Quiescent Current (+/- 15V) 18mA
Input Offset Voltage (+/- 15V) 0.2mV
Input Offset Current (mA)Minimum: 0.05mA | Typical: 0.1mA | Maximum: 0.15mA
Input Bias Current (uA)Minimum:110uA | Typical: 190uA | Maximum: 300uA
Open Loop Gain (dB)112dB
Open Loop Bandwidth (RL=600 Ohms)48Khz
Gain Bandwidth Product (@ 100kHz) 50MHz
Slew Rate (f = 10KHz; RS = 2K)Minimum:38V/uS| Typical: 52V/uS | Maximum: 55V/uS
Input Resistance (K Ohm)50M Ohms
Crosstalk Distortion (f = 1KHz; RS = 600 Ohms)>90dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (% 1KHz @ 2V Output RL=600 Ohms)0.002%
Output Impedance (AV = 30dB Closed Loop f = 10KHz, RL = 600 Ohms)0.3 Ohms