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Dual Discrete op-amp

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The Dual Discrete op-amp is specially designed for audio and is among the most musical sounding dual discrete op-amps out there. It is available in DIP 8 format and can be used in any CD player, DAC, or preamplifier that currently runs DIP 8 based IC dual op-amp types.

The overall soundstage and transient detail will be greatly improved when used in pretty much all audio equipment that it can physically be fitted to. It has a very low noise Jfet front end so it can run with input impedances above 1M Ohms if needed. It can replace the following, provided the equipment it’s being used in has 22mm of height clearance and 5mm side clearance (per side).

  • OPA2604
  • OPA2134
  • TL072
  • NE5532
  • LM4562
  • OP275
  • OP285

Please check that the PSU can supply the extra current needed, especially if replacing more than one existing IC op-amp with our op-amp as with all discrete types, they do draw more current. Please refer to the spec sheet for details.

The Orange Dual Discrete Op-Amp is unity gain stable. When using it in new designs where gain (inverting or non inverting) is being added, a feedback loop bypass capacitor of 15pf is all that’s needed to completely stabilise it. The spec-sheet shows a max +/- rail voltage of 18 volts.

All tests up until now have been conducted with this voltage along with +/-15 volts. As soon as we have test results using it on rails of +/-24 volts, we will add it to the spec sheet.

‘I wanted to design something purely for audio. Many Op-Amps perform well on paper but the trouble is, the human ear does not hear quite the same way as test equipment. To me, this Op-Amp sounds more musical, more natural, with the transient sound feeling more real and less synthetic.’

Ade EmsleyTechnical DirectorWatch the interview
Maximum Ratings & Supply VoltageMinimum: +/- 4.5V | Typical: +/-15V | Maximum: +/-18V
Operating Ambient Temperature-25 to 50 Degrees C
Storage Temperate Range-60 Degrees to 80 Degrees C
Quiescent Current (+/- 15V) 18mA
Input Offset Voltage (+/- 15V) 0.2mV
Input Offset Current (mA)Minimum: 0.05mA | Typical: 0.1mA | Maximum: 0.15mA
Input Bias Current (uA)Minimum:110uA | Typical: 190uA | Maximum: 300uA
Open Loop Gain (dB)112dB
Open Loop Bandwidth (RL=600 Ohms)48Khz
Gain Bandwidth Product (@ 100kHz) 50MHz
Slew Rate (f = 10KHz; RS = 2K)Minimum:38V/uS| Typical: 52V/uS | Maximum: 55V/uS
Input Resistance (K Ohm)50M Ohms
Crosstalk Distortion (f = 1KHz; RS = 600 Ohms)>90dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (% 1KHz @ 2V Output RL=600 Ohms)0.002%
Output Impedance (AV = 30dB Closed Loop f = 10KHz, RL = 600 Ohms)0.3 Ohms