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Orange Clean Tones: The Crisp, the Clean and the Creamy

Compromise. It involves making a decision that you didn’t really want to take, but it seems like there is no other choice. So you take the best available option. Compromising on amplifier design is something we don’t do very well with at Orange. That’s why all our amps are analogue, no digital or modeling. It […]

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Orange helps raise money for non-profit Home Safe

February 2nd’s “The Classic Rock and Roll Party Benefit Concert” was a great success. The event raised nearly $400,000 for Home Safe, a nationally accredited non-profit organization protecting Palm Beach County’s and South Florida’s most vulnerable residents – victims of child abuse and domestic violence. The event’s silent auction included a Crush 20RT Combo, which auctioned […]

Tremolo and Vibrato Demystified

Think about the amazing tools we have in our tonal arsenal today. Overdrive, reverb, modulation, and specifically tremolo. Each device adds to the line array of weaponry all delivered through amplifier or pedal. Never have there been so many options available. Of all these different tonal effects accessible to the modern player, non-is so interesting […]


Analog Ambassadors

Some guitarists are purists. Like Orange, they refuse to ever “go digital.” We like those guitarists. They are our bread and butter. We share with them an affinity for analogue tone. Digital hardware, be damned. Why won’t they make the switch? After all, digital promises fewer repair headaches and a plethora of tonal options. The […]


Quiz: Can You Spot The Fake VT1000 Quotes?

The Orange VT1000 is the world’s first fully automatic, portable, digital valve tester. That’s rad because valve testers used to look like this: It takes the VT1000 about 2 minutes to test a preamp or power valve and get a rating of good, worn, or fail. You can also use the 1 through 10 rating […]


How To Void Your Warranty: Series 1 Recap + Series 2 Coming Soon!

With season 2 of Orange’s original series “How to Void Your Warranty” almost upon us, let’s take a moment to reflect on the shenanigans of season 1 (“Hey, Farva!”). Season 1 revolves around “Rob” (from our service department) demonstrating unique, and sometimes not-so-obvious, ways to destroy your Orange product, thereby voiding your warranty. I personally […]