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Favorite Albums of All Time: Orange Employee List

Especially in the music industry, a list of every employee’s favorite album can tell you a lot about a company. Will you think we’re all a bunch of lame-o’s? Will you read this list and think to yourself “wow, those Orange folks are pretty dang cool?” I have a feeling you’re going to be fairly surprised by some of these picks. I encourage you to try this with your own company. There’s a lot to be learned about your co-workers and it’s a great tool for being overly judgmental and critically discriminatory! – Alex (AR Manager)

Alex Auxier (Artist Relations Manager) – Archers of Loaf “Icky Mettle”

Jane Whiteford (Financial Controller) – The Beatles “1967-1970 (The Blue Album)”

James Garza (National Sales Manager, USA) – The Church “Starfish”

Danny Gomez (Consultant/OMEC Product Manager) – Queen “A Night At The Opera”

Charlie Cooper (Marketing Director) – Radiohead “The Bends”

Derron Nuhfer (Operations Manager, USA) – The Who “Live at Leeds”

Madelin Pupillo (Accounting Manager, USA) – Sade “Lovers Live”

Toshi Matsumura (Asian Business Development Manager) – The Beatles “White Album”

Mick Dines (Old 70’s Git/Long time Employee) – Yes “Close to the Edge”

Tres Morgan (Warehouse Team Lead, USA) – NOFX “The Decline”

Nicholas Taft (Logistics Specialist, USA) – Elliot Smith “Figure 8”

Gary (Asian Sales Manager) – Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast”

Ella Stormark (Artist Relations/Content Strategist, UK) – Wishbone Ash “Wishbone Ash”

Zak Ford (Sales Manager, UK) – The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”

James Deacon (Sales Director) – Stevie Wonder “Talking Book”

John Denzil Dines (Product Demonstrator) – Dire Straits “Brothers In Arms”

Andy Cooper (Consumer Division) – Iron Maiden “Live After Death”

Harry Plant (Graphic Designer) – High Contrast “Confidential”

Kaelin Tauxe (Logistics, USA) – Warren Zevon “Excitable Boy”

  1. RobMc
    RobMc says:

    Soopercool and great idea!

    I’d have trouble choosing a single fave from this list. (:

    Well done, y’all,