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Doyle Dykes and the Crush Acoustic 30

If you’re not familiar with Doyle Dykes then you’re missing out on one of the top fingerpickers that’s ever lived. He’s a highly revered guitarist who has found praise from the likes of Chet Atkins and Steve Wariner. If you’re new to Doyle, start on the “Lessons” page of his website, and prepare to cry yourself to sleep tonight when you realize how much of a disappointment you, and everyone you know, is on guitar.

We caught up with Doyle at NAMM 2020 when he came by to introduce himself and inform us he was using our Crush Acoustic 30 for all of his live gigs. We were stoked so we threw him straight into the demo room to play some licks. He gave us a nice little interview about the Acoustic 30 and then went on to perform a medley of tunes that we’re pretty sure he was improvising on the spot. The guy’s a monster. Check it out!
Doyle discusses why he plays the Crush Acoustic 30
Long play-through with the Crush Acoustic 30