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Tremlord 30

The TremLord 30 is our very British take on a 1950s-style guitar amplifier. With valve Tremolo, valve Reverb and a quartet of EL84s pushing 30 Watts, it’s every retro sound you need in a compact 1×12 package. The beautifully simple, non-master volume design is straight out of the golden age of Rock ‘n’ Roll but 15W, 2W and 1W settings allow that coveted “sweet spot” to be enjoyed at more civilised volumes. Two independent, footswitchable Tremolo Speed controls, footswitchable Reverb and a valve-driven FX Loop also help bring this old-time tone machine firmly into the present day.


All-valve bias modulation Tremolo brings a palette of sounds rarely heard in the modern age – but highly sought after. This era-defining, authentic effect comes with two independent speed controls that can be selected with an external footswitch, also giving you the option to defeat the Tremolo entirely (footswitch sold separately).

Output Power Switching

There’s nothing quite like a non-master volume amp being cranked into classic power amp overdrive, but this can get way too loud for some modern stages. By switching from four to two EL84 valves (using the switch on the rear panel), and by using the Headroom/Bedroom modes, the Tremlord 30 can also run at 15W, 2W or 1W. This allows access to all shades of vintage overdrive at any level you need. Much more practical in today’s live and studio settings.

Two Spring Reverb Tank

The on-board valve-driven Reverb offers masses of depth with all the splashy, crashy character you’d expect from a vintage amp. Using a two-spring long tank, a single ECC81/12AT7 valve and our own custom transformer, this circuit is our richest sounding spring reverb design to date. Add a footswitch for switching the reverb on or off remotely.

Valve Buffered Effects Loop

A post-tremolo FX loop allows players to use proper, built-in bias modulation tremolo anywhere in a modern FX chain. Driven by an ECC81/12AT7 valve, the fully buffered, low impedance design allows the Tremlord 30 to slot right into even the most extravagant pedal setups.

It’s kinda like the amp Orange never made in the first place. It’s a quite vintage flavoured amp with more perceived clean headroom than our other 30 watt amps.

The Tremlord is a cool little amp!

When I think of Orange I think of gain. This amp has turned that on its head, it’s crystal clear.

Features:30 Watt, 1X12 all valve combo amplifier
Built in valve tremolo with two footswitchable speeds
Two spring reverb tank (footswitchable, on/off)
Post-tremolo FX Loop
Italian-designed Lavoce 12” speaker
Headroom (30/15 Watts) or Bedroom (2 Watts/1 Watt) Switch
Speed (Tremolo)
Speed (Tremolo, only engaged with Footswitch)
Depth (Tremolo)
Output Power:30 Watts/15 Watts
2 Watts/1 Watts
Valves:Pre Amp – ECC81 (12AT7) x 2, ECC83 (12AX7) x 3,
Output – EL84 x 4
Speakers:1 X 12” Lavoce Speaker
Extension Cabinet Options:Yes, see user manual
Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D):
57cm x 46cm x 28.5cm (22.44″ x 18.11″ x 11.22″)
Unboxed Weight:
24.09kgs (53.11lbs)

Andy from Reverb runs through the TremLord 30.

I like the simplicity of the amp…cool tone.

Characterful cleans and inspiring reverb and tremolo for creative-minded players. 9/10 Editor’s Choice

The Orange TremLord 30 may have a very simple, classic-inspired design, but it’s hard to beat if you’re looking for an amp with highly distinctive tone unlike anything else on the market with full body, rich harmonics and expressive depth. Gold Award Winner