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Interview: Joe from Code Orange

Joe: I was 16, maybe 17, my old punk band was playing a show in this dude’s kitchen and the touring band let us use all of their backline, as we didn’t have any. I plugged into the Orange, I played bass and it was the loudest fuckin’ thing I had ever heard and it left a real big impression on me.

I think [it’s about] the quality mainly. I like the simplicity of it. Like I said I’m not the biggest tech guy, so I feel with most of the [Orange] amps they have really simple EQ settings and the straight forward balls-to-the-wall sound. It’s good for me and works really well for me and I’ve always felt it is a really dynamic and really ferocious sound.

Right now I’m playing the OB1-500, I was introduced to that by Sergio from Deftones when we toured with them. It was right before those amps were on the market and I was looking at his rig one day and he had six of them all stacked up. I was just asking him about them and he was schooling me on the new distortion technology and the A/B shit. I was like I guess I have to fuckin’ buy one now!

What I like about that amp is probably the sound is the most diverse out of the Orange stuff. It’s so clear, so when I do shit for our sound, like put loads of distortion over it, that signal is so clear. There is so much grit and bass underneath it, it doesn’t sound like a guitar, if you know what I mean. Not like a low tuned guitar, it sounds like distorted-ass bass! That’s what I really like about that and what compliments the Code Orange sound really well.

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