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Playlist: Father’s Day

When interviewing our artists and asking about early influences in music, there is one repeat offender: their dads. My case was no exception—I was brought up in a Motörhead / Ramones / Bad Religion / Deep Purple and-the-list-goes-on-and-on-and-on-forever household, all thanks to my dad. This alone is probably the reason I ended up where I am today. I dropped out of school, but my “home-schooling” in front of my dad’s sound system taught me all the knowledge I ever needed, and landed me this job. So, in honour of Father’s Day, and all the dads out there who nudged their kids in their musical direction, I asked my dad Frank: “If we were to go back in time and you had to re-start my musical upbringing, which songs would you play me?” The playlist below is the result. Enjoy!