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Your bass rig is ready, sir.

Back in the good ol’ days, it was a popular practice to send a bass guitar signal to a bass amp and a guitar amp at the same time – known as Bi-Amping. This allows the player to keep their low end deep, clean and defined whilst amplifying the mids and top end separately, adding distortion or crisp highs with total control.

This type of setup can produce some enormous tones but typically requires a huge and complicated rig, only possible if you’re Rock ‘n’ Roll royalty. But, if you have to get all this together by yourself? Forget it!

Enter The Bass Butler

Forget amp-in-a-box pedals, The Bass Butler is a whole van-load of gear in a box! Splitting your signal at the input, The Bass Butler features two completely separate, parallel, analogue signal chains, just like a real bi-amp rig. The difference is there’s not an amp in sight.

  1. Trey McGriff
    Trey McGriff says:

    Fantastic video for your new bass product! I would love to own The Bass Butler from ORANGE! Excellent tones and so compact! I need this for all my future recordings at Whiskey Child Records!

    Trey McGriff