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1970 – Eric Clapton and Orange Shop Lefty Strat

In the late afternoon of September 17th 1970, Eric Clapton was walking around London’s West End and dropped by the Orange Shop. That evening he was going to a Sly and The Family Stone concert at the Lyceum on the Strand, where he had arranged to meet up with Jimi Hendrix. The next day – September 18th – the music world was stunned by the news that Jimi Hendrix had been found dead in a West London basement flat.

Delaney Bramlett with Eric Clapton – ‘Delaney & Bonnie and Friends’ UK tour 1969

“The night that Jimi died, I was supposed to meet him at the Lyceum to see Sly Stone play. And I brought with me a left-handed Stratocaster. I’d just found it – I think I bought it at Orange Music. I’d never seen one before and I was going to give it to him. The next day – whack – he was gone and I was left with that left-handed Stratocaster.”  Extract from a 1970s television interview with Eric Clapton.

Jimi Hendrix’s last concert. Sept 6th 1970. Isle of Fehmarn, Germany

Lefty Strat

  1. Mike Buckman
    Mike Buckman says:

    Did this guitar end up being played by someone on a regular basis, or did Eric Clapton keep it as a memento?

  2. Phil Brown
    Phil Brown says:

    I know Of this story, Jimi’s murder always deeply disturbed me. Love Orange / always have, a few years back i Spent a few months attempting to get a return call from whomever was in charge of endorsement. Never happened, Affected me … and then … Bogner called and sent me a pieced

  3. Scotty
    Scotty says:

    Must have really ‘Bugged’ Eric enough to see Jimi playing a RH Strat played upside down, enough for him to go shopping and spend the what $350.00 for a Strat at the time.

  4. Raymond j Murray
    Raymond j Murray says:

    Does anyone know the colour of the Strat that Eric bought at the Orange music shop.I have a hunch that it may have come from Dundee.