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Orange celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018, our founder and CEO Cliff Cooper shares his thoughts on this milestone:

Few would have thought, including myself, that half a century ago, Orange would have risen to the dizzy heights it has in the global music arena today. From those very humble beginnings in 1968, my love of music and sound assisted me in my vision of producing amplifiers and speakers that were quality built, reliable and with a sound truly pleasing to the ear. This vision was then and always will be, my goal in life. Musicians are far more demanding these days and not satisfied with just singular loud distortion. Of course, the world today is much more interconnected than it was 50 years ago and we continually strive to service the need to produce the finest working tools for the apprentice through to the master musician.

Orange shop staff, 1970. From left: Robin, Cliff, Rocky, Ed, Veronica.

Orange has always been and always will be an innovative company, but if innovation means gimmicks without improving the quality of sound, then we will not incorporate them into our designs. Our team’s willingness to listen to feedback generated from our global dealer network is of great importance and benefit, allowing us to continually adapt to the needs of the musician.

I feel so proud of our achievements since we started in 1968 and I, with Orange, will always do our utmost to provide the very best tools to assist that wonderful desire to listen and appreciate music, with a sound that is as close to perfect as possible. Finally, on such a significant landmark as our 50th Anniversary, it would not be complete, without a full appreciation of the efforts of all those past and present, who have worked so hard and contributed so much to the success of Orange. To them and all our supporters, I truly thank you. As always, I wish you every good wish in your special world of music.

Cliff Cooper | Founder & CEO

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  1. Fernando Piedrahita
    Fernando Piedrahita says:

    Hi, I’m Fernando. In my country the Orange amps are very expensive, but with a big effort I’d buy an orange bass crush pix 25. From 2012 every day enjoy the best perfofmance and sound for my bassguitar. Thanks for make it possible. From Colombia.

  2. Andy Hughes
    Andy Hughes says:

    Congratulations on the 50th year of Orange Amplifiers. I have always loved Orange Amps. The way they stood out from the crowd both sonically and visually ( I know you produce them in black tolex too but I don’t get why anyone wouldn’t want the amazing vibrant colour of the original), always drew me to them. The first time I stood in front of an Orange head and 4×12 cab was in the 70’s. The way that set up moved the air around me still resonates in my soul. I don’t recall the model as it was on loan from a fellow (wealthier) muso but I knew right then that it would always be Orange for me. I currently have the amazing CR120pro for the heavy lifting , and the Crush 35rt for home studio work. The cab sim on that little fella is genius. And what a sound! I couldn’t part with either of those amps. Although I am mightily tempted by the mark iii Rockerverb.
    50years is an incredible achievement. You guys deserve it. Here’s to the next fifty years.

  3. Greg Moore
    Greg Moore says:

    Congrats on 50 Years! I have played professionally for many years and just recently discovered Orange amps, they are amazing! I’ve always played a variety ( Greg Moore Bio YouTube ) from Rock, Country and Christian. I had always thought Orange was a rocker only amp and it does have fantastic rock tones but is far more than that! I can use my Orange amps for all styles I end up playing and it sounds great!! I only wish I had discovered Orange sooner!
    My 112 50 watt Rockerverb is my new main amp to play out with, I also purchased a Rocker 32 for studio & church gigs as in the studio and church settings you can really hear the stereo sound better than loud bars and concert venues. Let’s not forget the Micro terror and 8″ cabinet I bought really for the look just to have in my studio but this thing rocks! Sounds great through the mini cab but unreal through my 412. Used it on a track mic’d with a ribbon mic with the 8″ cab !! and it’s one of the best tones I’ve recorded recently……..how is that possible, I own it and still can’t see how this micro rig sounds so good!!
    Orange has my vote as my favorite amp now, if you haven’t played an Orange you’re missing out! A great company with fantastic products………check them out if you haven’t already!

    Best Regards,
    Georgia, USA

  4. Robert H
    Robert H says:

    Happy Birthday!

    It’s always been Orange and Vox for me. Associations with Vox are easy. It would be great to see some archive photos of the famous and not so famous Orange groups, or stories from musicians

  5. cchighgain
    cchighgain says:

    Hey Cliff,
    I am also a big fan and supporter of your work and company!
    For you personally I wish health and happiness, you can be very proud of what you’ve achieved knowing that all around the world there are musicians making their personal musical and creative dreams come true thanks to your equipment!
    I think I speak for a lot of people here when I ask you to do everything possible for you to be sure that the next 50 years of Orange also will be dominated by quality and the search for perfection and not by economic interests.

  6. Kev Kilner
    Kev Kilner says:

    Congratulations on the 50th for one of the great musical icons. I started with an OR120 in the 80s (still have her – the date stamp on the chassis is 29 Aug 1979). This thing was so tough she fell, while running, at a gig and dropped around 5 feet to the stage floor without missing a beat!!
    Despite wandering off a true line for a while I have come back to Orange and THE best sounding bass amp I’ve ever had – the AD200B – she’s a monster and built every bit as solidly as the old OR120
    Incredible amps – incredible company. Long may you continue

  7. Gordon Burgess
    Gordon Burgess says:

    Congratulations. I have recently bought my first Orange equipment, Crush 35RT, and it is simply awesome. Like many who are like to leave comments, I’ve used many types of guitar amplification since the 70’s, and my only regret is that I did not use Orange earlier. Thank guys.

  8. Norm Dobbing
    Norm Dobbing says:

    Congrats on 50years, a great accomplishment by Orange, to be able to keep pumping out Great equipment over the years. I am very happy with my 35RT. Tried many amps but this one caught my attention. Thanks Guys.

  9. Steve Bello
    Steve Bello says:

    Congrats on 50 years, Cliff!! I am extremely proud and honoured to be playing such amazing amplifiers, and to be an endorser/ambassador on top of that was more icing on an already-sugary cake! Here’s to 50 more years of citrus power!!

  10. Paulo
    Paulo says:

    To celebrate Orange’s 50th anniversary, I’m getting the CR60C, it will be delivered to me next Friday. It’s my first Orange amp, I’m so excited!!!! 😈❤🍊

  11. James Guertin
    James Guertin says:

    Hey Mr. Cooper watched your Christmas video about 100 times noticed that you love dogs like I do happy 50th right now I’m saving up to buy an orange crush 35 I think that’s the name of it and have an idea for cabinet for you guys and it’s in prototype stages right now i’ll send you a couple pics to see what you think of the visual aspect of the cabinet and again happy 50th oh nice looking dog Mr. Cooper yours truly James Guertin sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada a.k.a. the black Calcutta of Canada Lol


    Cannot seem to find the Crush 35RT combo amp in New Zealand. The local musical instrument stores here don’t know why.


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