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The OMEC Teleport – Everything you always wanted to know

Hi everyone, and welcome to the OMEC Teleport files,

My name is Danny Gomez and I designed and developed the OMEC Teleport with the Orange Amplification team. Let me tell you a little about myself and the circumstances that “teleported” me to here and now…

As a touring musician, I needed something simple that allowed me to bring my studio software & apps with me on tour. Teleport_ing the studio to the road and the road to the studio with the first interface ready for your pedalboard. Record, play, practise or discover new virtual instruments. No boundaries, no limits, anywhere, anytime.

This compact and extremely powerful Teleport is a high-quality audio interface, a universal connection device (Mac, PC, iOS, Android) without any specific drivers or software requirements, with high-quality ADC/DAC converters, a USB B connector and housed in a small effect pedal enclosure. The plug and play stompbox design of the OMEC Teleport makes it easier than ever to combine digital software/app models with pedals and amps in your performance rig, as well as to record digital audio with no fuss.

With this versatility the Teleport can be used for a wide range of applications: musicians that want to play, record, mix or process their sound, with the autonomy provided by mobile devices…

… Teleport your tone !!

Learn more about the OMEC Teleport by clicking here.

  1. Jonathan Segel
    Jonathan Segel says:

    I really, really had hoped this would be exactly what I needed, but as it turns out there are many things that keep it from being perfect for me. Besides being a guitarist and violinist in studio and live settings, I do computer-assisted live performance of electronic music. I’ve always had to use larger interfaces, and the OMEC Transport’s size seemed great, and that you could have it on a pedalboard and use other pedals before or after it.
    However I ran into trouble almost immediately. First off, there’s no way to allow the signal to go directly through the unit when it is switched on. I would prefer being able to control whether or not the direct signal can go through it while it is *also* sending audio to the computer input.
    Second, numerous softwares won’t even interact with it (e.g. any Native Instruments software, such as Reaktor or Guitar Rig) because of the #numchannels discrepancy between input and output. They simply won’t allow audio devices that have a mismatched number of input and output channels.
    Third, the two output channels can’t be set up as stereo! I mean, what the heck? In this scenario I’d have to take a different output from the computer to send to the house system, which means making an aggregate audio device with, again, a mismatched number of audio streams.
    I’ve used it with Max/MSP and SuperCollider, but to less-than-stellar effect. It would be fine if I could simply send the audio signal in and then take my computer’s stereo outs to the system, but then I’d want it to have a direct through to my amplifier at the same time, and once the button is clicked, the signal disappears from the pedal chain.
    It would be nice to be able to do some programming for it to enable these functionalities via its USB….

    • Danny Gomez
      Danny Gomez says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Your Teleport unit works perfectly and none of the related issues are currently happening “on the unit”:

      1 – Everything you mention can be easily solved by software (the Teleport itself opens the door to the digital domain and back, everything else has to be software processed) Yeah, it has no monitor out or mix control (it´s tiny) but can bet set up in software.

      2 – Never experienced any problem with any software (after, like with any interface, check global and software preferences). Many audio interfaces (especially the instrument oriented ones) have one input and two outputs.

      3 – Of course you can use stereo outputs. It only depends on your software settings, the Teleport has two outputs and you can set them up however you want with your software preferences and panning. You can even have your direct signal left and synths right.

      4 – Yep, when using any audio interface outs your computer’s outs won’t be working. I’m not sure if there’s any audio interface that allows you to run your computer´s outs simultaneously…

      Hope it helps !!

      • jonathan segel
        jonathan segel says:

        recently got this thing out to use it with SuperCollider and tried again with Native Instruments software and still no go. There are no inputs seen in Reaktor 6 nor Guitar Rig 6. I think it’s because the USB codec is only one channel in. It sure would be nice if the unit had a switch on the front for direct through, but also for splitting the single channel input to two.

        • Danny Gomez
          Danny Gomez says:

          Hi Jonathan,

          Please contact us via the contact us page/support channel and we´ll gladly try to help you.