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Competition: WIN the Ultimate Pedal Board

Describe Orange Amps in 10 Words or Less! You don’t even have to own an Orange. We just want to know what you think about our brand – good or bad!

The First Place Winner will be awarded the Ultimate Orange Pedal Board based on the creativity of their description. Runners Up will have their name and description featured in our upcoming pedal marketing video (scheduled for release in September).

First place winner will record a scripted audio message for inclusion in the video.


  1. Ed
    Ed says:

    This is so good im been a musician for 25 years and always want a orange was hard but i got one 3years ago and was like i want and i always think why orange dont make pedal with pedalboards and look now …is so cool good job guys!

  2. Adam Bell
    Adam Bell says:

    I just love Orange. I use the Bass Terror 500W for all my gigs. For at home recording I have a Micro Terror..I’m impressed with the quality and durability of Orange products and will continue to use them proudly and with confidence. Cheers from Canada.

  3. Weylin Stewart
    Weylin Stewart says:

    I love Orange!!! It’s the sound that I have been looking for all of my life! Heard the amps for the first time at a Blackberry Smoke concert when they were all playing Orange. They’ve never sounded that good again.

  4. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Not gonna lie orange amps are amazing amps that can blow away the competition. One of my favorite amp companies by far.

  5. Darko
    Darko says:

    Orange is amazing company with the best and kindest people working in it, I had really nice and pleasant experience with them :) (Y) <3

  6. Allen Richie
    Allen Richie says:

    I’ve been a pro guitarist for about 4 decades now. I’ve always wanted an Orange amp, but just never got around to buying one until recently. I needed an new amp for practice and small venues. Well, that’s when I spotted the Micro Terror. I really liked it a LOT, but still wasn’t quite sure. So I asked a couple of my guitar buds (both pickers I highly respect, and both own Oranges). Well, they both had nothing but good things to say about theirs. One of them even owns a Micro Terror, and he practically insisted that I buy one.
    So I ordered one (from Sweetwater), and I matched it with a 1-12″ Celestion cabinet I already had. I LOVE IT! I mean REALLY love it! I play mostly blues and jazz, and can get whatever sound I need from my little Orange…from thick and clean to tube crunch dirty.
    I’m a believer now, too. My next amp purchase will definitely be one your combos!

  7. Kieren
    Kieren says:

    I really like my entry/idea- hope it wins!! I can do a great VO for you, too!! :D Colour me lucky, Orange!! :D