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Monte Pittman Demos The Orange Acoustic Pre


I’m Monty Pittman and I play the Orange Acoustic Preamp. I’m a solo artist on Metal Blade Records. I’ve got heavy albums and I’ve got acoustic albums. I’m also a guitar teacher. I teach online lessons to students all over the world. I’ve played guitar for Madonna since 2000. I also played for Prong.

I’m here to show you the Orange Acoustic Pre. This is the world’s first stereo acoustic valve active DI. Channel A is valve driven with a 12ax7. Channel B is all-analog and has outstanding clarity. Each channel has 3 band EQ and the tone shaping options are endless.

The Acoustic Pre features stereo reverb, which adds a lot of ambience. My favorite thing about this unit is not just having a 12ax7 tube, but I have right and left stereo outputs and stereo reverb.

The Orange Acoustic Preamp is the best acoustic amp that I’ve found anywhere. It gives you the best tone and it’s easy to play. It’s very reliable. On the road it’s a dream come true for a sound man.