Orange United

Orange United is a Korean event Orange hosts to give fans an opportunity to meet our artists and enjoy the offensiveness that is British tone.

This year’s event took place on the 2nd July at Platform 61 in Seoul, Korea. Read on to find out more…

Platform 61 is an art and music center in heart of Seoul. Made with 61 pcs of old used containers regenerated into a colourful art, fashion and music venue aimed for anyone who loves loud music and enjoys the creative arts.

This was a highly anticipated event with well known South Korean pop/rock artists such as Crying Nut, Harry Big Button, Sugar Donut, Marmello and Street Guns. We also had special guests: Die From Sorrow – a new ambassador for Orange amps who flew in all the way from China to celebrate Orange United day with us.

Thankfully, the weather wasn’t British, a beautiful day allowed for outdoor photos. Fans could pose in
front of Orange stacks which were displayed all over the venue.

Our backstage demo room was a haven for the artists to rest and try out our gear as well as just hang
out and chat. Events like these are also used for us to hang with our artists and get their opinions on our
products and gear.