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“VOICE OF THE WATA” about Orange Amps .

This article was originally posted here in Japanese, and has been translated and summarized by our Asian Business Development Manager Toshi. (Thank you, Toshi!)

To raise funds for the venue Fever Shindaita in Tokyo which was struggling during the pandemix, Boris created and sold “Boris x Orange t-shirts” and used the funds to provide backline for Fever. They started a movement among artists to make an extended effort to save live music venues of going out of business

Below are some reviews of Orange amps by Wata and Takeshi when they visited the Kurosawa showroom to choose the donation items:

Wata & Our Rockerverb 100H MKIII:

“The clean channel produces classic crunchy sound and vintage warm tone while the dirty channel can deliver killer distortion sound when the gain is up. Reverb control helps also widen sound variety. “Very versatile for both recording and live, and attenuator comes in handy to maintain the tone” – Takeshi.

Wata & OUR TH100H:

“In terms of high gain the dirty channel can bring more deadly distortion than Rockerverb 100H MKIII. I find the shape control very interesting because it can alter the sound in very unique ways, you can find that evil distortion sound, you just have to find it yourself” “Everyone should try this beast when you get a chance” – Takeshi.

WATA & OUR Custom Shop 50:

“Nostalgic looks and cute, simple and very intuitive. It delivers all the tone characters and would hardly distort  when gain is turned up. Genuine Orange look and sound. It is so cute and I want it. I love the tone changes from crunchy to overdrive as the volume goes up. There used to be bass boost knob. But this is the legacy of the authentic British amp sound.” – Takeshi.