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This product has been discontinued. This page is no longer updated and so may have formatting issues.

AD30TC Combo

Guitar Amp Combo

FeaturesAll valve, foot switchable two channel, valve rectifier,
ControlsMaster, treble, middle, bass and gain for channel 1 & channel 2
Output Power (Heads and Combos)30 Watts
Power Handling (Cabinets)NA
Valves (Heads and Combos)Preamp: 4 x Ecc83/12ax7
Power amp: 4 x EL84
Rectifier: GZ34
Speaker Output Options (Heads)NA
Speakers (Combos and Cabinets)2 x 8 ohm Celestion Vintage 30
Impedance (Cabinets)NA
Extension Cabinet Options (Combos)1 x 16 Ohm cabinet connected to the 16 Ohm output
Unboxed Dimensions (W x H x D)66 x 54 x 30.5 CM (26.00 x 21.26 x 12.01″)
Unboxed Weight33.25 KG (73.3 lb)

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