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The Amp for All Occasions

Capable of 0.5, 1, 7 or 15 Watts of output, the Rocker 15 is an extremely portable combo that moves seamlessly from the home to the studio to the stage. Finally, a small, two channel, bedroom-friendly all-valve amp that you can legitimately gig!

With the Rocker 15 set wide open, smaller venues are comfortably taken care of despite the amp’s miniature footprint. Thanks to a custom Voice of the World Gold Label speaker and beefy transformers, the Rocker 15 has a remarkably potent delivery which takes full advantage of its EL84 output section. Even when scaling back the power, the amp’s tone stays fat and full, oozing warm valve compression and saturation without disturbing the neighbours.

Clever options aside, the Rocker 15 has real character – a twin channel design with a twist. The Natural channel is a purist’s dream with just a single knob: Volume. Finely balanced and supremely playable, this channel is perfectly voiced to bring out the ‘natural’ sound of the instrument under your fingers (or the pedals under your feet). The ‘Dirty’ channel is a more familiar affair with controls for Gain, Volume and a three band EQ section. Both channels are very sensitive to touch and playing dynamics, making Rocker 15 incredibly versatile despite its straightforward, player-friendly layout.

The amp also features a proper, valve-driven effects loop for total purity from input to output. So, whether you need a rig for low-volume practising, recording, or to be heard on the club circuit, the shape-shifting Rocker 15 will show itself to be the amp for every occasion.

My main reason behind the design of the Rocker 15 was partly down to the fact that guitar players were still asking me to bring back the discontinued Rocker 30. I wanted to add a tube FX loop to the original front end and at the same time, make a smaller version.

I was also under pressure to make a 1 Watt tube amp so there is a bedroom/headroom switch on the Rocker 15. This not only takes care of the above request, but also means that we are not following what other amp companies have already done.

Audio Demos

Features:Twin channel 1×10” guitar amp combo, valve buffered effects loop, half power mode & ‘headroom/bedroom’ attenuator switch.
Controls (Right to Left):Natural Channel: Volume | Dirty Channel: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume| Chanel Selector, Half/STBY/Full Power selector| Power Switch
Output Power:0.5, 1, 7 or 15 Watts (switchable)
Effects Loop:Yes (valve buffered)
Speaker:1 x Voice of the World Gold Label 10″
Unboxed Dimensions (W x H x D):47 x 41 x 26cm (18.50 x 16.14 x 10.24”)
Unboxed Weight:13.6kg (29.98lb)
Finish Options:Orange or Black basketweave vinyl
Valves:Preamp: 3 x ECC83 (12AX7), 1 x ECC81 (12AT7)
Power Amp: 2 x EL84

It’s a great blues machine …and it is a pretty damn good metal monster. An absolutely frigging highly recommended product. Orange, well done!

“The Natural channel is a joy, with plenty of chime and harmonic complexity and a raw, moreish overdrive as you crank the amp. Switch over to the dirty channel and you get a fierce Brit rock tone that carves out space in the mix.”

Watch the demo here

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The Rocker 15 and 32 are both deceptively versatile combos, among the best Orange has ever released. 9/10

If Brit-rock, blues and classic 70s rock is your musical thing, you won’t be disappointed.

The Rocker 15 should be very appealing to those who need a great sounding amp that is appropriate for both the stage and bedroom.