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Interview: Jaws’ Connor Schofield

First of all, can you tell us a bit about your band Jaws?
I think we initially got together in 2012. I was writing demos and decided I wanted to form a band, as we were all at the same college it came together pretty easily, and here we are 5 years later!

You’ve got your dad managing the band, does music run in the family?
Kind of,  yeah. My Grandad was a drummer and that’s how I properly got into music. My parents would always play me good music when I was growing up, but it wasn’t until my granddad gave me a drum one day my interest properly peaked. What a great day that was!

You’re born and raised in the 90s, and your music has somewhat of a nostalgic feel to it, is that a decade that influenced you musically?
I think so, yeah, subconsciously. That’s the music we all grew up listening to, and it’s always in the back of your head. That said, we never make an effort to sound like a nostalgic band, or anything or anyone else, not on purpose.

What’s your relationship and history with Orange Amps?
Something always pushed me towards Orange Amps – I guess it was the colour. Pretty much all amp companies only make black amps or ones with a tweed finish, it wasn’t until i went to Orange HQ that i realised how good the amps actually sounded as well, and that’s when I knew I needed one. I use a TH30 Head with a 2×12 Cab and play it stereo with a Roland JC40, and they compliment each other incredibly well, quite a nice rounded, warm sound with the perfect punch of high end that you need when you’re playing more picky riffs.

What do you look for in an amp and what’s your current set up?
A nice clean is all I’m after to be honest, nice and simple. All my effects come from my pedal board so along as the clean is great its all good!

How does your dream rig look like?
Basically what i have now but with about 60 cabs or so.

Any last words of wisdom?
Stay in School, buy a guitar .