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Tim Sult of Clutch Interview


What’s been your relationship with Orange? What is your first memory of the amps?
I found my first orange head in the mid 90’s in a used music store in Colorado. And I bought that for 600 bucks. I played that for a long time, it was a 70’s OR120 I believe. Over the years I have tried out a bunch of different Orange stuff and I think the new stuff they have out now is probably my favorite amps I’ve played of all time. They sound absolutely incredible when I plug them in and start playing I have no complaints about anything as far this Rockerverb and the OR100, absolutely amazing sounding heads and I’m very happy to playing Orange again!

What’s been your first impressions of the Rockerverb MKIII
My first impression of the new Rockerverb 100 MKIII,  as soon as I plugged in and turned it up. I thought it sounded absolutely incredible. I love the dirty channels on these new Oranges, I think they sound very natural and warm. As opposed to a lot of distorted channels on other amps that don’t sound natural and warm to me. I love the built in attenuator that it also has in it, it’s a feature I have not seen on an Orange amp, that I know of. The tone is incredible as well, I’m loving the tone of the new Oranges!

What’s your impression of the Bax?
You guys just call it the Bax?

Yep, the Bax Bangeetar!!!
Ok! I’m personally not a huge overdrive or distortion pedal kind of guy but my first impression of the Bax Bangeetar. Wait, what? Its actually a guitar pre EQ? Oh ok wow! I should have looked at it before I played it! At this point I’m pretty sure I need one in my life, as soon as possible. I usually don’t use stompboxes for leads or anything like that but I think I might start!

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