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Entries by Alex Auxier


AD30 – A Modern Classic

When our Lead Designer Ade Emsley first came to Orange in the late 90’s he was tasked by Cliff Cooper to create a new line of guitar amps that would bring the brand into the 21st century. Originally the AD series consisted of the AD30 Single Channel head, AD30R (Reverb) 2×12” Combo, and the AD15 […]

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How To Get An Endorsement At NAMM

The first thing you need to know is that you’re almost certainly not going to get an endorsement at NAMM. Why? Because every single Artist Relations rep at NAMM is bothered by you. They’re bothered by you asking for an endorsement. They’re bothered by you asking every employee at their booth to point out who […]

5 Essential Traits Every Guitarist Needs

Think of any hobby, past-time or vocation and you will see certain characteristics and traits which are inherent to the individual’s chances of success in their field. You wouldn’t, for example, find a professional sportsperson who hated competition, or a top chef who crumbled under pressure. The same thing applies to guitarists; anybody who wants […]

Tim Sult of Clutch Interview

  What’s been your relationship with Orange? What is your first memory of the amps? I found my first orange head in the mid 90’s in a used music store in Colorado. And I bought that for 600 bucks. I played that for a long time, it was a 70’s OR120 I believe. Over the […]

Louder Than Life Festival

Saturday was a pretty crappy day in Louisville, Kentucky, USA for Louder than Life Fest. It was the first cold day of the year and it rained. The people who flew in from LA were decked out in snow shoes. The locals had waders. I had canvas sneakers. I failed. Our interviews went well though. […]

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The A to Z of Orange

Orange Amps is known for not taking itself too seriously (just look at the colour of their amps). But they do pride themselves on their history and helping musicians do what they do. So here’s a bit of a tongue in cheek look at everything Orange is. Please sit back and enjoy the A to […]

Blinded by Science

By Darren Carless Technology these days allows us to do all kinds of weird and wonderful things. We can put the kettle to boil before getting out of bed or control the heating in our homes whilst out and about via our mobile phone (no idea why you would really need to do either personally […]