Orange Amplification Launch Their First Dual, Discrete Op-Amp

Orange Amplification has launched the new Dual Discrete Op-Amp which has been specifically designed for audio use. It is one of the most musically sounding of its kind on the market today.

Built to a high specification, the Dual Discrete Op-Amp has been constructed for superior musical audio performance purposes. Unlike existing products, it only contains the gain blocks that are needed to give good clean audio. Each of the individual transistors and resistors are of the highest quality, so the Op-Amp runs as close to pure Class A as possible instead of the Class B operation seen in IC Op-Amps. It has been designed to be 8 pin DIP compatible, and comes with a socket, so is easy to drop in and replace. The DC offset of Orange’s Op-Amp is low, which means they can be used almost anywhere, even active filters.

We wanted to design something purely for audio”, explains Adrian Emsley, Orange Amplification’s Technical Director, “Many Op-Amps perform well on paper but the trouble is the human ear does not hear quite the same way as test equipment. To me, this Op-Amp sounds more musical, more natural, with the transient sound feeling more real and less synthetic.”

To find out more about the Orange Op-Amp and its full specifications please go to https://orangeamps.com/shop/op-amp and to see Adrian Emsley talking about the new Op-Amp check out this video here https://youtu.be/tKanR1aM16I

  1. Tim Salix
    Tim Salix says:

    I have an EVGA NU Audio sound card in my PC with a swappable line out ADI AD8056 op-amp with 8-lead MSOP. I was thinking that your op-amp could be a useful upgrade, assuming this is compatible with my soundcard?

    I am not a gamer or headphone listener at all, with music been my #1 priority (through monoblocks and old school English speakers) of which Spotify (in the highest music steaming setting possible) is the main source. Followed by Netflix’s for the visual. However, I am not running a surround sound system so booming bass is not my modus operandi.

    Please advise if suitable and do you send to New Zealand?