Orange Radar – February

Welcome to second instalment of “Bands we don’t endorse but that we like (we may also endorse the band as well),” which has now changed to “Orange Radar.” Our Marketing boss shouted at us about the search engines struggling with long names or something to that effect. (Alex’s Note: For the record, that name was created by Dan at the last minute during publishing.) (Dan’s Note: Shut up, Alex).

In this series Alex (International AR Manager) and Dan (European AR) show off their favorite new bands. These bands might or might not be endorsed. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that these bands rule (at least to us). This month sees Alex  and Daniel picking three tracks each to shove into your ears. Enjoy!

Daniel’s Choices

Yonaka – Bubblegum

Yonaka have been gaining a lot of hype recently, released last year “Bubblegum” is from the Brighton four piece’s recent EP, “Heavy”.

The band mix many different genres to give a unique sound and this single is no different. I can’t wait to hear their debut album and get to catch one of their much talked about shows.

Turnstile – I don’t wanna be blind

Turnstile’s debut album ‘Nonstop Feeling’ had to be one of my favourite albums of 2015, the band hailing from Baltimore are becoming one of the biggest names in hardcore. I am still to see the band live, I am hoping U.K. tour dates drop soon to promote the new album as their live shows are stuff of legends. I have picked “I don’t wanna be blind” from the band’s new album Time & Space, as it gives you a glimpse on what the band can do.

Shady Nasty – Good Company

I stumbled across this band while Spotify hopping and so glad I found this, I have hardly any information on this band, I know they come from Sydney, but what I do know is the “Good Company” is a great track.

This is from a split single the band released in 2017, the second track “White Knuckle”, what i love about the track is the intensity of it. It just sounds like it would sound great in a sweaty venue.

Alex’s Choices

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

People love bringing up the fact that Brad Whitford’s son plays in this band. I’m pretty sure they’re just trying to imply that they’re only gonna make it because of the Aerosmith connection. Those people can f*ck right off. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown has been grinding pavement for more than 6 years. Their respect has been earned.

This is a 100% rock n roll band – the kind that offers hope rock isn’t dead. Their newest self-titled release is a combination of stadium rock and southern-gothic. I’m smitten by it. That’s why we’ve decided to endorse them. Too bad we didn’t get that buttoned up before they shot the video below for their new track “Backfire.” Check them out on tour soon with a backline FULL of Orange gear!


There’s nothing new about Superchunk expect for their newest album “What A Time To Be Alive.” Superchunk is my 2nd favorite band of all time. I’m biased but this new album is exactly what I needed from them in 2018. It’s politically-charged and harkens back to the Superchunk of my childhood (mid to late 90’s). It doesn’t hurt that their touring bassist is Orange Ambassador Jason Narducy (who also plays for the legendary Bob Mould). I have to buy new pants every time I get the privilege of seeing Jason’s AD200B, OBC115, and OBC410 full stack on stage with “the Chunk.”

If you’re a fan of noisy pop rock with a message, this Superchunk album is for you.

Hannah Wicklund & The Stepping Stones

Songwriter. Kick-ass guitarist. Hannah Wicklund is the real deal. Her voice has a rasp to it that mixes perfectly with the crunchy Orange amp tone. Check out this entire hour-long set from when she performed in Asheville, North Carolina recently. Hannah is another perfect example of what rock n roll can be if we put our minds to it.