Throughout 2019 Music for All has continued to promote the positive effects of making music through national campaigns such as Learn to Play Day and Make Music Day as well as its grant giving programme, available to those individuals and communities for whom music making would not be possible without our support.

Our aim is to raise £25,000 before the end of December, a figure which, if achieved, will enable us to fulfill the musical aspirations of 100 disadvantaged young people at the beginning of 2020.  What a start to the New Year it would be for each of them to discover that their dream of music making will become a reality. The 100 beneficiaries will include those who are challenged socially, financially and/or physically.

But to make this happen we need your help. DONATE NOW.

Any support you are able to give will help us change lives.  Lives of young people such as Millie and Luke:

Millie, 12, is autistic and struggles with anxiety and focusing. It was her dream to learn to play the piano. Music for All helped with the provision of a keyboard and lessons with a professional teacher who specialises in supporting those living with neurological and developmental conditions. Her teacher has been very impressed with Millie’s musical aptitude and reports that she ‘has the ears of a Grade 5 student already, as she can distinguish rhythm, timing and complex chord structures just from listening.’ In addition, Millie’s parents believe music has had a positive impact on her well-being as her anxiety levels have decreased dramatically, she’s calmer and happier. We have also just heard that she passed her Grade 1 Exam with a Merit!

Luke, 19, has a serious medical condition with only limited upper body movement. He loves music making, but his ability to do this was obviously terribly restricted. Luke asked Music for All to help with the specialist technology and software to enable him to create his own music. The charity worked with Luke and his family to provide a sound beam and appropriate music-making software. Luke is now making music and plays every day!