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Orange Clean Tones: The Crisp, the Clean and the Creamy


It involves making a decision that you didn’t really want to take, but it seems like there is no other choice. So you take the best available option.

Compromising on amplifier design is something we don’t do very well with at Orange. That’s why all our amps are analogue, no digital or modeling. It means you’re starting with a baseline tone that feels natural, detailed and sweet sounding.

Analogue Amplifier Clarity

The type of amplifier can make a huge difference, from the chiming transparency of analogue solid-state gear to the woolly mid-range tones of an all valve amp. That has a big impact when using outboard gear like pedals and modeling processors. Adding layers of tone or effects can create truly unique sounds, but that’s not always what people want. That all comes at the front end.

Imagine it’s like making standard curry base. It doesn’t matter what type of curry you make with that mixture, without paying close attention to those first steps, you won’t get what you’d expect.

That’s why we created a range of new amps with a specific set of characteristics so you don’t need to compromise. You can have your cake and eat it.

The Crisp

The brand new Pedal Baby 100 is specifically designed to produce a truly transparent clean sound to run your pedal boards through. Weighing in at only 3kg it has all the mojo you’d expect from a Class A valve amp inspired design, but without that sterile frigidity you’d expect from a digital Class D amplifier.

The front end is Class A FET technology, while the power section is class A/B, providing a solid-state analogue output. That means you get back all the dynamics, punch and natural sound that are missing from modern power amps; neutral but still flattering.

Now as any touring musician will tell you, there’s nothing quite like the semi-inflated balloon feeling you get when you fly out to a show and realise your travel amp is underwhelming quiet onstage.

Unlike many of small Class D amps, the Pedal Baby 100 is bridged and that makes a big difference.

Most Marshall or Orange cabs are 16 ohm, which means in real terms the Pedal Baby 100 gives you around 70-watt clean power, and 100 watts at 8 ohms. Many Class D amps will only produce 1/4 of the marketed power at 16 ohms and half the power at 8 ohms.

The Clean

In the 1950’s technology opened up a whole new opportunity for musicians especially when it came to clean tones. Tremolo reached maturity by 1963, and from that point onwards hit after hit used the effect in new creative and musical ways.

TremLord 30 captures that era perfectly. A 30w all valve guitar combo using EL84 valves, which gives the amp a middy vintage warmth to the clean channel, not to mention the additional headroom for your outboard gear. On the output side, the headroom/bedroom setting allows you to reduce the volume so you can drive the amp into its sweet spot.

Already quite different tonally from the ultra-crisp Pedal Baby 100, the TremLord 30 also features a two-spring reverb tank adding masses of splashy, crashy flavour, adding to that timeless clean tone.

What makes the TremLord 30 unique from other products on the market is the tremolo itself. There are two footswitchable speeds, so no need to make on amp adjustments; it just takes a click of the pedal to go from a smooth tremolo to a choppy ‘Riders on the Storm’ type effect.

The biggest twist though is the FX loop is being on the power amp section, which means you can run your FX after the Tremolo, putting that unique sound into your modern setup.

The Creamy

The classic Orange Amplifier clean sound has always been synonymous with a warm mid-tone that sounds creamy and thick; oozing with pure class. It’s an aural homograph, redefining the word filthy. It’s that sound you don’t just hear but you feel, faithfully representing the harmonics as they move from fingertips through to your speaker driver. To some that might be classed as adding colour, yet that’s far from the truth.

Our flagship AD30 has two separate signal paths, the clean channel is voiced in the traditional classic Orange voice whereas the second channel has a tighter bottom end with more gain and a quicker attack, more suited to artists that prefer their pedals to do all the work. Additionally, the valve rectifier produces natural compression that is responsive to your playing style, the perfect all-rounder amp for country pickers through to indie artists.

Since 2004 the Rockerverb (and now Rocker 32 combo) has transformed the ‘high gain’ amplifier market. It was adopted in the droves by metalheads from across the globe, artists such as Slipknot, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence and Mastodon. However, the amp is not a one trick pony.

The Rocker range is that timeless classic: vintage meets modern. Now in its third generation, the MKIII is the bastard grandson of an inspired idea, and once which now features a clean channel with a ‘chimey’ response and increased headroom. Even with the changes, it still retains that classic Orange Amplifier mojo.

Rounding up

Whether you’re looking for something that’s pure simplicity, designed to offer a specific texture or you’re just wanting to deliver that classic clean tone, there’s no denying the gleeful nature of plugging your guitar straight into an Orange Amplifier.

We take a lot of care and consideration during the design phase, matching how people are using their gear; driving home new blends, creating modern classic tones people will talk about for years to come.