AMPLIFIED! with Arcite



Why Orange?

When using other brands we found that no other could match the clarity and presence that Orange have. Our guitar tones are now presented to the fullest and we can perform live with full confidence that we’re going to sound great, even in venue’s with bad acoustics/PA/sound systems. The gear is so convenient to travel with as well! Cabs and heads are a great size and we were amazed how much power they have. The first time we jammed with Orange we knew we wouldn’t turn back.

What amps/cabs are you using?

Both guitarists are using Dual Terror heads. They are small and deliver more power than a lot of the other big heavy heads we used to drag to shows. Also the two stage preamp makes it perfect for live and studio use. We use PPC212 open back cabs with the heads. The open back with Celestion vintage speakers make our live sound the biggest its ever been. And we were stoked that they came in black!

Our bassist uses the Terror bass 500. All we can really say is since we got this to our back line, our sound got heavy… really heavy. Biggest bass presence we’ve ever felt!

Do you remember the first time you saw an Orange amp?

Not exactly. To be totally honest it was just the continuing amount of bands that we seen live bringing Orange gear onto the stage and sounding amazing that made us take notice of the brand. A lot of those were UK artists and ones we massively respected too: Skindred and Architects, to name a couple.