Adjust the volume up or down



Low levels gives a cleaner crunch, increasing the gain adds more 70s filth to your tone



Controls the ‘Tone’ of the pedal, brings in more Treble the higher the level.



Plug-in your headphones for jamming on-the-go or straight into the house PA for gigs (leave your amp at home!).


Bypass Switch

A ’70s amp in a box

The Getaway Driver is an amp-in-a-box type pedal with just three dials – Volume, Bite (tone) and Gain. While the pedal adds its vintage vibe on all amplifiers, it really excels when used with the amplifier’s clean channel, even ones with a bright cap. It also makes a great clean boost, with low Gain and high Volume pushing amps over the edge into classic overdrive.

The gain structure is produced using single-ended JFET circuitry running in Class A, just like a valve amp. The input buffer, output buffer and Cab Sim are handled using op-amps, using a charge pump to give 18v of headroom.

The pedal features the same transparent, buffered output used on the Orange Two Stroke and Kongpressor pedals. While the second output is a buffered Cab Sim/headphone amp which can also work into a PA (via a DI box) or directly into a recording interface. The first output is transparent when bypassed, however, when using the second output, the Cab Sim remains engaged. This means that the Getaway Driver can be used as just a Cab Sim on its own if needed.

The voicing and gain structure of this pedal is based on a cranked modded ’70s valve amp. Running at 9 Volts, the pedal will have the character of EL84 valves, whereas 12 Volts will give an EL34 flavour. Use a regulated 9-12V DC centre-negative power supply.

You have a modified 70s tube amp, cranked and in a box which is all single ended class A. You have an output to go into the clean channel of an amp and one for headphones with CabSim on. You can go into headphones at 1AM in the morning when your neighbours are asleep and get a cranked 70s amp sound from your guitar late at night.

It’s great for writing as you can go straight into a recording interface. Or should have smoulder someone else’s make of amp, you can go straight into the PA or the DI box and just use that as a backup.

Ade EmsleyTechnical Director, Orange AmpsWatch the interview

“The Orange pedals are a ton of fun.  I use them on guitars, keyboards, and re-amping sounds out of the computer.  Over the years, I’ve come to trust Orange as a gold standard.  Their stuff is impeccable.”

Mike Shinoda

This things pretty cool. Basically it’s like an amp in a box – it sounds really cool like a vintage Orange. It’s handy for me as you can plug in headphones [for use] on the tour bus or the hotel room and it sounds like an Orange half stack. I need to ask [Orange] to make this pedal into an amp.

Damon FoxBigelf, The Cult. Also associated with Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Cheap Tick,Watch the testimonial

The Orange Getaway Driver is an overdrive with a unique attitude! It’s very saturated and unleashes your inner dirty child! Fun can be had here!

EytschPi42Watch the Demo

It NEEDS to be in my life! It’s insane!

Dave SimpsonWatch the Review

This is a very, very versatile drive pedal and very, very cool!

Mary SpenderWatch the Demo

What this pedal is – is it’s perfect for what I like

Daniel Rettberg PeterWatch the Review

“Due to its amp-like nature, the Getaway Driver can be applied to any situation that calls for a real amp”

Pro Guitar ShopWatch the Demo

“The Orange Getaway Driver Overdrive Pedal presents you with a varied pallette of classic amplifier sounds, each with its own distinctive character”

Gear 4 MusicWatch the Demo

I love the pedal! It’s seriously going to be my main distortion from here on out. It’s exactly the sound that I’ve been after – that I’ve tried to create with a handful of other pedals. Full, loud and huge!

Denver DalleyDesaparecidos

A very cool offering from Orange Amps…Simple, sounds great, no complaints here!

Gear GodsWatch the Review

Invest in the Orange Getaway Driver and you won’t regret it.

The Tone ReportRead the Review

You get some really cool and unique tones out of this pedal!

Dave DevlinWatch the Review

This cracking little pedal lets you take the unique Orange sound wherever you go.

Guitar InteractiveRead the Review

Thoroughly impressed with this little box. Gives a really responsive drive without sounding synthetic or uselessly thin. Long live the Getaway Driver.


Tone is the bottom line and Orange are not known to disappoint. They certainly don’t here.

Brett KingmanWatch the Review

Both the amount of volume on tap and the warmth of the clipping leave plenty of scope for combinations that will work with any amp to get that rich, classic drive.

Awarded 5 stars

Total GuitarNovember 2017

I’ve found the Getaway drive to be ideal for the crunch tone I was looking to add to my TH30, the emulated cab output is also awesome to add another layer of guitar directly out of my board through the PA!

Jason of WSTR

All guitars on this track were taken directly from the pedal CabSim output into a USB audio interface.

Signal Chain: Les Paul standard, Fur Coat Fuzz, vintage Cry Baby Wah (in places), Orange Getaway Driver Cab Sim out (used as the amp), direct to audio interface.

Controls (Left to Right):Volume, Bite (tone), Gain
Current Draw:9V: 30mA
12V: 40mA
Stomp Functions:Bypass (first output), Cab Sim Only Bypass (Second Output)
Unboxed Dimensions (W x L x H):9.5 × 6.5 × 13cm (3.7 x 2.6 x 5.1″)
Unboxed Weight:482g (1.06lbs)
Boxed Dimensions (W x L x H):11.4cm x 14.8cm x 8cm (4.49 x 5.83 x 3.15″)
Boxed Weight:680g (1.49lb)