Orange Acoustic Pre TC

The Orange Acoustic Pre TC is the world’s first stereo valve acoustic preamp/active DI, offering supreme clarity and unrivalled performance for uncompromising performers. Engineered for both stage and studio use this valve design affords acoustic players the same warmth, natural compression and rich harmonics previously only available to electric guitarists and hi-fi audiophiles.

Channel A is a unique ECC83/12AX7 valve channel for active and passive instruments. The valve circuitry operates in a totally different way to most electric guitar amplifiers and has been designed to amplify a much wider frequency range in order to capture every subtle nuance of acoustic instruments. The tonal effect of the valve can be fine-tuned with the preamp’s ‘Heat’ control which adds gain in the upper mid range and above, whilst also adding subtle compression. This can be used to revoice this channel depending on the playing style. Backing off the Heat offers a warmer attack for flatpickers, whilst turning it up adds more presence and sparkle for fingerstyle.

The analogue solid state Channel B has a different, slightly softer character with outstanding clarity. This channel has inputs for either a microphone or an instrument, and features switchable 48V phantom power. Both channels can be used independently or blended together – perfect for the modern player who combines multiple sound sources.

Each channel has a three-band EQ with a semi-parametric mid control, plus switches to correct feedback issues on stage and phasing problems between dual-source pickups. The tone shaping options have been voiced to perfectly control the natural body and ‘air’ of acoustic instruments, whilst the onboard stereo reverb adds stunning ambience if desired.

On the rear, the preamp features flexible routing options, including independent effects loops and balanced DI outputs for each channel. Handmade in the UK the Orange Acoustic Pre TC has already been a hit with major artists. Prototypes have already gone straight into the touring rigs of Stevie Wonder for use with his Harpejji and fingerstyle jazz guitarist Martin Taylor MBE.

“I feel very honoured to have been a part of the creation of this amazing preamp – I love the warmth and dynamic range. This preamp inspires me to create music”

Dr Martin Taylor

Features and Functions

Channel A

Gain:  Input level to Channel A
Heat: Varies valve gain in upper frequencies adding harmonics and compression
Bass: Low shelf +/-12 dB below 680 hZ
Treble: High shelf +15 dB Above 680 hZ
Mid: +/-18dB @ frequency selected by Freq control
Freq: Selects centre frequency for Mid control (180Hz – 1.8kHz)

Channel B

Gain: Input level to Channel B
Bass: Low shelf +/-12 dB below 680 hZ
Treble: High shelf +15 dB Above 680 hZ
Mid: +/-18dB @ frequency selected by Freq control
Freq: Selects centre frequency for Mid control (180Hz – 1.8kHz)


Reverb: Controls the level of the on-board digital reverb
Line Volume: Controls the output level of the unbalanced mono line output
Main Volume: Controls the output level of the balanced XLR outputs


+48V On: Activates 48V phantom power on Channel B’s XLR input
Phase Inv A: Inverts the phase of Channel A
Phase Inv B: Inverts the phase of Channel B
Mute: Mutes both channels at the FX Loop send (Reverb/Delay tails and loop pedals will still be audible)
Gnd Lift A: Lifts the ground of Channel A’s XLR output
Gnd Lift B: Lifts the ground of Channel B’s XLR output XLR


Input A: 1/4″ Jack input to Channel A
Input B: 1/4″ Jack and XLR inputs to Channel B (not to be used simultaneously)
Mute Footswitch: Allows the mute function to be controlled by a latching footswitch (such as the FS-1)
FX Loop Send A: Connects Channel A to the input of an effects unit. The Send can also be used as an unbalanced output for Channel A (post-EQ, pre-Reverb).
FX Loop Return A: Connects the output of an effects unit to Channel A output
FX Loop Send B: Connects Channel B to the input of an effects unit. The Send can also be used as an unbalanced output for Channel B (post-EQ, pre-Reverb).
FX Loop Return B: Connects the output of an effects unit to Channel B output
Line Output: Mixes both channels for a mono unbalanced 1/4″ output Jack
Main Output A: Individual balanced XLR output for Channel A
Main Output B: Individual balanced XLR output for Channel B
12V DC 2.1mm DC socket for connecting the supplied 12VDC centre negative power supply

Channel A Input Impedance2.2 MOhms
Channel B XLR Input ImpedanceMinimum 6 KOhms
Channel B Jack Input Impedance2.2 MOhms
FX Send Level-10dBu
FX Send ImpedanceSub 150 Ohms
FX Return Level-10dBu
FX Return Impedance10 KOhms
Line Output Level-10dBu
Line Output ImpedanceSub 150 Ohms
Main Output Level+4dBu
Main Output ImpedanceSub 60 Ohms
Dimensions29x15x9cm (11.41 x 5.90 x 3.54″)
Weight2.5Kg (5.51lbs)

With the Acoustic Pre I can turn up for radio sessions knowing I have easy control over my guitars without a ton of gear. It’s a really versatile tool in the Clean Bandit studio.

For a first acoustic product, Orange have pretty much nailed it!

I was very excited to try the Orange acoustic pre-twin channel because it
is so hard to get a warm rich acoustic sound live through a DI. I’ve never
been happy with the way my acoustic sounds to me onstage until now. It adds
depth, character and all of the good things that I want to hear when I pick
up my acoustic guitar to play. And there are a few different ways to set
this thing up that are brilliant! I love having options!!!

“Orange has once again revolutionized the capabilities of giving you the best from your guitar that’s possible. Now entering the acoustic guitar world, The Twin Channel Acoustic Pre is the most amazing acoustic preamp I’ve ever used. It’s versatility brings out the perfect balance of enhancement and playability in your sound”

“The Orange Acoustic Pre is an invaluable element to my sound,from the smallest clubs to the largest theaters I can depend on it to deliver a flawless performance every night. The vast tonal possibilities, transparent signal boosting and superior dynamics of the Acoustic Pre are unparalleled in allowing the slightest nuances of my acoustic performances to be captured effortlessly both live and in the studio.”

This is an awesome unit that you can use in a whole bunch of ways. Essentially, it gives you total control over the tone of your acoustic guitar.

I feel I have really enhanced my acoustic sound with this.

“The Acoustic Pre combines quality, depth and beauty of sound. Channel A enhanced with a valve has a warm, powerful and natural character. Channel B is a solid state and has an immense clarity. It is the perfect device for any live and/or studio situations. It makes my flamenco guitar sound huge!! I will be using the Acoustic Pre on the World of Hans Zimmer autumn Tour 2019 live.

I think the Acoustic Pre is great. Really helps with the tone of flat piezos. Lot of range and flexibility… I love it.