By Darren Carless

Like most laboratory subjects Pinky and Brain spend most of their time confined to their cage. Unlike most laboratory subjects however (and we’re making a pretty big assumption here), Brain spends every waking second devising devilishly clever schemes to take over the world (Pinky on the other hand is usually preoccupied with something not so grandiose).

So what have Pinky & Brain and their schemes got to do with guitar playing? Well, similarly to our little furry friends, those of us who like to play guitar like to dream big and the idea of forming a band and ‘taking over the world’ is probably high on the list of ‘things to do’.  But as Pinky & Brain will tell you (despite Brain’s superior intellect and all the good will in the world, things never quite seem to go their way) it’s not necessarily that simple; there’s a lot to do before you can be the biggest band in the world!


Nowadays computers allow us to do lots of wonderful things including play an instrument i.e. programme instruments that we don’t even have a clue where to begin with.  However, if you’re going to do things the old fashioned way you’re going to need a band.  If you’re going down the ‘orthodox guitar band’ route you’ll need a drummer, a bass player, a guitar player and a singer (who knows someone might fulfil multiple roles) but outside of that well do what feels right!  For example, Slipknot has 9 members whilst Royal Blood has only 2…but both create fantastic music so who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong.

You may decide to hold auditions to find who you’re looking for, you may already know someone who plays , or you might have a younger sibling who can’t play a note but is rather good looking so might attract more of the opposite sex ala Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet.  Whatever you opt to do, make sure that whoever ends up in the band is likeable or at the very least you can stand to be in each other’s company for extended periods of time…because from now on you’re going to be getting to know each other very, very well.

You might not get quite as many turn out for the audition but you never know…