50th Anniversary Orange Amplification Limited Edition White Crush 20

To celebrate its 50th Anniversary Orange Amplification is issuing a limited edition White Crush 20.

When they were launched in 2015, the classic analogue tones of the Crush Series of amps redefined the term for ‘practice amps’ by offering a genuine alternative to digital modeling. These acclaimed solid state amps are now found everywhere.

The compact and portable Crush 20 has an uncompromising approach to guitar tone that produces a sound far greater than its size suggests. The versatile, workhorse of an amp produces a spectrum of Oranges distinctive British tones, with its simple and intuitive controls. Small and lightweight, the powerful Crush 20 delivers a tube-like sound quality and performance at an affordable price.

For a limited time only the Crush 20 will be available finished in a pristine white basket weave vinyl topped with a commemorative Orange Amplification 50th Anniversary plate. It may look innocent, but appearances can be deceptive!

  1. Dale Van Kirk Jr
    Dale Van Kirk Jr says:

    I bought my first Orange product about a year ago. It was a Crush RT20, I loved it, but am giving it to my grandkids for Christmas along with a Hamer.
    I saw the 50th Anniversary 20 and even though it isn’t Orange in color I had to have it …and so I did.
    Thanks !

  2. DaveWellBehaved
    DaveWellBehaved says:

    Saw a white Crush 12 LTD at Guitar Center today. Will Orange be releasing more amps in white finish?

  3. Bohao Jia
    Bohao Jia says:

    Just got a 50 anniversary 20 crush amp in China, just wanna make sure if it is a real orange. The serial number is 01***-0**8